How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live? Note 6 Things!

Do you ever wonder what the lifespan is and how long do Netherland dwarf rabbits live? This breed of a bun dislikes being picked up, and its lifespan ranges from seven to ten years.

Once trust has been made between you and your pet, these rabbits will show a calmer state.

How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live

how long do Netherland dwarf rabbits live

If that happens, you can easily tame it and pick it up for you to cuddle it.

This article will learn more about Netherland rabbits’ life and care tips that you can apply to your pet.

Without any more delays, let us go right into the discussion!


What Are Netherland Dwarf Rabbits?

This kind of bunny breed is unique because their personality differs from other rabbits.

These bunnies are popular with their wide variety of colors, including ruby eyed white, blue, lilac, red, siamese sable, opal, lynx, and many more. read more here what colour are rabbit

What Are Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

You will surely be amazed by the 20 different colors of this breed and have a nickname of “the gem of the fancy.”

Furthermore, Netherland dwarf rabbits are recognized as one of the smallest species of bunnies!

For its appearance, you can noticeably see that large head and a compact body frame.

They have a short face, large eyes, and short ears, which makes up its distinctive look.

This breed has short fur, and when you brush it the other way around, it will go back to the original position.


Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Life Span

As their name implies, dwarf rabbits are small and only weigh below seven pounds.

The smallest that this breed can be will only consider two and a half pounds!

But, how long do Netherland dwarf rabbits live? You must learn that the average lifespan of the dwarf breeds ranges from 10 to 12 years.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Life Span

In contrast to this fact, giant breeds of rabbits can only live for a maximum of 6 years. please read more here can rabbit breed in the forest


Health Of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

The best thing about Netherland dwarf rabbits is that over time, it only has minimal health issues (which is a fantastic characteristic!)

I have a cinnamon-colored dwarf rabbit, which I named Thumper. I rarely bring him to the veterinarian due to infections and diseases since he is always healthy and energetic.

Like other breeds, dwarf rabbits continuously grow their teeth, which means that they need to file their teeth to avoid overgrowth.

That is the main reason why I always give Thumper the right diet meal plan so that it can grind its teeth without any problem.

As a piece of advice, you must care for your pet’s teeth as it grows if you do not want its teeth to protrude. It must be avoided since the teeth are an essential aspect of a rabbit’s body.



The Netherland dwarf rabbits have a lovely coating which its fur has a length of short to medium.

I have to say that it is excellent since you do not have to groom your pet often.

However, proper care will always be needed if you desire to have a robust bun.


Care For Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

As a pet owner, you must always look for ways to be a significant owner of your bunny.

You must take care of your pet’s physical and mental aspects so that it will be healthy enough and no illnesses will come your way.

Here are the following tips that you need to learn:


#1. Proper housing and food

If you want to let your pet live in a place where it can be comfortable, then try to select and make the best housing for your bunny.

The cage’s size will always be the primary consideration that you have to look at since rabbits need adequate space to jump around.


#2. Size of cage

Though we most certainly know that Netherland dwarf rabbits are small in physical size, they need to have a vast space to live. please read here how many rabbits can live together

Experts would always suggest that you need to have a larger cage of the size four by two by two so that your bun can move well.


#3. Good cage bottom

The typical choices that you can choose for a cage bottom is a solid or wire bottom.

If you have the latter part, you have to make sure that the wire won’t catch the rabbit’s feet because if not in the right place, it can cause an injury.

The outdoor hutches are very beneficial for buns since they provide an enclosed area for full protection.

The thing is, you have to be truly careful about the kind of cage to give maximum security to your bunny.


#4. Keeping the cage clean

Of course, you need to do a frequent cleaning to the cage of your beloved bun.

Bacteria and infections can grow and may harm your pet if you are not careful enough about its health, mostly where it lives.

If you have a litter box and have already trained your bunny to use it (which I already did with Thumper), your work will become easy.

You can have straw or hay as its bedding since these things react well with moisture.

You need to do scrubbing once a week, and you must clean your bunny’s cage often.

Health is wealth, which is why proper care will always be needed for them.


#5. Cage location

There will be a massive difference if your bunny’s cage is inside or outside the house.

With the effects of nature, there will also be various effects on your rabbit.

It may be a good one or can cause severe problems in the future, so the location is equally crucial to cleanliness.

For Netherland dwarf rabbits, it would never be a great decision to put them outside of the house.


This small rabbit breed needs to have an enclosed area because it does not have excellent tolerance to severe weather issues.

You have to put plenty of hay and other kinds of warm beddings to make sure that your bun gets enough heat.


#6. Organic foods are the safest

A proper diet would also mean that you give your pet various nutrients to sustain healthy growth.

The best foods would always be organic ones since they are free from harmful substances.

Namely, carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, kale, mint, parsley, and many more are recommended by experts. read more here can rabbit eat bell pappers

You need to fully understand that if you want your bunny to live a long life, please try to offer it foods that will make it healthy and avoid the toxic and unhealthy ones.



In conclusion, the life of a Netherland dwarf rabbit has an average of 7 to 10 years.

You also need to understand that care and genetics play a good role in maximizing a dwarf rabbit’s life.

Thank you for sparing time in reading and may have the answer to the question of how long do Netherland dwarf rabbits live.

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