Are Scented Candles Bad For Guinea Pigs?

The question is: are scented candles bad for guinea pigs? Scented candles can be harmful to guinea pigs because of their sensitivity.

They have been known as sensitive animals when it comes to inhaling strong and scented products, chemicals, fragrances, and candles.

are scented candles bad for guinea pigs

In a room, it would be better to have an ordinary smell or use a non-fragrant candle since it is a way to make your pet comfortable.

A good product does not depend only on how strong it smells but how it can perpetuate your pet’s safety, especially its respiratory system.

There have been crucial problems that your pet can encounter when products that have been used have strong scents and smells.

Your guinea pig’s health may be put at risk or it can lead to serious problems such as cancer, bad toxins, and bad effects on its respiratory.

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Potential Health Risks Of Scented Candles

So, are scented candles bad for guinea pigs? Fragrances come in different kinds and types. Anything that may seem to smell good and strong has been considered fragrant.

But not all fragrant things have been considered good in such ways. There have been essential oils that give allergies when being used.

People love to try fragrant products since they can help to reduce some odor in a house or a home.

Humans have been known as individuals that love to see and create posts about good products that smell nice.

But if you have a pet, you must consider their health at all times since air is everywhere and scents can be delivered easily to them.

Animals have been considered sensitive to smells since they can affect the other parts of their respiratory systems.

Having an idea what have been the health risks of candles to guinea pigs helps you to have top knowledge and awareness.

A veterinarian has been considered an individual that can seek signs of health problems for any pet may it be a cat, dog, or guinea pig.

The eyes of your pets may show some symptoms and signs of illness and health problems.

are scented candles bad for guinea pigs

Taking a bath for your ill pet may help to somehow reduce and disappear the smell that a perfume or candle brings.

Any source of discomfort may happen while raising and taking care of our pet. Better to take the advice seriously as a pet owner.

All of the products that have been connected to candles just as essential oils, candle wax, beeswax, and perfume contain fragrant ingredients.

As a pet owner, you shoulder a big responsibility not only as a pet owner of your pets but as their friend also.

In this world, animals play a great role in providing happiness just like dogs, cats, and guinea pigs.

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Use an app to take a bit of knowledge that would help you to be more aware and cautious in dealing with your pet.

Using non-toxic products is vital for your pets. Always consider their safety and use safe products only.

Better to prevent your guinea pigs from wicks, fumes, and paraffin since it can lead to asphyxiation that would lead to your animal’s death.

Remember that the wax from your newly bought scented candles has been considered dangerous to your guinea pigs.

If this was will be ingested by your pet, it can cause some gastrointestinal issues.

The lead in the wicks of your fragrant candle has been considered toxic to your guinea pigs.

There have been so many options and items that you can use without putting at risk the health of your guinea pig at.

The care and effort that you put into your pets, can add to their lifespan of living.

The more you are cautious of their health, the more years they will go to live.

There have been volatile organic compounds have been the components that scented candles contain. 

If not monitored and treated well, it can cause some serious irritation and respiratory issues in your beloved guinea pigs.

Releasing toxic fumes has been considered the cause of burning scented candles and it is very dangerous and harmful to guinea pigs.

Burning candles can create smoke that can irritate the parts of a guinea pig, especially its eyes, nose, and lungs.

It can make a guinea pig feel stressed and anxious at the same time when they will be encountering some scented candles.

Remember that guinea pigs, have strong and very sensitive to smells and it can affect them easily.

Moreover, the American Veterinary Medical Association have been recommended that guinea pigs should prevent from scented candles.

Burning such candles could result in creating a strong chemical that can affect the health of the guinea pig.

Respiratory irritation may occur and other health problems when chemicals coming from burning candles will stay and continue.

People must start to discipline and as well be aware of their actions especially if they have pets to take care of.


Types Of Scented Candles

There have been scented candles that you must be aware of since they may be the reason for some health issues for your pets.

These candles have been available in stores and some have been known for being store open for delivery services.

People love to have a fragrant experience with these scented candles especially if there have been found good reviews.

Here are the following types of scented candles that have been made to be purchased in stores.


#1. Lavender

Lavender type of candles has been considered the most common and scented type of candle.

Its aroma scent is on top of the list. It has a soothing effect on the body.

But remember that this type of candle has been considered harmful to some pets like guinea pigs.



#2. Cinnamon

This type of candle has been considered common for cooking purposes since it can leave a great scent.

For physical and emotional stimulants, a cinnamon-type of scented candle has been used for this kind of purpose.

It has a warm and sweet smell that can help a person to focus and concentrate on any task that has been working.


#3. Rose

Despite having the idea that this scent is coming from a flower, still it is considered to be romantic.

This kind of scented candle has a sweet smell and a bright color. It also has a calming effect on your body.

This type of scented candle could give you the comfort that you needed.

But always be aware that these candles have a limitation when it comes in using since they have been not considered safe for your pet.


#4. Peppermint

When you have been finding a cool sensation to your hot summer week, peppermint type of scented candle I good for you.

It has been considered a type of candle that can relieve tension and sore muscles. It also has a calming effect on a person’s body.

It can help to reduce stress and nervousness in some instances and circumstances.



#5. Jasmine

Jasmine type of scented candle has a different fragrance that is good for some special events.

When it comes to romance, this type of scent has been in need for most f the time. It can be a man’s and a woman’s favorite.

It can give confidence and reduce anxiety since it helps a person to relax by inhaling its fragrance.

It has been considered to be warm, sweet, and seductive. but better not to use this when you are dealing with your pet.

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It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know the answer, are scented candles bad for guinea pigs? Well, yes they have been considered risky.   

And another one is how to keep your pet safe from toxic fragrances. Better to avoid purchasing items such as scented candles.

It is better to be careful in choosing a product that you will be going to use since pets and animals have their discomfort.

Be aware that there have been health issues and problems that will go t arise if you will going to burn some candles in your house.

No matter how good the scent and fragrance of a candle if it can cause some irritation to your pet’s respiratory, it is not good at all.

Better to read some more articles that would deal with this one. Delve deeper into more reading for your good.

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