Can Horses Get Fleas? 4 Interesting Facts To Know!

You might have a pet horse, and you are worried about it having fleas; can horses get fleas? To answer that question, yes, horses can get fleas. But then it rarely happens.

Horses aren’t new to us. Sometimes it is even familiar within our locality. It is used in so many ways. You can consider this to be one of the most valuable and helpful animals for people.

Can horses get fleas

It can be used for recreational purposes or often placed in the zoo. But then there are so many hindrances for you to like purchasing one. We are sure that you are familiar with fleas, it usually stays with dogs and cats as their hosts.

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites, and they can stay on animals. But, well, can it possibly remain in horses?

We could answer that as we explore our article. So with that, stay with us until the end and learn more than what you expect.


How Horse Get Fleas

Can horses get fleas? This question is something that we will be answering today. So that you know, fleas are parasites that, when infested in an animal’s skin it might make it suffer.

Usually, fleas are infesting in large numbers and not all alone. If that happens, it could be hard to eliminate. Horses are very active animals. They are usually used in so many ways. And one of that is in transportation.

So to give you some background about this one, let us have a quick trivia about horses. They existed about 50 million years ago. So as far as we are concerned, these horses evolved from those that are wild ones.

Horses are first found roaming around North America. From their 10 000 years after, they have been extinct from the said area. Modern horses are usually domesticated in central Asia right in between 4000 to 3000 B.C.

There are many more things that you should know about horses and whether or not they can get fleas.

Here are more facts that you should know:


#1. So, can fleas infest in horses?

Probably the answer to this is yes; horses can get fleas. Fleas infesting on horses isn’t impossible, but it is rare. Just because horses are more active and that fleas could not probably survive on horses. Here are some more reasons and information you will need to know about fleas on horses: Usually, fleas are infesting on small animals and generally staying in caves, tunnels, and nests.

How Horse Get Fleas

Also, they focus more on animals that they know would spend most of their time staying where they are located. In short, they are pursuing those that they can be permanent more to stay on. Also that, fleas find animals who are not too active.

For horses, they could infest but not stay too long. Since they are not staying in one place and being used in so many activities, fleas could not last long. There are also ways on how to eliminate them quickly from horses. Usually, horses are used for transportation.And if this happens, they need to be clean, and all checked for the passenger’s safety. There are so many ways to handle this problem. Here are some ideas for you:


#2. How can I eliminate fleas on horses?

Just in case you do not know anything about handling fleas on animals, we will be giving you a glimpse of it. As for horses, it is not that hard, for they are constantly groomed and that their fur is not that thick.Regular bath and just using a flea shampoo can help you big time eliminate fleas on your horses.

How Horse Get Fleas

But then an essential part is grooming your horses and constantly shaving their fur. Not only to avoid too much flea infestation but also to keep them cool and more comfortable.Take note that grooming horses are called clipping. We have placed a link here for you to check on.


#3. Are fleas visible in horses?

To answer your question, no, it is not. Fleas are too small to be recognized and seen in a massive animal like a horse. Usually, when a flea infests a smaller animal such as dogs and cats, they can be easily seen. Then again, we have imposed the setup, just a quick recap that horses can get fleas, but it is rare.It will depend on the color of the horse if it is light-colored such as white. But then again, one flea could not be visible on a horse because it is super tiny

How Horse Get Fleas

Maybe if there is an infestation on a horse, they will be visible. Likewise, groups will be visible, but individuals would not be.You would see one if you are very particular on clipping the said animal, and you check on it carefully. But, again, fleas are not that noticeable in horses. One can only be seen when you try to focus on it.


#4. Can fleas have a significant impact on horses?

Just like the possibility of seeing it on a horse’s surface, it could have a small impact on horses. Yes, fleas are blood-sucking parasites, but then, one flea could not suck all the blood in a horse’s body.But then an infestation of these pests could. So it would help if you were alarmed when you have seen an infestation instead of a small number of fleas.

How Horse Get Fleas

If there are a lot of them, maybe they will have a significant impact on horses. But for a single flea, that is kind of impossible to have a significant impact on the horses you have.Just in case the situation worsens, do some research and make sure to find a solution.



Can horses get fleas? That question is now answered. Yes, they can get fleas. Don’t worry, though. This situation is rare. The main reason why is that they are very active that fleas cannot tolerate.

Anyway, you’ve already known these facts.  In that way, you will know if you should be bothered by fleas or not.

And that’s where this article ends. So have a nice day, and use this as your guide, my friends!

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