How Fast Do Rabbits Grow? 4 Phases You Should Know!

Do you ever wonder how fast do rabbits grow? You need to understand that a bunny can have its size doubled from the moment it was born to four months of age; therefore, it is pretty fast.

These furry animals then grow gradually until it is two years old. Baby rabbits are born with their eyes closed and no fur and teeth.

You have to expect that hair will be visible after three days from the day it was born.

In this article, we will have adequate knowledge about the fast-paced growth of rabbits.

Without further ado, let us delve right into the discussion!


Growth Of Rabbits

The growth phases of rabbits are sure to give you tons of insights about their life.

Here are the following that you must know about them:


Phase #1. 10 to 12 days

Since you have an idea that bunnies are born with eyes closed, this phase is where rabbits open their eyes and turn into a small furball.

This phase is also called the cute stage because your tiny bunnies start to blossom from the day it was born.


Phase #2. 12 to 18 days

The fast pacing of a rabbit’s growth will surely amaze most people. This next phase is where your pet starts to wander outside of the box.

You will probably see it running all over its cage and try to hop with much joy. You must know that this stage in their life is where they start to explore the world.


Phase #3. 19 days

Not only that, bunnies are fast-growing, but also they become mature in their actions.

At 19 days, bunnies start to be independent and leave the box.

I remembered the time when my bun, Thumper, was at 19 days old. I have observed that he doesn’t want its box anymore, so I decided to remove it.

Since I desire maximum security for my pet, I lined a carpet for the flooring so that Thumper would have something to stand on.


Phase #4. Six to seven weeks

This phase would require you to take away the kits to their mother.

You have to make sure that you do this action in five weeks (which is the earliest) but not later than eight weeks.

It is better to separate the bunnies from one another to have their own space to hop around.


How Long Would It Be For A Rabbit To Reach Maturity?

Let us be aware that each change in a rabbit’s body can be due to genetics.

So between three to eight months, you have to expect your bun to be mature in those times.

As a pet owner, you also have to be aware that behavioral changes may occur when the sex hormones start to flow.

That action is something that you should not be worried about because it is normal.

By now, you have adequate information on how fast do rabbits grow.


How Much Do Rabbits Grow?

When we talk about the size, some rabbits can grow as large as cats and even as big as a small child!

There are other kinds like pygmy rabbits that can be only 20 centimeters in length. You also have to assume that its weight is relatively small (as much as less than a pound!).

Therefore, we can say that rabbits genuinely grow in a fast and significant way.

Depending on the breed and origin, you can’t expect all rabbits to be of the same size.


How To Take Care Of Baby Rabbits

The nutrients needed by baby rabbits are far more crucial than a fully grown one (though you also have to care for adults).

If you want to take care of baby rabbits properly, the steps that you should take are the following:


Step #1. Observe and check the kits

It is recognized that bunnies give birth early in the morning or at night. As a pet owner, you have to be aware of this critical detail to check the babies right after they are born.

Observe and make sure that the kits are all in good condition and that each of them is breathing.

In that way, you can take action if something is wrong.


Step #2. Provide warmth to baby rabbits if needed

For example, the mother rabbit had her babies outside of the nesting box to put them in the box.

Please expect that the kits will be called, so be sure to give them a heated and warm box.

There are many ways to make a rabbit’s cage warm, and you can surf the internet to learn it.


Step #3. Always keep the nesting box clean

Since the immune system of baby rabbits are not as robust as the matured ones, it is something that you have to take care of.

The best way for you to decrease the chances of infections and bacteria is to give them a safe and clean environment.

For you to do this, you must keep the nesting box as clean as possible.

By that account, harmful organisms won’t have a chance to harm the baby rabbits. You have to be very careful if you wish your bun to grow healthy.


Step #4. Provide a healthy diet to kits

As I have said earlier, baby rabbits need to have many nutrients you need to provide them. The pellets would surely be the first food that kits will ingest.

You need to avoid giving greens because the stomachs of baby rabbits are very sensitive. It might cause them to have stomach pains and can have diarrhea.


Step #5. Handle the kits with care

You most certainly need to handle the kits until they are ready to be weaned (means to take away from its mother).

Some bacteria are considered harmful to rabbits that came from humans.

Infections and bacteria will be easily transmitted to rabbits if humans do not wash their hands before handling them.

Do not ever hold one if you think that your hand may have various kinds of germs to harm your bunnies.



For the final words, rabbits grow and mature fast that you will be amazed. The breed will also tell if what is the maximum size for a certain kind of rabbit.

Keep in mind that not all rabbits are the same in size.

The most important thing you have to understand is that you should not remove the babies until they are at least eight weeks of age.


It is because rabbits are like us humans that need to be with the mother as a baby. Be sure to take good care of them, especially kits.

I am sure that you have enough idea of the query how fast do rabbits grow, so I hope you correctly take care of your pet.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!