How Often Do Guinea Pigs Poop? Their Surprising Habits!

How often do guinea pigs poop? If you compare to other animals we have as pets, guinea pigs have an abundance of poops.

And they do this frequently throughout the entire day.

How often do guinea pigs poop

Here’s a surprising fact!

You can expect 100 droppings a day.

How often do guinea pigs poop

But of course, the amount of a guinea pig’s poop varies depending on several factors, such as the weight of the Guinea pig, age, exercise, and diet.

The same is true to the question as to how often do they poop.

Since the amount of food they eat varies through each guinea pig, poop will naturally differ.

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Poop?

How often do guinea pigs poop?

In comparison to most animals, you should expect that they poop a lot.

There is no regular pattern or a specific time for guinea pigs to poop.

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Poop

Unlike most animals, they would poop whenever they have the urge to do so throughout the day.

Other pets like cats and dogs, for example, have a specific time in handling this business, especially when they are trained.

But this isn’t the case with guinea pigs that tend to poop all day. This is a common trait to the majority of rodents.

Frequently, they would poop as they eat, sleep, when they are comfortable, or when they feel like doing it.

Most often than not, it is ultimately difficult to figure out how much or when will your cavy poop.

But this can easily be guessed if you look closely into their eating habits and lifestyle in general.

For instance, if your pet eats more than usual, it will most likely poop more often.

Meaning to say you will alter their popping habits if you adjust their eating schedule and diet.

Figuring Out The Pooping Habits Of Your Guinea Pigs

In figuring out the pooping habits of your guinea pigs, there are several factors that you should consider.

Firstly, you have to start from the basics.

Consider the number of guinea pigs living in one cage as well as each of their size. The living space do Guinea pigs need depends on their size. 

Figuring Out The Pooping Habits Of Your Guinea Pigs

You should also check whether or not your guinea pigs have stomach issues.

After you establish those factors above, you need to determine if your guinea pigs poop regularly or not, and in what quantity (Is it a lot?).

This is important for you to set an appropriate cleaning schedule.

Where Do Guinea Pigs Poop?

Most pets are commonly kept in a cage. That is why they often just poop in this setting. 

But if you do take your pet for a walk regularly, they might as well poop on the ground.

It’s not true to all, though; sometimes, it may depend on the time (when they are out).

Some cavies can poop comfortably anywhere and anytime they want. But others tend to be more specific.

For instance, they would want to visit a particular location where they usually do their business. You will notice that your pet goes to a certain area of the home and will just poop there.

In such a case, it is best to get a litter box for your pet and train them on how to use it.

There is an array of decent yet cheap litter boxes that you can get. You may opt for disposable or reusable ones.

Using a litter box won’t be a problem for some guinea pigs. You can just place this in the area where they usually poop.

Typically, they will just keep on doing their business in such areas. But now, it will be within the litter box that you have placed.

This is true with my pet. I deploy a disposable litter box in Ginger’s cage.

Training is not necessary for him since I have noticed that he usually poops in the cage’s farthest end. So I just positioned it there, and he continued pooping in that particular spot.

Even if your pet does not poop in a particular place regularly, you can train it on how to use a litter box.

If this does not work, do not worry since there are many easy ways to clear the poop away.

For instance, you can use a handheld vacuum.

With this, you can easily and quickly clean the poop. It also comes with useful accessories.

Aside from that, you can place fleece bedding into the cage. You can machine wash this regularly.

Is It Normal For Guinea Pigs To Poop A Lot?

Yes, it is absolutely normal for guinea pigs.

Although this varies among guinea pigs, you should recognize that cleaning is part of owning a pet. May it be on guinea pigs or any other pet.

Is It Normal For Guinea Pigs To Poop A Lot

Luckily, some things can help you get rid of the poop from the cage easily. You might as well train your guinea pigs to use a litter box for a cleaner and more hygienic cage.

Less poop can signify that there is something wrong with your guinea pig.

Since guinea pigs eat all throughout the day, they will naturally poop more than other animals.

Healthy guinea pigs do not just eat plenty of hay and leafy greens, but they will eat just anything you will provide them.

With that being said, large amounts of poop are a common trait among guinea pigs. But it is best to check some of the things, including the color and shape of the poop.

Much more, you also have to see whether it is smellier than usual. The normal poop of guinea pigs is oval-shaped and in a moderate brown color.

If this is not the case with your guinea pigs, then it could mean that they are experiencing digestive issues.

A lot of factors might have caused this. But for the most part, it is due to the improper diet.

For instance, your pet might have consumed too much fruit. This can also lead to dental problems and gastrointestinal problems.

The poop of guinea pigs can look abnormal.

For example, it is clumped, dry, bloody, or soft. In this case, you have to ensure that you include enough hay in their diet to meet their fiber requirement.

You should also reduce the number of sensitive foods and fruits in your diet. Apart from that, you have to ensure that your pet will drink more water. Also, regularly cleaning of the cage is necessary.


How often do guinea pigs poop? It is a common and natural trait among guinea pigs to poop a lot.

Aside from the fact that they poop frequently, guinea pigs also deposit in large amounts as they eat throughout the day

In case you have noticed some issue with your guinea pig’s poop, such as, for example, if they poop too much, too little, or abnormally, it would be best to visit the vet immediately.

I hope the information from this article will help you take better care of your guinea pig’s diet and cage hygiene. If you have any questions, you can comment below. 

Thank you for reading and keep on enjoying life with your lovely cavy!

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