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The handicapped dog needs a lot of care and having a harness or dog slings for handicapped dogs could be the best solution for managing their moves and walking time. For the dogs- who have been through a surgical procedure or when they are in a phase of recovery from an accident, suitable dog slings could be helpful.

For your convenience, we have suggested here, some of the trusted dog slings to care for your handicapped dog with ease.

How did we select?

We chose them based on our comparison aspects as follows:​

  • Durability and comfort
  • Kind of support, front limbs, back limbs, whole body lift
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Lesser friction and soreness caused on the body

Walkin’ Dog Harness/Sling for the handicapped

If your dog is under surgical rehabilitation, you will need support to aid their movement. WALKIN’ Dog slings for handicapped is a very good product that can provide such support. The sling is designed to aid medium and large sized dogs to regain their full walking capacity with the support it provides.

Apart from surgically rehabilitating pets, this sling is also designed for dogs with disabilities. Again, it is also great for preventing injuries to dogs. Older dogs with weak limbs can rely on this dog sling for support. Overall, the Walkin’ Dog support is a durable sling or harness and a perfect aid for dogs.

Walkin' Support Sling Dog Harness for Full Body Support | Prevents Injuries | Helps with Post-Surgical Rehabilitation | Height Adjustable Handles

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SGT KNOTS Support Pet Sling

SGT KNOTS is a heavy duty strap that is durable and comfortable on the dog. The sling is made with nylon straps and designed to resist abrasion, weather, sunlight, and moisture.

If your dog is suffering from mobility issues, you will need a durable sling to support them. This product provides that needed support.

While some slings may leave your dog feeling sore, this model is very comfortable. One of the reasons for this is the extra level of padded support on the sling. The synthetic fibers on the sling prevent soreness and friction.

It is designed for medium and large dog breeds. Whether you are taking your dog to the lake or just for a walk, the support the sling provides will surely help them a great deal.

SGT KNOTS Support Harness Pet Sling for Large & Medium Dogs Sheepskin Like Rehabilitation Lift w/Adjustable Nylon Straps - for Hip Assist Stability, Injured, Disabled, Arthritis, ACL, Joint Pain

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Dog Lift Harness Sling

Whether you need to help your pet up the stair or lift them into the car, this dog sling is properly designed to assist. It is carefully tested and designed to stand the test of time.

But one of the most important features of the dog sling is the anti-slip design and adjustable length straps. This provides superior comfort on your canine friend.

The product is 100% guaranteed with a good return policy. This is a clear indication of the brand’s resolve to maintain quality throughout.

The dog sling comes with lift harness and instructions on how to properly fix the sling on your pet. In addition, it is easy to wash either by hand or by machine.

Dog Lift Harness Sling | Large ACL Brace for Rear Leg Support of Old K9 | Help Em Up Carrier Knee Limping Joint Hock Hip Injuries Arthritis Poor Mobility Veterinarian Approved Rehabilitation Recovery

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Labra Canine K9 Sling

LABRA is new in the market. However, you can’t take anything away from its overall durability and supportive features.

The sling is quite comfortable and soft at the same time. The breathable padding provides superior comfort for your dog. Although it holds them securely, the sling doesn’t cause any uneasiness known to occur with some slings.

Apart from the support it provides for your furry friend, it also has its benefits for humans. You no longer have to bend to lift your disabled canine friend. The sling is long enough to hold when you are giving your dog a lift. It does not pull off easily. And it can stand the test of time because of the solid design.

Labra Veterinarian Approved Dog Canine K9 Sling Assist with Chest Strap Adjustable Reflective Straps Support Harness Helps with Loss of Stability Joint Injuries Arthritis ACL Rehabilitation Rehab

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Love Pets Love Dog Assist Sling

Older or senior dogs with problems like arthritis will need help with their daily activities. This sling is ideal for such types of dogs, especially medium and large sized dogs. It is also great for dogs with disability issues. If your furry friend needs rehabilitation from surgery, this sling will help a lot.

The straps come with soft Velcro material that allows for a stronger handle. Moreover, it is very easy to put this sling on the dog. It comes with a support pad to comfortably hold your dog and assist them to walk.

There are durable nylon and poly fleece lining that stays strong throughout its use. Also, the sling can be easily rolled up after use.

Dog Lift Support Rehabilitation Harness for canines aid - Medium and Large Assist Sling to help with mobility. Lifting Older K9 & Young Puppies with handle for Weak hind legs & Joints surgery.

