Is Potted Meat Good For Dogs? 5 Reasons Why It’s Not!

Convenient, flavorful, and budget-friendly – there’s nothing to dislike about potted meat at first glance. But the question is this, is potted meat good for dogs?

is potted meat good for dogs
is potted meat good for dogs

In this post, I discuss why you shouldn’t make potted meat a regular part of your pet’s diet. I listed potential hazards that come with this food item, so you’ll have a better understanding of its components.

is potted meat good for dogs

What is potted meat?

Potted meat is the process of preserving meat inside a can or jar. It’s often made of minced meat and spices compressed together to remove air.

What is potted meat?
is potted meat good for dogs

Overall, potted meat is similar to Spam, but it’s often found in patty-like containers. Also, manufacturers will often use various meat types instead of a single source.

While there are still some who prepare potted meat at home, most of it can be purchased in canned containers. And to ensure long shelf life, these potted meat products are blended with a lot of preservatives and salts.

In general, potted meat is eaten with crackers or straight from the can. Others make patties out of it or mix it with their casseroles.

Since this food item is meat-based, it contains a lot of protein. On the other hand, it’s also packed with sodium that easily exceeds a canine’s daily intake requirement.

Take note that even humans aren’t advised to consume canned potted meat on a regular basis. This means that your dog shouldn’t eat too much or none at all of this salty food item.

Why you should not give potted meat to your dog

Potted meat should never be a major part of your dog’s diet due to the following reasons:

Why you should not give potted meat to your dog
is potted meat good for dogs

1. It contains a lot of salt.

To ensure that potted meat will last long on the shelf, it’s mixed with high levels of sodium. Most dogs only need around 200 mg each day, which is far less than what humans need.

Since potted meat is made for humans, its sodium content is also based on the recommended dietary allowance of humans. Consumption of potted meat on the part of your dog can lead to salt poisoning, which can be deadly in a matter of hours.

2. It can upset your dog’s digestion.

Many dogs can’t tolerate highly processed food like potted meat. When they ingest such food items, it can trigger diarrhea, vomiting, and even allergic reactions.

Potted meat isn’t easily digestible. This is why it can easily trigger irritations when ingested by your dog.

The fact that potted meat isn’t made for dogs speaks volumes about its safety. If you want to give your dog an added dose of protein, cooked meat cuts are the best option.

3. It contains a lot of fats.

Commercially formulated potted meat products are often packed with animal fat. This acts as a filler, so manufacturers would have to use less meat.

This high-fat content can increase your dog’s risk of developing pancreatitis. Also, regular consumption of fatty potted meat can lead to canine obesity and even metabolic diseases.

4. It’s loaded with spices.

As much as potted meat is tasty, the spices in it can pose a threat to your dog. Unlike humans, even a small amount of onion and garlic can prove dangerous to canines.

Take note that not all herbs on human food are safe for pets. In fact, a medium-sized onion is enough to trigger toxic effects when ingested by an average-sized canine.

5. It doesn’t meet your dog’s dietary needs.

Potted meat products aren’t made to meet the dietary needs of canines. So if you use it as your pet’s main meal, your dog will likely suffer from deficiencies.

In the long run, it’s cheaper to buy quality dog food for your pet instead of resorting to processed food items. After all, the health consequences of potted meat in canines aren’t worth it.

What should I do if my dog ate potted meat?

If you happen to serve potted meat to your dog, it’s important to monitor the pooch for 12 to 24 hours. If your doggo experiences adverse reactions like vomiting or diarrhea, it’s best to call the veterinarian.

What should I do if my dog ate potted meat?
is potted meat good for dogs

Also, never try to induce vomiting on your dog without the advice of a veterinarian. While your intentions are good, inducing vomiting may lead to choking and aspiration pneumonia.

However, if your dog has liver or kidney disease, you should phone the vet immediately. This is because the consumption of potted meat can make your pet’s condition worse quite fast.

What can you give your dog in place of potted meat?

There’s a wide variety of dog food products in the market, so potted meat should never be your only option. You can purchase meat-based dog treats or canned dog food instead.

If you want to give your dog a snack from the kitchen, unsalted peanut butter would do. You can also boil some chicken or pork.

Overall, it’s not wise to get your dog used to eat human food. Aside from ruining its diet, tossing human food off the table can reinforce negative behavior.

In addition to potted meat, you should also avoid other processed meat products. Like the former, these products have excessive sodium and preservatives that are bad for your dog.

If you don’t have fresh meat to cook for your dog, kibble alone will be a good choice as a snack. You can also explore fruits and veggies like bananas, cooked carrots, cooked potatoes, and so on.

Can you mix potted meat with dog food?

Combining two dog food brands is totally fine, but adding potted meat in the mix isn’t a good idea. While it will add flavor to your dog’s meal, potted meat will also bring in unnecessary preservatives.

If you want to encourage your dog to eat, you can add a few treats to the kibble. You can also mix its food with unsalted broth or a dash of fish oil. 

Overall, you should consult your dog’s veterinarian before making any diet changes. Also, if your pet isn’t eating despite all your efforts, you should get it checked for health problems.


Is potted meat good for dogs? Unfortunately, this preservative-laden food item isn’t an ideal choice for dogs.

Like other canned human food items, potted meat should never be a major part of your dog’s diet. While a spoonful or two may not seem to hurt, it’s not wise to get your dog accustomed to eating processed food.

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