Can Rabbits Eat Pears? 5 Questions Answered In Simple Terms

Can rabbits eat pears? Why not? Rabbits can eat pears, without a doubt.

These fruits come with various health benefits that will surely be good for your pet.

But then, consuming one also comes with risks, which you will know as you read further.

If you plan to own a rabbit, you might be thinking about what to feed your pet.

I guess you are doing a lot of research; and you’re already aware that hay is one of the most common foods you can give your rabbit.

However, eating hay every day will bore your pets, so why not add a little twist to your their diet?

Here is why you’d want to consider pear as a snack for your pet!

Keep on reading to learn more.


Rabbits Can Eat Pears

Can rabbits eat pears? Of course, you can feed pears to rabbits. Yes, you read that right.

Without a doubt, it’s good to add vegetables and fruits to your pet’s diet to optimize the nutrients and minerals it gets.

Pears have a lot of fiber, which is quite essential for your rabbit’s digestive tract.

Pears cleanse your pet’s stomach and contain fibers that are fermentable as well.

You may be wondering:

How many pears should you feed your rabbit?


Ideal amount of pears for rabbits

It is highly suggested that rabbits eat just 2 to 3 teaspoons of pears for every 2 pounds of their body weight.

They should not consume too much because pears contain a high amount of sugar that can eventually cause health issues.

Also, avoid feeding your rabbit with too many pears or any fruits. They might enjoy eating pear too much that will increase their risk of health conditions such as obesity.

I know- you don’t want that to happen.

In my case, I see to it that I give Thumper at most four times every week (and less is better!).

Anyway, here’s my friend’s advice:

You’d want to focus on vegetables if you wish your little fellow be filled with nutrients its body deserves.


Health Benefits Of Pears To Rabbits

Rabbits can eat pears. If you feed this fruit to them, they will most likely reap optimal health benefits such as the following:


  • Vitamin C

Pears are excellent sources of several nutrients such as vitamin C, which boost the immune system, some fibers, and potassium.

Nevertheless, Vitamin C is considered to be the only vitamin that can be found in pears.

According to some researchers, the vitamin C content of pears is approximately 7 mg, making pears an essential source of Vitamin C.


  • Antioxidants

It also comes with phytochemicals like antioxidants and sugars such as sorbitol and fructose.

Pears can help get rid of free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your pet’s cells.


  • Great source of energy

However, when we talk about sugars, pears have lots that can be quite dangerous to your rabbit.

Though small amounts of sugar are necessarily needed by your rabbit to have some energy throughout the day, you still want to feed your rabbits in moderation to prevent possible illnesses.

Excessive amounts of pears can lead to health issues.

As a pet owner, be careful with the number of pears you feed your rabbit because a lot of sugar in pears might cause diarrhea. Please read here why do baby rabbit die suddenly

According to studies,

pears have fructose and sorbitol, leading to diarrhea if given in excessive amounts.


What To Consider When Feeding Your Rabbit Pears

Here are the things you should bear in mind when feeding your rabbit pears:

  • Avoid overfeeding

Do not feed rabbits with many pears.

Although your rabbit can enjoy the sweetness that comes with eating pears, it should be given only as a treat.

It is the reason why you should feed rabbits with pears moderately.

Always put in mind that pears contain a high amount of sugar, which can affect your rabbit’s health.

The sugar content in pears might give your rabbit severe diarrhea.

Moreover, too much sugar can make your rabbits obese. If your rabbit consumes too many pears for a couple of days, it will start gaining weight.

Here’s another thing you should take note of:

Rabbits suffering from obesity may develop skin problems due to being overweight.

Simply because the excess body fat that manifests in the skin makes it difficult for them to groom themselves appropriately.

Furthermore, obese rabbits have a high risk of bearing foot problems, heart illness, and cancer.


  • Introduce new food slowly

If you’re planning to add pear to your rabbit’s meal, then only add small slices of pear to their diet.

You’d want to observe your rabbit if it shows unusual reactions.

If it gets diarrhea, stop feeding them pears.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a lot of questions in your mind?

Don’t worry, we’ll answer some of the common questions asked by rabbit owners like you.


#1. Can rabbits eat pear’s skin?

Definitely! Rabbits can eat pear skin because it contains a high amount of Vitamin C.

The only thing that should concern you as a pet owner is how safe it is for your rabbit.

It is safe, but you have to make sure that it is clean enough and has no pesticide exposure.

Always remember to thoroughly wash the pear before feeding it to your rabbit to prevent stomach issues.


#2. Can rabbits eat pear’s seeds?

Are pear seeds bad for rabbits? Pear seeds have few traces of cyanide, which is known for being poisonous.

It is recommended not to feed your rabbit pear seeds.

However, if it happens by accident, you don’t have to worry so much, as the cyanide it contains is small enough to cause poisoning.

But, it would help if you still took precautions.


#3. Do rabbits eat pear’s twigs and leaves?

Our pear trees and branches good for your rabbit? Yes, a pear’s twigs and leaves can be eaten by rabbits.

In general, a piece of wood and leaf from some trees bearing fruits that may have pits like cherries or apricots is not that good for your rabbit unless they are dry enough.

On the contrary, a twig from trees that bears fruit with many seeds is suitable for your rabbit.


#4. Are pears safe for rabbits?

The answer is yes. Pears are known to be safe for rabbits when fed with the appropriate amounts and should be given as treats only.

In contrast, an excessive amount of it can lead to diarrhea.

It is vital to understand that rabbits have a sensitive stomach, and anything that can upset their stomach can be dangerous for their health.

Plus, the fact that pears have a high amount of sugar. That includes fructose and sorbitol; these are the causes of diarrhea.


#5. Do rabbits like pears?

Of course. Rabbits are not the type of pets to choose when it comes to healthy treats like fruits.

They like to gnaw anything sweet that catches their attention.

As a rabbit owner, you should always let them consume pears moderately to avoid problems such as severe diarrhea.



Can rabbits eat pears? Rabbits can eat pears as long as you provide them with the average amount.

Pears are known for being essential sources of Vitamin C, necessary fibers, potassium, and antioxidants.

Furthermore, this fruit has a lot of sugar in it, specifically sorbitol and fructose.

So always remember to give them the right amount of pear because too much can lead to diarrhea.

Lastly, pear’s twigs and leaves can be consumed by rabbits, and they are suitable for them.

And that pear seeds are not supposed to be fed to rabbits since it has a small cyanide hint, which is very poisonous.

Your rabbit’s health should always be a priority; remember that!

Thank you for reading!