Horse Keeps Stopping While Riding: Surprising Facts To Know!

As we all know, horses are friendly animals that interact around their surroundings and cause no harm unless threatened by anything, but why does a horse keeps stopping while riding?

Before we answer that, let give you a glimpse of what horses do. Horses are uses for several purposes, and one of those is for transportation. People use them in areas where there are hardly any cars to be seen.

horse keeps stopping while riding

It is easy for them to interact with people, yet they sometimes have problems because they are uncomfortable or tired when riding one.

horse keeps stopping while riding

Sometimes it isn’t even on the horse; it is on the rider’s problem. There are happening like these where they get confused if why do their horses stop.

Horses are one of the most active and considered to be joyful animals. They come in different colors, breeds, shapes, and sizes. Not every horse can do things, they differ from each other, and they have their uses. That’s why training is a must if you want your horses to learn.

It may take some time training them and giving them challenges but worry not; the results will say it all once your horse is thoroughly trained and ready for any situation.


Learning More About Horses

Why do horses keeps stopping while riding? Let us explain that to you, but before we move on, we would want to discuss some things with you first to understand why horses do that.

For starters, let us give you a little trivia about horses so that you can unlock new learnings and you can get to know more about the animal.

As we all know, horses are known for their calm and friendly nature, making them an animal that is easy to befriend by anybody. Its long tails, mane, solid muscles, and legs are its main assets to why they are called one of the few powerful animals that exist up to now.

Though they appear to be like that, they are harmless beings. They develop their unique traits as time passes by, and they calmly interact with humans. They don’t attack unless they feel a sudden chill in their body or feel threatened because of their actions; they only do this to defend themselves.

Other than that, they like to explore areas a lot and are willing to be trained once you’ve tamed them to be your pet. They can be of any use to you. But commonly, all horse owners that we’ve encountered use them for transportation, tourist purposes, sports, and many more.

Learning More About Horses

As long as you don’t abuse and traumatize them, they will stay calm and harmless at all times.

So what are horses? Well, to make it short, they are a domesticated one-toed mammal that has lived for over 50 years, being a small multi-toed creature. Since a lot has happened in the past years, horses were once considered extinct.

Thanks to evolution and breeding, from those small toed-creatures, they have evolved into these modern single-toed horses that most people have now. They come in a variety of breeds to choose from; you can pick whatever you want. Each species of the horse has a distinct feature that makes it unique from another.

Regardless of the breed, they are intelligent animals that can act independently without a trainer or owner to teach them what to do. Also, it is not surprising to say that horses have the fastest reaction time and best reflexes, all out of all the other animals.

It is a trait that they’ve grown up with and is developing more to be better and more effective, especially when needed.

Enough with all the trivia stuff; we’ve given you out enough knowledge to know more if what our horses are. So now, let us move on to answering your question.


Why Does A Horse Keeps On Stopping While Riding?

So, why does a horse keeps stopping while riding? It would depend on some factors, but generally, there are different reasons why horses stop when they are being ridden. Commonly because of the ones who ride.Each breed of horse differs significantly from one another; they can easily carry on their backs depending on what heavy they transport.

One example of this is the Belgian Drafts. A male Belgian horse will weigh around 900 kg or more, while the female ones weigh lesser at about 700 kg.Now, horses mainly keep on stopping when riding on is also of the one who rides the horse.

One of the commonly known reasons for this is rider tension and imbalance; these will cause tensions that interfere with your horses’ rhythm of movement. Each horse has their unique rhythm, and as much as possible, they want to keep it constant so that they can keep up their pace.

Why Does A Horse Keeps On Stopping While Riding

Stiffness in your body because you are scared is one reason why tension is created. It will then trauma the body of your horse, and it’ll have a hard time moving. You’ll want to keep your body composure up and prevent it from curling as much as possible. Also, soften your joints so you can avoid tension.

Another reason for this is if the rider is sitting crooked with one hip further away from the other, making the horse imbalanced and stops at times.

The solution for this one is that you should sit in a straight manner and, as much as possible, balance your body to avoid imbalance.



Why does a horse keeps stopping while riding? Well, the horse isn’t the problem; the rider is. Improper sitting or poor composure can lead to that.

Once you’ve correctly implied these steps on your own, it will not challenge them already. Thus consider your horse’s comfortability too so that they can be at ease.

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