How To Catch A Guinea Pig In 2 Easy Steps

Are you curious about how to catch a guinea pig? There are many ways for you to do that, but the most familiar one is by luring these adorable cavies with food and their favorite treats.

With that being said, even the hard-to-find small cavy will come out if it smells its food.

How to catch a guinea pig

how to catch a guinea pig

If you desire to catch one, be sure to do thorough research, and reading blog posts of this kind is truly helpful.

There are situations where the guinea pig on the loose is already tamed and catching a tamed Guinea pig is very easy so you won’t have any problems catching it anyway.

In this article, we will teach you more tips and steps for you to catch a guinea pig on the loose.

Furthermore, you will also have better ideas on letting your cavy come to you without difficulty.

So without any further delays, let us delve right into it!

Different Steps In Catching Guinea Pigs

There are various steps in catching a guinea pig. Here are the following:

Step #1. Catching a cavy in the cage

Although you have your beloved pet in a small place already, there would still be a slight difficulty in picking a Guinea pig up. Why?

Because your cavy will first be scared of your hand trying to grab it.

Different Steps In Catching Guinea Pigs

The following are steps that you should make for you to catch a guinea pig that is inside its cage quickly. These tiny little creatures are very tricky.

The very first thing that you must do is to put food or treats, which will serve as a lure.

By doing that action, you can let your cavy go to you of its own will. This method is what I apply to my pet guinea pig named Ginger.

My technique is that I put lettuce.

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You can also try to place food in your hand and try calling your guinea pig.

If you do this in a few days, you can let your piggy observe and investigate the item in your hand is edible or not.

If you already have the trust of your pet, then I am sure that it’ll come to you eventually, and it is a very effective way of how to catch a guinea pig.

Next, if your guinea pig has no issues and is not scared of you, it is best if you hold your piggy from under the chest and rump.

It would help if you remembered that you should not grab, squeeze, or mishandle your piggy because it can cause your cavy to be scared.

Another alternative that you can make is to put a cloth first on your beloved pet before picking it up. By that, the fabric can help your cavy calm down and avoid fear whenever you hold it.

The cloth is a medium in which guinea pigs will feel safe and won’t mind that the owner is holding it.

Step #2. Luring guinea pigs with food

The most effective technique in catching a guinea pig is the use of food.

Yes, you have read it right.

As you know guinea pigs are smart but these rodents love to eat and munch, their favorite food is what will get their attention and come out from hiding.

If you want to immediately get a hold of your cavy that accidentally escaped from its habitat, you must first locate where it is hiding.

From that moment, you can then follow the next steps to catch it efficiently and without hassle.

Since your cavy has been your companion for a few weeks or months already, you surely know its favorite food.

Now for the technique, cut a little bit of that food and make sure that the scent has well-circulated in the area where the cavy is taking its cover.

If you see that your guinea is popping its head from where it is hiding, then it is time for you to put food into your palm and stay still.

By the time your cavy has seen and observed the food, it will then come to you. From that moment, you can have the chance to catch your guinea pig easily.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite When You Hold Them?

Guinea pigs are cute and adorable rodents that are also very docile. These creatures will try to bite you. 

If you expect that these bites are super hard bites, then you are wrong because they only do it gently. You will expect it to be painful; again, you are wrong because these cute bites won’t hurt.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite When You Hold Them

You have to keep in mind that these actions are only due to curiosity and not because of aggression.

Cavies are sweet but do not scare them because their primary reaction is to bite or run away from you, which will be hard for you to catch right away.

How To Train Guinea Pigs To Come To You?

Cavies are also intelligent and can be easily trained with the use of delicious food and treats.

The most basic trick is to let your cavy come to you when you call it, and you can achieve this if you have enough patience.

How To Train Guinea Pigs To Come To You

Do not shout at your pet if it does not get it right away because your piggy might hate the idea of being trained and won’t follow you anymore.

Your cavy can master this simple training if you do this regularly and, of course, with a treat ready at hand.

If you are successful in this one, you won’t have a hard time calling your cavy whenever it comes out of its cage accidentally.

Where Do Guinea Pigs Usually Hide?

Guinea pigs are being domesticated for ages but they still may run away if they find themselves in some unfamiliar place as it triggers their instinct. 

If your guinea pig has run away chances are he will be hiding in a corner or in any shelter he finds nearby when scared.

You probably should look for the reasons behind this behavior of your pet.


Pet rodents are relatively small, so you have to expect that you will have a hard time searching for them if you have a big house.

The best thing that you can do is put their favorite food in the central area of the house or to places where you think the cavy is most likely to hide.

Be sure to follow the steps that I have advised you to do because those are the most efficient ideas and tips that you can have.

Do not be very desperate enough and try to run after your guinea pig because it will only hate you and be most scared of being chased.

Since guinea pigs are intelligent and very tricky furry pets, make sure that you understand their behavior to become the best pet parent.

I hope that you have learned a lot in this article about how to catch a guinea pig, and thank you very much for sparing the time in reading.

Good luck!

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