Can Guinea Pigs Eat Almonds? Why Good For Them

Have you questioned yourself, can guinea pigs eat almonds? Don’t wonder because the answer is affirmative. But then, it is worth noting that there’s a limitation, specifically with how often and the number of almonds they consume. 

Indeed, almonds are men’s favorite. Aside from their excellent taste, they are loaded with nutrition and health benefits. On the contrary, consuming more massive amounts can lead to weight gain. The worse is that some kinds of almonds might be poisonous, making them detrimental to guinea pigs.  

can guinea pigs eat almonds

Again, you may question if guinea pigs can eat almonds? Is it safe? Yes, it is, as long as taken in small amounts. In this article, we’ll have a deeper understanding of the consumption of almonds by guinea pigs. 

Are Almonds Ideal For Guinea Pigs?

can guinea pigs eat almonds

We all know it- almonds are dubbed as a superfood. But, it’s right for us human beings. How about guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat almonds too? Well, let’s find out the healthful benefits of almonds when consumed by your beloved pet. 

  • Aids in digestion

One of the several nutrients found in almonds is dietary fiber. Do you know that it can offer you a sum of 12.5g?

And that is good news, as it can aid in digestion. With this, you’re guaranteed a clean and healthy digestive tract. 

You may wonder why it’s crucial for guinea pigs. If there’s no problem with their digestive system, they will most likely have excellent food absorption and digestion. 

Their constipation can sometimes determine a healthy digestive tract. Guinea pigs won’t constipate if they have consumed foods rich in fiber, such as almonds. 

  • Ideal for blood sugar control

Given that almonds consist of 26.2mg of vitamin E, they can be excellent in controlling blood sugar. This nutrient is known to promote insulin sensitivity, thereby preventing the risk of diabetes. 

Much more, vitamin E can protect cells; it avoids oxidative damage, which can be dangerous if not taken care of. For these reasons, you’ll understand why almonds are great foods for your guinea pigs. 

  • Reduces cholesterol levels

Do you know that almonds can also lower cholesterol levels? Why is it important to know? It’s because high cholesterol levels can lead to diseases, which can harm your pet.

And if you don’t want that to happen, make sure that you consider feeding them with food to reduce cholesterol levels, such as almonds. 

  • Promotes weight loss

If guinea pigs are overweight, they will most likely be prone to deadly diseases. The good news is that feeding them almonds can help in losing weight. Why so? 

promotes weight loss

Almonds promote satiety; it increases their feeling of satisfaction, making them eat less. 

Just like human beings, they reduce their food consumption if they feel full. Perhaps, one of the most efficient ways of ensuring weight loss is through the almond diet. This is all thanks to the 21.22g proteins contained in almonds. 

Nutritional Facts of Almonds

Almonds are full of essential nutrients that can boost your pet’s overall health.


Proteins boost metabolism and reduce appetite which keeps your guinea pig stay in shape and  

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is important in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Almonds are rich in fiber and prevent constipation in guinea pigs. 


Almonds contain a high amount of vitamin E which is rich in antioxidants and protect your guinea pig against damage caused by free radicals.

Reasons Why Almonds Are Dangerous For Guinea Pigs

Can you feed guinea pigs with almonds? The answer is still yes. But then, you should also take note that eating one may also have some significant drawbacks.

Here are the reasons why they can be harmful to your pet and a potential cause of your guinea pig’s death.

  • Choking

If you love almonds, you would know how small they were. Since guinea pigs are little, eating very small foods, like these nuts can be dangerous to them. Most likely, almonds will stick to their throats the same as apricots.

Although this may sound natural, it can lead to their mortality, especially if not given immediate attention. This only shows that whenever you decide to feed them with almonds, you should have supervision. 

In case it happens, give or make them drink water. This will wash the almonds down. If it’s not effective, then it’s time for you to seek medical attention.

  • Gaining weight

Yes, we mentioned a while ago that almonds could aid in losing weight. But this is true if taken moderately. Consuming larger quantities can lead to weight gain; just come to imagine that almonds consist of 49.42g of fats. 

gaining weight

To exaggerate things, a large percentage of nutrients found in almonds contain fats. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to feed your guinea pigs regularly and in large amounts. 

Even if you have exceeded slightly, it can lead to weight gain, causing various health problems.  

  • Might be poisonous

Some kinds of almonds can be detrimental to your pet. Bitter almonds, for instance, are dubbed as poisonous.

Why so? It has a cyanide compound, which is not compatible with guinea pigs. Including this in their diet will undoubtedly cause a health issue. 

How To And How Often Should Almonds Be Fed?

Yes, guinea pigs are allowed to eat almonds, but they should be fed only when necessary. The recommended serving is once a week or twice a month. Excess feeding of this is terrible; that’s why you should ensure stringent supervision in doing so. 

If you want to provide them with nutrients healthy for their bodies, you can opt for other fruits or vegetables ideal for them. 

Also, it is worth noting that you have to remove the almonds’ skin before you give it to your guinea pigs. Make sure you have the long and narrow almonds. It’s because the shorter and the wider ones are considered bitter almonds; as mentioned above, they can be poisonous. 

Can They Be Fed With Salted Almonds?

The answer is in the negative, given the fact that almonds are already rich in fats. If you feed one with salt, it can most likely contribute to heart problems as well as obesity. Combining salt with almonds is undoubtedly a bad idea. 

For these reasons, you should not feed your pet with salted almonds, or shall we say any salty foods. It’s better to opt for foods that are uncooked and natural. 

Can They Be Fed With Almond Butter?

Yes, they can. But they can only take a minimal amount. The good thing about almond butter is that it doesn’t have any known nutrients or compounds that can be dangerous or toxic for guinea pigs. 

can they be fed with almond butter

But as mentioned earlier, it’s not suggested to occasionally feed them with almonds, including almond butter. The same is true with any nut coated with butter.

Final Words

Can guinea pigs eat almonds? Yes, almonds are safe for them to eat, but they should be given in minimal amounts because they are loaded with fats and calories.

Almonds may provide your pet with various health benefits, but for some reason, it can be too much for guinea pigs. If you insist on giving this food to them, make sure to provide them with just once a week, or more favorably, once a month. 

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