Why Do Guinea Pigs Cry? | 4 Common Reasons Why!

Why do guinea pigs cry? If you already have heard your pet’s screams, then you probably know how distressing it can sound.

It is a weird kind of sound that is hard to explain, for sure, you know what I meant. But why are they making such kind of noise?

why do guinea pigs cry

Although guinea pigs don’t cry in tears, they make a crying sound when they are scared, hungry, or in pain.

Why do guinea pigs cry

Ultimately, the crying of guinea pigs means that they urgently need something.

Sometimes guinea pigs might also scream to get the attention of their owner. However, this does not mean that they are crying. That is why you need to pay closer attention to their behavior as they make certain sounds.

This way, it would be easier for you to understand what they are trying to say.

In my case, I always hear Ginger cry if I forgot to serve his food on time. (please read here how to make Guinea pig happy)

But I also remember him crying when the dog of our neighbor barks loudly. He is afraid of any sort of loud noises.


Common Reasons For Guinea Pigs Crying

Why do guinea pigs cry?

There could be several reasons as to why your guinea pigs would cry.

We will discuss the most common ones in this section.


#1. Hunger 

Guinea pigs might cry if there is a particular food that is missing in their diet. Or simply because they are hungry.

Guinea pigs need plenty of hay and about one cup of fresh vegetables each day.

Why do guinea pigs cry

And since guinea pigs are known to have a faster metabolism than other pets, you need to constantly supply them with ample amounts of hay and vegetables.

Notice that when you fail to provide them with an adequate diet, they might screech due to hunger or sometimes cry.

You can check their tummy to be sure. When they are screeching out with their belly caving in, then they are really hungry.

Aside from that, guinea pigs might also cry due to thirst. As such, checking their water bottle is as important as serving them food. (please read here how to clean Guinea pig water bottle)


#2. Health problems 

Some health problems might cause your guinea to look like they are crying tears. However, this might now be the case.

For instance, it may be having watery eyes caused by a bedding allergy. I suggest that you get bedding for your pet where they can be comfortable.

Also, notice if there are tear stains under their eyes as it can sign that they are injured or sick. In such a case, you need to monitor them. You also have to inspect for tears regularly. (please read here why is my Guinea pig shivering)

Besides that, you have to note the behavior is accompanying the tears; this can tell what is happening to them.

If you notice that they are regularly tearing, or if you suspect an illness, the best thing to do is to take them to the vet. They can better examine your pet as well as identify the issue.


#3. Stress or fear

Since guinea pigs are easy prey, they might cry to ask for help when they are afraid of something or stressed.


#4. Pain 

Just like us humans and any other animals, guinea pigs also tend to cry out loud due to pain.


How Do Guinea Pigs’ Cry Sounds?

Guinea pigs are considered vocal animals since they can create a variety of noises.

And often, it can be a bit hard to understand the meaning of each sound they make. But it will become easier if you will match it with the way they behave.

How Do Guinea Pigs' Cry Sounds

Even the crying sound alone is hard to determine.

Some say that they are crying when they grunt or whimper. But others would also consider their sharp pitch screech as a crying sound.

But it would be best for pet owners to watch the guinea’s behavior when it is grunting. That is to identify whether it is asking for help or just proving dominance over its cage mates.

If you suspect that they are about to fight, for sure, you would want to stop them and eventually eliminate this behavior.

If the cavy seems sick, anxious, or in some sort of pain, its cry might mean that it is calling for your help.

On the other hand, if two cavies have a faceoff, their crying sound means that they prove dominance to each other.

Either way, you need to give your pets the attention that they need.


Do Guinea Pigs Cry In Tears?

As mentioned earlier, guinea pigs don’t cry in tears, not unless they experience a medical condition that results in it.

Indeed, guinea pigs do have tear ducts that help them drain excess tears. This also keeps their eyes moist since they do not blink frequently.

Those ducts also produce white discharge or fluids that cavies use in grooming themselves.

But there is no evidence proving that guinea pigs produce tears when they are expressing loneliness or when they are crying.

If your guinea pigs’ eyes are bright and glossy, it only means that they are healthy. However, if their eyes are wet and the fur beneath them, then there might be an underlying health issue behind this. It is not because they are emotional.


Do Guinea Pigs Cry For Attention?

At times, guinea pigs might also cry to get your attention.(please read here how to entertain Guinea pig)

Usually, this happens when it is about time for you to serve them food. They might as well do this when they see you walking around their cage.

Do Guinea Pigs Cry For Attention

So when you hear them making some sort of wheeking sounds, then they might want you to serve them their favorite guinea pig treats or a cup of fresh vegetables.

After you give them what they need, they will immediately stop making noise.


Do Guinea Pigs Cry At Night?

Some pet owners are complaining that their cavies are being noisy at night.

This might be because there is something around them that frightens them, such as loud noises or even other pets you have at home.

As mentioned above, guinea pigs tend to cry out of fear. But it can also be due to hunger.



Why do guinea pigs cry? By now, you are aware already that there could be various reasons why guinea pigs cry.

Commonly, it is due to fear and hunger.

In order to prevent them from crying, you have to make sure to provide them with sufficient food. Also, ensure to get rid of all the elements that can stress them.

If you are concerned because your guinea pigs are crying over an extended period, you might need to investigate and identify the possible reason behind this.

If they seem to be suffering from a health issue, then the best thing to do is visit the vet immediately.

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