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Peak Pooch Dog Support Harness

Peak Pooch provides support to medium and large sized dogs who are finding it difficult to walk or perform their normal activities properly.

It is the right product to assist your dog when they have injuries or recovering from surgery. This sling has multi-adjustable points, breathable and comfortable mesh, and double stitching for durability.

It comes with 4 adjustable straps. In addition, there is soft padding for better comfort and prevention of chaffing.

And unlike some other models, Peak Pooch has stainless steel hardware that keeps the product durable for many years. Moreover, the strong handle grip is perfect in situations where you need to lift your dog or help them on to something. Overall, the sling is well made as a supportive tool to aid your dog’s movement.

Peak Pooch Dog Walking Lifting Carry Harness, Support Mesh Padded Vest, Accessory, Collar, Lightweight, No More Pulling, Tugging or Choking, for Puppies, Small Dogs (Red, Medium)

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Leopard Dog Sling

Lepark is another veterinarian-approved dog sling for dogs with disabilities. There are several reasons why your dog may not be able to carry out its normal activities. Whether they are recovering from surgery or facing old age, this dog sling can provide support.

The sling has removable padding that protects your hand from strains and blisters when holding on to them.

It is suitable for dogs with stability issues. Dogs with weak hind legs, arthritis, or joint injuries will have enough support from this product. In addition, the sling is very easy to use and pull out from your dog.

A washing machine is recommended when you need to clean the sling. Overall, Lepark is a durable product that can provide superior support for our handicapped dog.

Lepark  Dog Sling with Handle for Canine Aid, Veterinarian Approved Dog Lift Harness for Rehabilitation (L)

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PAWABOO Dog Aid Assist Sling

Here is another durable and comfortable dog sling and harness for the total support of your canine friend. This model comes with fleece lining and properly padded nylon. It is scratch resistant, durable, and stylish.

When you want to choose a dog slings for handicapped dogs, the comfort and level of support are two important things you should consider. Fortunately, this unit is highly rated in that area. The sturdy stitch straps coupled with the strong hook and loop provides stability for your pet.

The sling is ideal for injured dogs, disabled dogs, and the aged dog needing assistance. In addition, it will provide balance and strength for dogs that recently underwent orthopedic surgery.

Pawaboo Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness, Dog Lift Canines Aid Assist Sling for Disabled, Injured, Elderly Pets Dogs, Help with Mobility to Stand Up, Climb Stairs and More, Large Size, Black

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IN HAND Dog Support Harness

IN HAND dog sling is equipped with adjustable straps which provide strong support. It is a durable aid for dogs in need of stability support.

This sling is designed to assist dogs with disability issues to get into the car, climb the stairs, and for dog walks. The good thing about the product is the sturdy design. It is made with high-quality neoprene/nylon fabric that stands the test of time.

Moreover, the harness attached can be adjusted easily. You can comfortably lift your furry friend without bending over to do so. The Velcro is very easy to fix. Overall, the sling provides comfort and convenience while providing enough support for your handicapped dog.

IN HAND Dog Support Harness, Dog Lift Harness with Adjustable Support Sling for Canine Aid, Helps Canine Arthritis, Rehabilitation, Poor Stability, Joint Injuries and Injured Dogs Walk

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GingerLead Dog Padded Slings

For durable and comfortable dog slings for handicapped, GingerLead comes to mind for a lot of reasons.

First, it has been properly tested by veterinarians and industry experts. Currently, it’s been used in several clinics and hospitals in the US. The dog sling is ideal for injured dogs, disabled dogs, and senior dogs that need walking support.

Secondly, the support pad on the sling has a cushion for maximum comfort. The outside of the sling is designed with durable nylon while the underside of the sling has soft corduroy. This design also makes it convenient to hold by the dog owner. The material is soft on your dog but still durable enough to last for many years.

GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Cutout - Medium/Large Sling; Assist Senior or Disabled Pets; Ruptured Cruciate Ligament, Hip or Back Surgery Recovery Aid; for Male/Female Dogs

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Concluding our round up of the dog slings for handicapped dogs, we can say that now we have a bunch of adjustable, comfortable, easy to use dog slings that anyone can use when their dog is in need of support and comfort while it is in the rehabilitation process. So, make sure you know the body weight and size of your dog before picking one from the ones above or even when you are buying from your nearby store because your dog should be your priority.

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