Do Guinea Pigs Cause Fruit Flies?

The question is: do guinea pigs cause fruit flies? This animal doesn’t cause fruit flies. Fruit flies come from overripe fruit.

As for the fact, guinea pigs should not have the chance to fruit, especially when they are near to overripe and soon will rot.

The guinea pig cannot lay eggs, which is the reason that they cannot cause a fruit fly.

do guinea pigs cause fruit flies

The place of the guinea pig is somehow the reason why these flies exist because of the animal’s sweet place. 

A guinea pig is kept in a place where it is fond of sugary liquid and juices, which is why they are attracted to it and can easily live and grow.

If there are fruit flies, you can check the bottom of the bowl where you place your pet because somehow it may smell bad.

There is so much knowledge and learning that you should expect as you go further into this article. Without further ado, let us start!


History Of Guinea Pigs

The Andean region of South America is where guinea pigs come from. They exist and can be seen mostly on grass and rocky areas.

They are known for being social and live in small groups with one male and several females with babies.

They do not know how to build their own home but they tend to find one because of other animals’ ability to build mostly in caves and tunnels.

It is believed that this animal can be used for healing rituals and can collect spirits. 

In another part of South America, rubbing guinea pigs into the patient’s body can diagnose health problems.

On this day, this animal is considered to be a human friend and a stress reliever that works 8-10 hours a day.

Their cute aura is all that a person needs to keep them since they look healthy and somewhat fat in their size.

Since they have been treated as a pet at this time, they have been bred into different types with different color combinations. 

You can see a guinea pig that has a different style when it comes to its hair. May it be fluffy, short, or long and even bald also exists.

do guinea pigs cause fruit flies

Guinea pigs can live for 6-8 years but there are some instances where they can live up to 9-10 years with good care from owners.

Their life expectancy is around 6-8 years and this is the longest life that they can have.

Read how old do guinea pigs live for a better understanding!

Their age can be identified through their size, physical health, and their weight. It’s best to know how to tell a guinea pig’s age!

When this animal is large, it tends to live longer than the smaller one in physical appearance and shape.

Especially if pets have been given the best care to live, the unquestionable reason why they can live longer than others.


How Guinea Pigs Relate To Fruit Flies?

With the fact that guinea pigs aren’t the ones that cause fruit flies, but they do attract fruit flies to them.

The Guinea pig cage has a lot of leftover foods, just as fruits, timothy hay, and vegetables that fruit flies love to have.

Areas that have a sugary spot tend to be a threat that will let the fruit flies grow and live.

Veggies are foods that pets love to eat and it may be the reason causing a change in their environment because of flies.

Knowing the fact that they already have a strong odor is also one of the reasons why they’re related to fruit flies.

They’re not the real cause, but they attract them strongly that if you let this problem and issue pass, it may affect the current situation of your pet.

Their urine and fur add to the odor that invites flies to gather close to them. Owners must know how to properly clean them.

A guinea pig can carry fly eggs in its fur or hair, wherein these eggs can transform and hutch into an adult one. 

Leaving their food scraps and having some droppings can let fruit flies go to their body and house cages and enjoy those food scraps in their bedding.

They are the type of pet that can produce lots of sugar because of the food that they eat, mostly sweets that affect their urine.

But remember that not all fruit flies are attracted to this type of pet and animal only to the foods they consume and the ways that they have.

Ripe fruits, fermenting liquids, and even decaying plant materials are the ones that fruit flies are easily attracted to.

Somehow, the smell that other animals can have is the reason that flies come to them easily.

Having an owner that is good at taking care of his pet ensures its health.

Everything that you need to know has measures that you need to look at. Cases like this are normal but protection is necessary for your pets.


Prevention Of Fruit Fly Infestations

So, you’ve known the answer to your question: do guinea pigs cause fruit flies?

The thing is that you may observe that an overripe banana has tiny flies that love to roam around your fruit.

They can be annoying and gnats that are considered to be bad for one’s health. But there are ways to get rid of them.

Fruit flies can be seen in one’s trash can and kitchen in most parts of the United States. 

They can show up mostly in the summertime and early fall. They’re also attracted to ripe and decaying foods.

Bananas, melon, tomatoes, apples, and squash are examples of fruits and vegetables that fruit flies love to go to. 

prevention of fruit fly infestations

When a guinea pig tends to get bigger, it may produce a strong smell that can easily attract fruit flies to live and stay with them.

Although fruit flies are not that dangerous, it is important to keep your pet in a good state and in good condition.

Another fact that you should be aware of is that the fruits and vegetables that your pet eats are foods to which fruit flies are attracted.

They easily go to that place of food and stay for a week if you are not there to clean your guinea pig’s home from time to time.

