How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost At Pet Supplies Plus?

You might be looking for a store to buy guinea pigs, and how much do guinea pigs cost at pet supplies plus?

Pet Supplies Plus is a pet store chain in the United States that sells guinea pigs for between $20 and $30. 

how much do guinea pigs cost at pet supplies plus

The price varies depending on the age, size, and breed. You can choose from American, Abyssinian, Peruvian, and Teddy breeds of guinea pigs available at Pet Supplies Plus.

Moreover, the pet store also has a variety of other pet supplies, such as cages, bedding, food, treats, and toys. 

And you can also avail of guinea pig-related services such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, and grooming. 

A-ha! Not only that. Pet Supplies Plus also sells guinea pig accessories such as hay, bedding, food bowls, and hideouts. 

It sounds like everything you need is there, right? But there is more to learn aside from the cost of guinea pigs. So, read on!


Where To Buy Guinea Pigs?

My dear friend, being a pet owner requires knowledge of how to take good care of pets, especially if they have been known as rodents.

Mice, hamsters, reptiles, and especially guinea pigs have been known as animals that can be petted.

Thus, the importance of knowing where to buy this animal or pet is vital for your advantage and knowledge.

Pet shops that vary in the name have been known to be places where to buy a pet. They also include special treatments for animals.

One shop that has been considered to be a good place for availing one is pet supplies plus. 

They have a good quality guinea pig and supplies for the needs that this animal would have.

Pet supplies plus location is in the part of United States but since they have known to be a bit in demand, they have some branches in other places.

This store has been offering a variety of supplies, such as bedding, food, toys, cages and synthetic animal shelter, and their lovely treats.

This store also offers services such as cleaning pets, grooming them, and avoiding a little danger to their paws, nail trimming is also included.

Nowadays, this pet store is known as a good store that offers great supplies for maintaining a healthy guinea pig.

Water care filters fish food flakes, puppy senior treats, bird seed pellets, and even fortified pellets are available at this store.

There are other animals that exist in this store. All you have to do is to visit or even inquire about them. 

Just an overview, the store came to life in 1988 in Redford, Michigan. Pet Supplies Plus was the third-largest specialty pet food retailer as of 2005. 

The company started opening franchise facilities in different locations in the Midwest and later expanded into the northeastern and southern states in the late 1990s. Check their site for directions!

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Guinea Pig Health Care Costs

Knowing the care costs of your pets is important since it includes their finances for food and health care visits to their vet.

For your information, this type of animal’s health care cost may range from $10-30; it depends on the type of care needed.

Health care does not only mean their internal health but also their needs that must be met every day.

We have this food, grooming, chew toys, bedding, treats, accessories, and a cage that serves their house or home.

Their food from the store may range from $7-15 and their food intake is also the other one to consider when it comes to costing.

Another one is their grooming, which may range from $2-5 and depends on the number that it can fit in their playpen or cage.

Also, they have their own bedding that has a cost that ranges from $7-15.

Their bedding is also important, since they have been known to be prone to odor and their bedding must be needed to progress from time to time.

how much do guinea pigs cost at pet supplies plus

guinea pig treat has a cost of $2-5 and it depends on the flavors and type of treatment that an owner wants to get.

When we talk about their accessories, it includes their food hay, water bottles, and toys.

Their water bottle may cost $3-5 and their toys may have a range of costs from $2-4.

Above all, their cage is the most important thing to give them good shelter. 

Their cage may range from $50-100 depending on how big and spacious the cage is.

Pointing out what to buy a cage depends on how big and small the guinea pig pet is.

Knowing all the essentials for how to take good care of your guinea pig’s health is important to avoid spending too much.

You can inquire at any shops that offer a discount to prevent spending too much.

Having information about the cost of all your pet’s needs is knowing how to manage and handle your budget as well.

Nowadays, all of the needs and wants have been increasing, so it is better to be wise and strategic, and practical as well.


A Guinea Pig Cost At Pet Supplies Plus; Factors Affecting The Cost

The cost of a guinea pig at Pet Supplies Plus will depend on a few factors, such as the age and breed of the guinea pig and the store location. 

