5 Tips For Overlanding And Camping With Your Pet

Overlanding and camping can be very fun, but the experience is instantly better when you bring your furry friend with you. Pets make excellent companions, and if you love your four-legged friend to the moon and back, then you’ll want to bring it with you to your adventure. After all, it would be simply heartbreaking to leave your dog or cat at home while you’re far away from it. 

Thus, if you agreed to take your furry buddy with you, it’s essential to take every step to accommodate yourself and your pet in the new environment. You’ll most likely be staying in a tent, so here are some tips that will help you prepare for this fantastic adventure. 

1. Pack for Your Pet Too

When you go overlanding, you’re already expecting to be away for a very long time, so you need to pack enough things to make sure you have everything you need. Likewise, when you’re taking your pet with you, you have to remember to pack for it as well. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be on the road for months or only a few weeks – your pet has its own needs. 

Therefore, you should make sure you pack enough supplies to keep it happy and healthy. Keep more space for your dog’s food, and make sure your pet also enjoys some clean water on the road. You should pack as much as possible so you and your pet can have the same fantastic experience.  please read here why does my dog bark at his food

2. Keep Your Pet Clean

Pets love roaming freely, and dogs, in particular, can get very excited in certain places. But what if you look away for two seconds, only to then find your dog playing in the mud? Now, you don’t have to ruin the dog’s fun necessarily, but if the pet’s paws are getting dirty, you should make sure to clean them. This is especially important if your pet is sleeping in the same tent as you. The last thing you want is to see paw prints all over the tent and sleeping bag. please read here why does my dog roll in the dirt

Furthermore, cleaning the dog’s paws could also prevent paw prints in your car. This is why you should bring some cleaning products with you so you can wipe down your furry friend’s paws whenever the situation asks for it. Please read here Why Does My Dog Wrap His Paws Around My Arm?

3. Bring Some Toys

If this is your first time overlanding and camping with your pet, it may feel pretty overwhelming for the little one. But you can solve this issue by bringing some toys along. When your pet is stressed or bored, you could make it feel more comfortable by bringing some of its favorite toys. 

Not only is this an excellent method to reduce stress, but it’s also a way to decrease boredom. 

4. Pack a First Aid Kit for Your Pet

When you’re camping, you will not have any vet nearby in case your pet needs medical attention. Unexpected things may happen, and your pet might deal with some minor injuries. After all, this might happen both to you and your furry friend. This is why you should bring a pet first aid kit along so you can treat minor injuries.  Please read here dog fright liability for yappy injuries.

The kit should include a tick remover, Iodine for cleaning minor wounds and cuts, liquid bandages, and some Benadryl in case the pet is stung by a bee. 

5. Make Sure the Site Is Pet-Friendly

Unfortunately, not all campsites approve of pets, and it isn’t enjoyable to drive a long time to reach a particular place only to find out you cannot stay if you have your pet with you. This is why you should always make sure that the camping site is pet-friendly before you start installing your tent and relaxing with your pet

Fortunately, pet-friendly areas have specific protocols in place that will tell you what you can expect. 

Final Thoughts

Overlanding can be a much better experience if you share it with your pet. Seeing your dog’s wagging tail when you pack for the new journey is enough to make you happy and excited for this trip. Make sure you bring a pet first aid kit along to treat minor cuts and ensure your pet has everything it needs during your overlanding and camping adventure.

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