These flies will also hatch their eggs there, which are called maggots, and with that, you may start to think about where these flies are from.

Your guinea pig is a little careless when it comes to its way of eating, but somehow it attracts fruit flies.

To be able to reduce fruit flies, always check your flash and even the bathroom that has been near to trashcan and wet area. 

Beware of these pests since they might damage your ears, skin wounds, and your eye part if you are unconscious.

Check your jar and always dispose of your used water bottles since bugs or flies will be attracted to them, and also to prevent growing mosquitoes.

Remember that apple cider vinegar and other types of vinegar will also be the reason why fruit flies will be attracted since they have a sweet odor.

It would be helpful if you have a fly trap for a fly strike since it will help to prevent infestation and to experience some symptoms because of fruit flies.

Because of unnecessary waste and irresponsibility, you cannot prevent circumstances of growing bacteria that could lead to diarrhea and symptoms.

If there are times and signs that your stuff and other beverages have been damaged, better to be cautious and take remedies as soon as possible.

Not only do you put your family and self at risk, but also your pet. So better take good advice and even comments to have a practical life.

But you can get rid of them by taking some tips and steps on how to prevent fruit fly infestations.


#1. Clean your garbage disposal

Cleaning one’s garbage is vital to perpetuate cleanliness and it can eliminate the possibility to grow some bacteria and flies.

Making sure that you have clean surroundings is your edge as an individual. Maggots hatch and start to roam around your house.

Even though they are bad for one’s health, they’re also disturbing to individuals’ way and sort of living.

When it comes to your kitchen, have some dish soap and make it a habit to wash your plates after use.

In cleaning and washing important places in your home, you can pour boiling water into the food storage that you have.

Female, male, and adult fruit flies will leave your drain after pouring on boiling water.


#2. Locate the place where fruitflies can breed

You must have to be meticulous when it comes to this part. You can check your counter, cabinets, drawers, and even under your appliances.

Your kitchen appliances are also a place where fruit flies will mostly stay and it may be an annoying reality that you can’t resist getting rid of.

Fruit flies can lay eggs, which are called maggots, on your cleaning mops and rags. Especially your used and opened cans.

They can transfer bacteria if you can’t identify, locate and check some of your counters.


#3. Use a bug spray

This is a great way to prevent the growth of fruit flies in your home. Bug spray is not that expensive to avail.

Using a bug spray will help to eliminate flies since the weather is also a reason that these pests grow.

Just remember that when using a bug spray, it includes poisonous chemicals that would affect one’s health if not cautioned properly.

Make sure to put the possible risk that it may have, put some labels, and read the guidelines properly. Keep away from children.


#4. Make some traps

Place the traps where you have seen fruit flies roaming around. We have wine, rotten, and dish soap traps.

This kind of idea is a good point that an individual will have to do and consider.

Make some traps

But the most used kind of trap is the rotten trap, which is vital for eliminating fruit flies by giving them sweet food to eat but immediately killing them.

Without traps, fruit flies, especially adult females, can lay thousands of eggs.

Maggots that become fruit flies can live 7-15 days but the disturbance they bring is wildly great.


#5. Buy foods that you can quickly consume

This tip is very practical to acquire. Just buy food that you can quickly consume to avoid staying in the food for hours.

Staying with your food a couple of hours after being consumed may tend to let the fruit flies live and grow.

You may also put your consumed food in a refrigerator to make it cool and away from fruit flies.

Cooling after eating may help to avoid the possible germs that a fruit fly may bring to your food since it may come to a dirty place.

Bacteria that a fruit fly may carry to your health if not cautious are salmonella, which leads to food poisoning.

It is also important that you wash your food first and wash the place where you have eaten.

Don’t forget to empty your garbage trash every day and clean up any spills that you create after eating.

Cleaning and being practical is a way of eliminating juices from foods to stay. 

You can also turn off the lights of your windows, doors, and walls to stop flies from coming inside your house.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know the answer, do guinea pigs cause fruit flies? May you learn something from this article that you can make as a guide in living?

Knowing some knowledge and facts about a topic is your great advantage and edge as an individual.

If you are a pet owner, this article is an edge for you to be aware and be enlightened on the possibilities and information that you should gain.

You cannot proceed in life if small matters and info don’t exist on your own.

Better to have some ideas to be enlightened on the things that matter.

Knowing what the factors are, why fruit flies may seem to grow easily and quickly know your guide of actions and steps to do.

Avoiding fruit flies is vital to have a life that is at peace and far from problems and issues, especially when it comes to your health.

May this article help you to be more open about the things that you have to learn? Just learn something with some guidance and instruction. 

Thank you for reading and getting this far. Thank you for the time that you spent reading this article. Have a great day ahead, my friend! 

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