How much do guinea pigs cost at pet supplies plus? Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $50 for a guinea pig at Pet Supplies Plus. 

Young guinea pigs, or those between 4 and 8 weeks old, typically cost between $20 and $30.

More details suggest that the ability to socialize or activity levels also affect the cost. 

Now, you might ask yourself how much it costs to care for a guinea pig. For starters, the cost of caring for a guinea pig varies depending on the type of care you are providing. 

The cost of primary care for a guinea pig will include food, bedding, housing, and veterinary care. 

The diet should consist of hay, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of commercial guinea pig food. 

Hay should be provided in unlimited quantities and should be changed daily.

For you to have an idea, here are some of the costs of products Pet Supplies Plus offer. The average price of guinea pig food at Pet Supplies Plus is $7-$15. 

As for the supplies, a guinea pig cage costs $50-$100, guinea pig bedding ranges from $7-$15.5, and a guinea pig water bottle at $3-$5. 

Adding to the list is the guinea pig chew toy, for $2-$4. And lastly, guinea pig grooming supplies cost $5-$10.

Overall, we need to prepare a reasonable amount to buy your guinea pigs with some accessories and feeds.

Try to check the reviews and stars of the store!


Other Considerations When Buying Guinea Pigs

To your knowledge, there have been existing factors why other supplies and needs of your pet have been increasing.

There have been industrial reasons that come from the market and some of these include strategies.

But the fact that we have been conversing about animals and pets, so let us delve deeper into them.

There have been reasons why most pet supplies have been increasing or, in some instances, decreasing.

Maybe you already have the idea, but let us delve deeper and talk about this.

Finally! You found the right pet store to buy your guinea pig. But it does not end there. 

There are other considerations when you purchase guinea pigs. Here is a checklist for you to take note of


#1. Buy guinea pigs in pairs at the same time 

Buy guinea pigs only once, as they can live for up to 8 years with proper care. 

However, if you are considering getting more than one guinea pig, it is best to buy them together so they can bond and get used to each other. 

When it comes to their care, you must groom guinea pigs regularly, usually once a week. That includes brushing their fur, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears.

When a pet in a pet shop or a store is an adult, you must expect that it has high pricing.

Imagine all the effort and expense that has been put in and given to that pet. The effort and care that have been exerted on it is also the reason.

When an animal is young, physically you may expect that its price is not that expensive but can be affordable.

That’s why many individuals bought a young pet animal since it is not that costly.

They would just buy some and invest in other healthcare supplies and accessories and they will be the ones to take good care of it.

When you buy a pet, make sure that you should checkout their age first.

Buy guinea pigs in pairs at the same time 


#2. The average lifespan of your pet

The average lifespan of a guinea pig is between 4-8 years, although some may live longer. 

The lifespan of a guinea pig usually depends on the breed, diet, exercise, and overall health. 

Guinea pigs bred for show or sale tend to have a shorter lifespan due to their inbreeding, which can cause health problems.

Owners must know how to handle them even their caretakers to extend their life span.

The more years that a pet can live, the higher it may cost. This type of animal can longer live in the wild.

That is why it is expensive to avail a pet of this kind since if they have a good breed and have been in a good state to live more years.

Remember that guinea pigs have been considered to be a healthy type of animal but they can encounter struggles with their health also.

Giving them vitamins, supplements, first aid, housing feeders and some good services may help them to live longer.


#3. Space guinea pigs need 

A guinea pig needs a minimum of 7.5 square feet of floor space in its cage, but ideally, it should have at least 10.5 square feet. 

The cage should also be tall enough for your guinea pig to stand up on its hind legs without hitting the top of the cage. 

The cage should be at least 18 inches tall, but 24 inches is preferred.


#4. Common health problems in guinea pigs

The health of a pet is also considered to be one of the factors that could affect the price of a pet.

If your guinea pig is physically healthy, it may have a good weight that would affect its pricing.

The health of your guinea pig is also a factor that could influence the cost of it since it is far from sickness and illness.

On the other hand, if a guinea pig can be seen to be ill and sick there is a tendency that their cost would decrease.

The tendency is that an animal or pet cost would decrease when there is a health problem.

