How To Entertain A Guinea Pig. 5 Exciting Ways!

Guinea pigs get bored easily. That’s when one wonders “how to entertain a guinea pig?” Toys and games can keep them occupied and engaged!

Without emptying a toy store, you can devise some DIY games and think of other means to make your cavy happy and away from boredom. This will be a good opportunity for you to bond and exercise with your beloved pet.

How to entertain a guinea pig

how to entertain a guinea pig

Having your furry friends comfortable is the joy of every pet parent. Not all pet owners are blessed with that. So be glad that your sweet little friends are really pleased with you.

In this article, I will teach you the right ways to keep your pet busy in its everyday life. Without any more delays, let us get right at it!

Signs That Guinea Pigs Are Bored

As a pet owner, you have to understand that there are several indicators for you to know that your piggy is bored.

Since these rodents are curious and playful by nature, they need constant time for entertainment.

Here are the following signs:

Signs That Guinea Pigs Are Bored

#1. Make sounds

The cutest part about guinea pigs is that they make the most adorable sounds every time.

I also have a pet cavy named Ginger, and I have realized that depending on her mood, she makes certain sounds that tell me that she is sad and bored.

Sometimes Ginger wants to play, she whines, growls, hiss, and even chatter. These noises are very easy to distinguish, so you surely need to have keen ears to erase your pet’s boredom.

#2. Guinea pigs show disinterest

If you have noticed that your cavy is not interested in the games or activities that it used to love, then you can immediately tell that it is bored.

This behavior should not exceed two days at maximum because if that happens, your beloved pet may have health issues.

If that happens, be sure to seek medical help from the veterinarian to rule out any severe issues to arise in the future.

Timely diagnosis of the problem and initiation of treatment increase the chances of recovery manifolds. 

Ways To Keep Guinea Pigs Entertained

Guinea pigs need to have constant affection and love from their owner to be normal and active every time. By this, your cavy can surely enhance its mental and physical state, making it a very healthy adult.

The following are the tips and steps that you can do on how to entertain a guinea pig:

Ways To Keep Guinea Pigs Entertained


#1. Make tunnels

In the cage of your pet, you can devise a plan and make tunnels for it to play throughout the day. Why is this a good idea?

Since guinea pigs are curious creatures, they would surely love to get into these tunnels and see that adventure awaits them.

It would help if you made the tunnel bigger than your guinea pig to avoid it from getting stuck inside.

If that happens, I am sure that your pet will get scared and won’t play again with your DIY tunnels.

#2. Tubes stuffed with hay

This next idea is a healthy way to make your cavies well-occupied.

A method of this kind is very economical, giving your guinea pig a chance to munch on the delicious and healthy hay as well.

Furthermore, your pet’s teeth can also be trimmed down from constant munching, which makes this idea a genuinely beneficial one.

As a plus, you can also tie a delicious treat on a rope and try to pull it off as your pet tries to get it.

It will also be delightful on your part because you get to have time to bond and play with your piggy.

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#3. Grass or hay chew balls

This next idea is a 100% natural toy that you can offer your cavy. These treats are super tasty for them, and as a plus, it helps make your pet’s teeth even.

The balls rolling in their cages as they play with them will surely make your cavy very happy.

It will satisfy your guinea pig and make a good chew toy at the same time.

#4. Hay bundles

As much as guinea pigs love to chew, they would also equally love to climb and explore hay bundles in their cage.

Since this is a kind of food that needs to be the most significant part of its diet, your cavy can also nibble it every time.

A low pile of these bundles can surely make your cavy very happy as it will move around sniffing and playing with these bundles.

#5. Maze or labyrinth

This method is quite hard to make and will need you to have enough space in your house.

If you wish to build this kind of playhouse for your cavy, you have to clear an area wherein you can freely move and assemble the tunnels and mazes that you want to make.

Tubes and boxes should be the main things in the maze, for I am sure that your cavy will love to get curious and run in and out of these items.

To encourage your pet to play until the end of the maze, treats can be added to every section of the labyrinth.

How Can You Tell If A Guinea Pig Is Happy?

You can sense if your guinea pig is happy if it always runs around freely and is full of energy.

Maybe it is because your pet ate good food and leaps in the air with much happiness. Taking good care of cavy is the best method to make it like you.

How Can You Tell If A Guinea Pig Is Happy

You could always immediately tell the difference because a sad cavy will be the weakest and most disinterested one.

You have to devise ways so that your guinea pig will be excited and happy every time you play with it.

Squeaks, whistles, and purring sounds are the main indicators of a happy cavy, so you must watch out for it.


Guinea pigs are good at entertaining themselves because they certainly know that they get bored much.

However, as a pet owner, you must also make an effort to aid the boredom and make your pet entertained. 

Toys and healthy chewing stuff can result in the better mental and physical health of your pet.

I hope that you now know the methods and ideas on how to entertain a guinea pig.

Be sure to follow these ideas to have a stronger bond with your beloved guinea pig.

Thank you very much for reading!

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