Will Guinea Pigs Eat Each Other?

The question is: will guinea pigs eat each other? Despite eating fruits and vegetables, yes, they would have the possibility to eat each other.

Cannibalism can occur in guinea pigs especially if they have been in a stressful place or situation.

They tend to be aggressive in a cage with their other kind when circumstances will push them to do so.

will guinea pigs eat each other

Guinea pigs eating each other have been their prevention to become prey to other predators, especially mother cavies.

Despite pellets, fruits, and veggies, when starvation and depression hit these poor animals they become cannibals.

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Do Guinea Pigs Eat Each Other?

So, will guinea pigs eat each other? For the fact that guinea pig doesn’t overeat so it is vital to serve them the proper amount of pellets, fruits, and veggies they needed.

Species like them tend to have cannibalistic tendencies due to so many reasons but the main reason for it is due to hunger. 

Food is vital to them. Providing them water, bedding, toys, and their wheel for running and climbing have been their haven house, and shelter.

These animals may feel love if you take good care of them. It can also help them to prevent eating each other if you treated them well.

Another reason for their cannibalistic tendency has been a cause of stress. Stress comes from different reasons.

One reason for their stress especially for some female cavies has been called post-partum. Not only people can experience this but also them.

Because of that, they may tend to feel such emotions of losing their babies to other predators and with that, they consume their babies.

will guinea pigs eat each other

Having a pet like them may be a way of knowing them and having some information about the way they act and their behavior.

A little advice, if your female guinea pig has just newly delivered its baby, better to separate them in a different space.

Better to have an extra cage for both of them and just put them back when it’s time for heating and breastfeeding.

Better to serve the mother guinea pig a portion of food that has been rich in calcium and vitamin c.

Humans must be aware of situations that this may happen. We cannot dictate the action and feelings of other animals.

Instead, we have to be very careful and aware of the needs that our pets needed and provide them to them.

Always remember, to prevent circumstances that mother guinea pigs would encounter starvation and noise since it will affect them.

If mother guinea pigs would encounter such events, even the father guinea pig will be not an exception.

A young or adult guinea pig will be not an exception to cannibalism. Better to avoid stress, starvation, and other deep circumstances.


What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs eat foods that have a good scent, especially veggies, fruits, and many more. 

They love to eat foods that have been known to be rich in vitamin c and calcium.

A good amount of food helps them to become more active and have this cute interaction with people and with their kind.

They also have amazing exercise and diet a day to help them perpetuate their good state.

The following have been known foods that guinea pig loves to eat daily.


#1. Hay

Hay has been known as grassland hay that comes from Europe and that guinea pig loves to eat.

Hay is a dry grass that was preserved during the winter season and it is livestock for animals.

Guinea pigs love to eat this kind of food since it is also their bedding when there have been leftovers.

It gives heat to their body as well and they love to eat this since it has a different scent and taste.


#2. Fruits

Fruits have been known as their favorite food because of the sweet taste it gives.

Fruits contain vitamin c that has been helpful to the health of this animal and your pet of yours.

Not only vitamin c but also vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin E.

It helps them to become more active in perpetuating their body in a good state.

Citrus fruits, berries, and bananas have been known as fruits that are considered good fruits to be served to these animals.

They love to eat fruits since it has a sweet scent and for the fact that their skin and scent have been sweet and sugary also.

They have been known as animals that have been prone to sugary liquids and other sweet foods.



#3. Vegetables

Maybe you already saw a guinea pig eat a carrot, or maybe some lettuce and potatoes and tomato.

Well, an honest answer to be given to curious people is that guinea pigs love veggies also.

Vegetables have been known as resources of good foods that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, and potassium.

Eating vegetables for this kind of animal can prevent some diseases and bacteria.

It contains enzymes that help for faster food digestion and to help absorb good nutrients to the animal’s body.

It also has a fiber that has been known as vital in treating such wounds and diseases.

You would be considered a responsible owner and individual if you know this fact.


#4. Pellets

Pellets have been known as food that has been mixed with all of the nutrients and types of food.

There has been the existence of fruit, veggies, and hay in pellets since they have been known as commercial food that has been processed.

Eating pellets or serving pellets to animals give numerous benefits not only to their body but also to the ways how people prepare.

One benefit of this has been the reduction of food waste. When you serve the right amount of pellets, automatically your pet will surely finish it.

The fact that you give them only the right amount that would satisfy their needs and hunger in their stomach.

You will also prevent any food waste since it is a processed and a type of commercial food.

Another thing to remember, it has been the reason for an increase in nutrient intake in your pet’s body.

It also improves nutrient digestibility since it contains a protein and starch that have the existence of a good substance.



#5. Treats

Any animals love to have a taste of their treatment after good behavior and attitude.

Guinea pigs would also love to have a treat with a good mixture of fruit and other tasteful kinds of foods.

Treats have not always been sweet but they can be a food that has been rarely served to animals.

It may be sound expensive and it can be considered as an extra expense but the fact that you have a pet, better to provide them with that.

It gives extra nutrition to their body and it contains healthy supplements that can be helpful in your pet’s diet each day.

Treats can also be good when it comes to training to give a positive act in return for such a good performance and behavior.

Remember that guinea pigs have been known to take boredom easily, chewing a treat would help them to be busy and at ease.

Somehow eating a treat can relieve and lessen such destructive behavior and boredom in your pets.

Eating such a good treat can help to have healthy teeth with a time-to-time visit to the vet.

Food has been known as an important part of animals’ life that would help them busy to avoid such aggressive acts.

Knowing the fact that guinea pigs would tend to become cannibals to their kind, it is better to have ways to prevent it.

Treating them well by serving this kind of food and treatment would help them to become more at ease and less to destruction.

Guinea pigs have been known as cute animals unless they start to become crueler to their other kinds.

As an individual, it would also help that you read posts about the other reasons and prevention of cannibalism to pets and animals.

There have been known helpful articles and content that would help you to be more aware and kind on how you can handle lovely pets.

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It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know the answer, will guinea pigs eat each other? Reading an article would help you a lot in so many ways.

You already know that cannibalism can occur to animals when they feel stressed and depressed.

Another thing to consider has been known as starvation since it will empty their mind and take their mind space into aggressiveness.

Preventing your pets to encounter starvation would help them not to be cannibals on their other kinds.

It has been good that you serve them the right amount and good types of food to prevent those scenarios and instances.

Don’t hesitate to read other articles that would help you to broaden your mind when it comes to this kind of topic.

The aggressiveness of animals has been known as normal but there has been some prevention to do to avoid them.

Thank you for reading this article and for giving us your time. Your time and effort have been appreciated deeply. Have a great day ahead!

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