Medications and health care are important that an owner or a buyer must give to the pet.

Common health problems in guinea pigs include respiratory infections, dental problems, overgrown nails, ear infections, mites, and skin problems. 

Respiratory infections are one of the most common health problems in guinea pigs caused by certain bacteria, viruses, or fungi. 

Signs of respiratory infections include sneezing, wheezing, nasal discharge, and difficulty breathing. If left untreated, respiratory infections can be fatal.

That is why you must clean the enclosure regularly. Start by removing all of the bedding and any toys, small pet food dishes, water bottles, and other items from the pen. 

Then, using mild soap and warm water, scrub the cage with a brush or sponge to remove any dirt, debris, and droppings. 

Rinse the cage thoroughly with clean water and allow it to air dry. Once the enclosure is dry, you can replace the bedding.


#5. The amount of exercise needed by guinea pigs

Guinea pigs need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. Exercise helps to keep their muscles toned and their minds active. 

It is essential to provide your guinea pig with a petsafe, secure, and stimulating environment with plenty of space to explore and play. 

A large cage with plenty of toys and hiding spots is ideal. You can also provide your guinea pig with a playpen or a large room to explore.


#6. Food guinea pigs eat

Guinea pigs are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants and plant-based food.

The best diet for guinea pigs is a combination of hay, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of commercial guinea pig food. 

Hay should make up the majority of your pet’s diet. It should always be available to them, as it provides essential nutrients and fiber and helps keep their digestive system healthy.


#7. Kinds of toys guinea pigs like to play with

Guinea pigs are naturally curious and playful animals, so they enjoy a variety of toys to keep them entertained.

Some of the most popular toys for guinea pigs include chew toys. 

Pigs love to chew, so providing them with chew toys is a great way to keep them entertained and their teeth healthy. 

Some popular chew toys include wooden blocks, cardboard tubes, and untreated willow branches.

Kinds of toys guinea pigs like to play with


#8. The breed

Another factor that could influence the cost of this type of pet is its breed.

Their breed comes from a different variety. The more they look beautiful and in a good state, the higher their cost is.

There has been a wide selection of guinea pig breeds and they have been coming from America.

Breeds like Abyssinian, Peruvian, and Teddy. These types of breeds are known to range from $30-100.

Overall, the breed of a guinea pig is also considered to be an important part of availing one.

Most individuals and owners nowadays, look first at the quality and physical appearance of a pet.

Supplements are also vital when your guinea pig has a breed. Giving them the good food that they need helps to perpetuate their breed.


#9. The size

This is the most expected reason why the cost of buying a pet may be expected to increase.

The size of a pet matters to the cost since the more it is big and heavy the healthier and cut it looks.

Most pet owners will be easily attached and get their attention to the most healthy and big-size guinea pig.

But since it is healthy, the cost that you will pay may be higher than it seems.

But it doesn’t mean that buying a good size or just one enough is not good at all. 

Remember that buying a guinea pig is not about the size but the care that you would give to them when you already bought them.

So get and get one now. And let this animal feel that they have been considered to be loved.


It’s A Wrap!

This day, availing of a pet may seem to be a struggle and a bit expensive but if you love to have them, it is all worth it.

Knowing all the possible and helpful information would help you to know your capacity in availing and taking care of one.

You may check from stores and shops that you can see on your place or even take a look at a browser or site to gain knowledge and an idea.

And that is all for how much do guinea pigs cost at pet supplies plus? Once again, guinea pig costs between $20 and $30 at Pet Supplies Plus. 

The store is a prominent pet retailer that offers quality products for your pets.

You can find tick collars, leashes, dog wash, beds, habitats, tick collars shampoos, wet food frozen, tick collars shampoos, mats bowls, health grooming vitamins, chew toy grooming, clothing, milk, medication, decor bedding, bird food, decor habitats heating, pet food fresh, reptile food pellets, training guide cat, and more from different brands for reptile, turtles, tortoises, live small pets, guinea pigs gerbils, hermit crabs lizards, hedgehog, and of course, your guinea pigs!

So, write that one on your to-do list and visit their website here if you have questions. 

Regardless, we hope that you give the love and care your pet deserves!

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