Can Rabbits Eat Kale? 4 Exciting Things You Need To Know!

Can rabbits eat kale? If you want a brief answer, then yes, rabbits can eat kale. It will not bring any harm to them as long as it is served in a reasonable amount. 

Kale is a green and nutritious vegetable that is recommended for rabbits, but some restrictions are available.

Can Rabbits Eat Kale

Practically before offering this veggie to them, you should first know some facts and essentials about kale and its impact on rabbits. 

For instance, you need to know the appropriate way of serving and the right quality, quantity, and frequency. All of that will be tackled in this short guide with an emphasis on moderation. 

So keep with us until the end of this post and understand more about rabbits and kale.

What Is Kale?

Kale, also known as leaf cabbage, is among the world’s healthiest vegetables, especially for bunnies.

This belongs to the cabbage family; specifically, it is related to cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, and Brussels. This veggie is trendy for its high concentration of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. 

Rabbits love to eat this veggie mainly because of its taste. But they are also crazy and attracted to its texture. I can attest to this; my Thumper loves having kale a lot. 

Regardless, rabbits love to eat any leafy greens, so their regular diet comprises 25-percent leafy greens.

Now, let’s understand whether or not rabbits can eat kale. 

Health Benefits Of Kale

Can rabbits eat kale? Yes, and this vegetable is very healthful for rabbits. As an owner myself, I am confident in giving my Thumper kale.

Here are just a few benefits of feeding kale to your rabbits:

  • Iron

Kale is a good source of iron. This element is essential to your rabbit’s diet because it is the one that carries the oxygen to be distributed to the body.

It is also responsible for producing blood, as well as other enzymes. 

  • Magnesium and calcium

Additionally, kale also has a decent amount of magnesium and calcium content along with other nutrients.

But more importantly, this veggie contains an astounding amount of different vitamins, including A, C, and K. 

  • Gives off energy

As we all know, rabbits quickly gain weight if they do not perform some exercise or activities.

You’re lucky if you give your pets kale!

Kale gives them the energy that they need to engage in physical activities. A small portion of these veggies will also help them lose fat.

Risks Of Serving Rabbits With Kale

Is kale good for rabbits? Kale is undoubtedly a good treat for your bunnies, as long as it is served in a reasonable amount. You have to value the importance of moderation. Otherwise, it can cause some health problems, specifically kidney, gastric, and digestive problems.

Risks Of Serving Rabbits With Kale

Commonly, it can upset your pet’s stomach. Excessive feeding can also lead to bloating, diarrhea, kidney stones, or bladder sludge.

Although these problems are not fatal, they can cause severe discomfort. Perhaps, the reason for this is the high calcium content of kale.

But here’s the good thing about rabbits:

The fact is that they do not metabolize calcium in a complicated way.

Meaning to say, you can monitor your bunny’s calcium intake with ease. If you think that their diet includes high calcium, you may reduce the amount of foods rich in calcium.  

Proper Serving Of Vegetables

Rabbits should be served with no more than two or three types of vegetables in a day. One of them can be kale but in the right amount. 

Rabbits love to eat a combination of different foods. My pet rabbit Thumper does. And as a rabbit owner, I know you can relate too. 

But wait! Here’s what you should know:

A mixture of too many varieties can be harmful. It is recommended that you served a different vegetable the other day. 

Remember, you cannot introduce these leafy greens to them until they fully grow into an adult. And to prevent complications, it is also ideal to start with small portions.

Let’s say, one leaf at a time for the first week. Then, see if there are adverse effects. If none, you can start feeding kale in moderate amounts.

Things To Remember When Serving Kale To Your Rabbit

Among other similar leafy greens, kale is a better choice because it does not contain a lot of calcium. Instead, it includes a lot of nutrients.

Things To Remember When Serving Kale To Your Rabbit

But, it would help if you did not overfeed your rabbits with kale. Regardless of its health benefits, it can still cause kidney stones and bladder sludge.

It is a good idea that you combine or rotate different kinds of greens. If you are quite unsure of the proper way of doing it, you can consult your vet.

Like humans, rabbits can have varying reactions to kale. Some might be fine with it; some might not.

Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that you need to wash these leafy greens before serving. Aside from the dirt, these might have some chemicals on their surface, particularly those that are not organic.

Some pesticides left on its surface should be washed off thoroughly. Otherwise, it can poison your bunny. Much more, the digestive system of rabbits cannot handle pesticides. Of course, it is also ideal to buy organic kale, if possible.

Another question is:

Can rabbits eat kale stems? If your rabbit’s diet includes fiber, you can feed them with the kale stems because fiber is more contained in that part.

But make sure to cut them into smaller portions to avoid choking problems. 

Remember not to feed your bunnies with deteriorated or molded kale leaves. This will do more harm to them than good.

Take note, the stomach of rabbits is sensitive to foods like this. Lastly, vegetables should not exceed 10 percent of the food your rabbit is having. 

Do wild rabbits eat kale?

Yes. You can try feeding it to them but start in small portions.

If they can tolerate it, then you can continue providing it. But it should not exceed the recommended serving for domestic rabbits.

Things To Remember When Serving Kale To Your Rabbit

Can rabbits eat cooked or frozen kale?

When we talk about cooked kale, rabbits do not like it. My Thumper would strongly agree with this. 

What’s worse: Cooking degrades the nutritional value of any vegetable, so better serve them raw.

But in terms of frozen kales, it is acceptable to feed it to rabbits. 

Can rabbits eat kale stems?  

Yes. I think this is already mentioned above.

Just like guinea pigs, rabbits can eat stems of kales without difficulty. It is not harmful or toxic to them. So don’t bother to remove the stem before serving. 

Is it okay for rabbits to eat kale every day?

No, it is not suitable for rabbits to eat kale daily. That is because kale contains a significant amount of calcium that can upset the stomach of your bunny. Also, it can cause serious issues. 

Can baby rabbits eat kales?

No, you must not serve vegetables to rabbits as young as two months old or lower. Also, take note that vegetables should only be introduced to rabbits one at a time. 

Can baby rabbits eat kales


Can rabbits eat kale? Yes, they can. But only in moderation just like other vegetables. If you want to avoid complications, make sure to follow the reminders and recommendations mentioned above. 

For sure, your eared friend will love munching on these leafy greens. But do not get overwhelmed. Remember, serve in moderation. 

Thank you for reading !

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