Does Guinea Pig Urine Stain? How To Clean It Up?

The question is: does guinea pig urine stain and how to clean it up? Their urine stains and it would be difficult to clean them but tips can help.

Guinea pigs have been known to pee in spots and they will stay there for a minute and that would be the way why the urine will saturate their fur.

does guinea pig urine stain

The urine of these animals will not dry fast and that will result in stains.

A guinea pig’s urine has a color of yellow but their urine color will have a possibility to change color from yellow to dark depending on their diet.

The food that a guinea pig eats affects its urine color. Once their urine color is dark, then it will leave a dark stain.

The more you read this article, the more you will learn. So let us not waste our time, but let us start to find out more information and details.


What Causes Urine Staining?

Does guinea pig urine stain? Urine is known as a normal water discharge of any animal, especially when they have eaten or drunk their water.

When your pet is in a cage, surely its discharge and urine are present there too, and as time passes by it’ll give an odor.

Urine staining occurs when the pet’s urine stays for hours and days without proper cleaning of the bedding and the pet’s area or spot.

Guinea pigs love to stay in their spot and staying in an area will let their waste get dry. Bathing and washing their things could prevent stains.

There have been a lot of reasons why urine seems to stain bedding. It may be on the food of your pet or it may be in its health state, and many more.

In addition, there may be a urinary tract infection in bedding or a cloth that you put in a guinea pig cage that explains the existence of the dirt.

You may be able to observe some fleece around the bedding since the odor of the pet’s urine has been smelly.

Even if you ask a pet store like PetSmart or another shop if it is online or not, they will say that urine contains bacteria that cause stains.

Bacteria can last long and may multiply if you do not go to clean the used bedding, carpet, fabric, or other clothing you use for your pet.

does guinea pig urine stain

You must have supplies such as cleaning materials to make it easy for you to address the stain problem.

This article would be beneficial for you in knowing all the possible reasons for what causes of urine stains.

Well, there have been known steps and tips on how to clean all of the urine stains and you should start having enough resources.

The important thing to have for cleaning is the existence of clean water, soap, and a dryer in your place or house.

Animals are known as different living things than people and they need to have different procedures.

Cleaning their used stuff is a way of preventing such infections and some status of the disease.

Their hair, skin, bottom parts of their body, bladder, and other important areas of their body must perpetuate cleanliness and that’s your job.

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What Types of Urine?

A strange smell from the urine of your pet animal can be alarming and you just need to figure out what’s the reason behind it.

Being cautious about your pet’s state is vital to help it become healthy and away from possible illness.

Infections can happen anytime nowadays since the climate changes from hot to cold and that has been the reason for the illness to this day.

Being able to know what is normal for your animals and understanding some issues and happenings have been considered important.

Prevention and awareness have been considered vital nowadays since every movement is an expense and money.

The health of your pet has been considered a blessing and a good saving, since all of the treatments have been expensive nowadays.

Reading this article thoroughly, you will be guided to understand what has been considered a normal type of urine from an abnormal one.

There have been the following types of urine that you should know and read about.


#1. Light yellow

This type of urine has been considered normal since it only indicates that there have been no health problems with it.

When your guinea pig urinates a color light yellow, the urine indicates that there is no reason to worry about it.

It can be a cloudy or milky one in physical appearance since guinea pigs remove excess calcium carbonate.

Not only calcium carbonate but also ammonium phosphate crystals in their urination have been considered the reason why it’s cloudy.

Light yellow


#2. Orange

When having exposure to air, do not be bothered by why your guinea pig’s urine has turned into an orange since it is normal.

Orange urine has been common to guinea pigs’ and you as a pet owner or shop owner, must not have to be problematic about it.

This type of urine is known as normal, especially for male guinea pigs due to their hemoglobin.

Their hemoglobin called porphyrins in the urine has helped young male cavy to be protected when it comes to their immune system and state.

An orange color of urine may be alarming when heard, but you should take note that it is still better to search first to be open and aware.


#3. Reddish or pinkish

Having a light pink or red type of urine is one of the reasons that you should not be worried when it comes to the color urine of your pet.

Reddish or pinkish urine comes from other colored foods that your guinea pigs eat every day.

Some of the food that would affect their urine color are foods like red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and many others.

Making sure that you provide for your pet’s basic needs has been important since their basic needs help them to be healthy.

But to be assured that there have been no problems with your guinea pig’s health, check from time to time their urine color for the next few days.


#4. White

Unlike the other type of urine, this one has been considered abnormal urination. 

Something has been considered wrong and just not right when your pet’s urine appears cloudy with a white grit when dry.

A cloudy and milky one that leaves a white powder would have been the sign that there has been a damaged bladder.

Gritty urine can be an indication of abnormal urination that a guinea pig’s bladder has been damaged and a sign of urinary tract infections.

Gritty urine can be an indication of inflammation and can cause bladder stones in your lovely pet.

When you observe that, it would be an indication that your pet’s diet contains a lot of calcium.

Being able to minimize your pet’s diet when it comes to calcium food consumption.

An altered consumption of different kinds of foods has been considered important to be cautious about uncertainties.



#5. Dark red

Being aware of internal bleeding in your pet or animal has been vital to protecting them from health issues.

When the urine appears to be dark red and dark brown when wet and dry, then you must be alarmed since there has been internal bleeding.

Kidney diseases, stones, and infections can be a cause of the bleeding and the color type of urine.

Being able to immediately bring your pet to its vet is vital since it may harm your animal’s life.

It would be difficult for your animal’s state since bleeding internally has been considered dangerous.

Wanting to be aware of your guinea pig’s condition, better to visit some site or search on the web and find links about that kind of health problem.

It will help you to be equipped and somehow give some remedies to reduce pain and give some pain removal to your pet pig.

Better to prepare some healthy foods like fruits and vegetables for your cavies.

To gain experience in taking good care of your pigs is considered a sign of your love for them.

Check this guinea pig pee chart for your reference!

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It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know the answer, does guinea pig urine stain, and how to clean it up? Hoping that you learn from reading this article.

Knowing that guinea pigs’ urine has been nontoxic and normal, but then there have been some varieties and types that can cause a stain.

The stain that their urine leaves may depend on the food and diet that they have, but in some instances, it’s because of their health condition.

When a cavy is healthy, the urine color depends on the food that they eat.

But when the cavy experience some bleeding, it may be caused by their health condition or state.

Being able to read more about them would give you an idea of how to handle them.

Cleaning their waste can be done by cleaning their cage, washing and changing their bedding, and giving them some clean towels.

Thank you for giving us the time wherein you make an effort to read this article. Have a great day ahead!

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