How To Cut An Aggressive Rabbits Nails? 4 Quick Steps!

Are you wondering how to cut an aggressive rabbits nails? You will find out how as you read along. Don’t worry, though. The steps are very simple to execute.

Regular cutting of your rabbit’s nails/claws is a significant way of keeping them clean and healthy.

how to cut an aggressive rabbits nails

how to cut an aggressive rabbits nails

Cutting your bunny’s nails could prevent tearing off because of the impact of their sudden hop movements.

Leaving it long and unclean can lead to some health problems and pain for your bunny.

But once a rabbit becomes aggressive while you cut its nails, maybe you need to take several ways on how to cut them.

Several Ways To Cut An Aggressive Rabbit’s Nails

Here are the ways on how to cut an aggressive rabbits nails:

Step #1. Prepare your supplies

Your rabbit may be nervous and aggressive during the trimming process, so you better get your supplies together ahead of time.

Several Ways To Cut An Aggressive Rabbit's Nails

Recommended types of equipment are clean nail clippers for rabbits, some blood stopping powder; if you accidentally cut the wrong region of their nails, you can buy it online or at pet stores.

You can also use some alternatives like use cornstarch or flour.

And a clean towel to help you hold your rabbit while you clip.

Step #2. Calm you bunny

Rabbits are being preyed on by other big animals in the wild, so your cute bunny may be startled easily.

Speak to it in a very calm and low voice to make it at ease. This will help you with the cutting process.

I have a bunny, Thumper; he is the very sweetest bunny in the world until I cut his nails. I try to calm him down before I undergo the process.

The calming method would be the very best advice for you! Like what I did to my bunny.

Step #3. Wrap the rabbit with a towel

For too nervous and aggressive rabbits, gently wrap your rabbit with a towel.

Go as slowly as you can; you have to make sure that your rabbit can’t get any anxious in the process.

This technique will help the rabbit not to kick and squirm too much. But don’t wrap your bunny tightly; they don’t like being restrained.


Step #4. Place the rabbit on your lap

If you want your rabbit to be seated on your lap while you cut its nails, better make sure that it can feel its feet in your lap. learn here how to clean rabbit feet

If not, your rabbit will get nervous, and this will make the clipping process more stressful for you and your rabbit.

Cutting Process

Take note of the following when you’re cutting their nails.

  • Do not cut the quick|

The pinkish region of rabbit nails is called quick. It has veins that will excessively bleed if you cut it accidentally.

Make sure to locate it first before you begin to cut your rabbit’s nails.

Cutting Process

The quick is visible to the naked eye if your rabbit has a clean and clear claw; if not, you can shine it underneath with a flashlight to make the quick more visible.


  • Cut the tip

This is a very safe procedure. Better to cut only the tip of your rabbit’s nail to make sure that you will not cut the quick; it is very painful for your bunny.

Cut each nail one by one with precision.

You may ask a little help of a friend if your rabbit is incredibly nervous. It is much easier if you have an extra hand to do the job.

One person clips the nails while the other one holds and soothes the rabbit.


  • Gently hold the rabbit

Try to hold your rabbit in a very nice way. Rabbits don’t like being controlled; they are more like being aggressive if you do it.

Better to keep it seated and pull it slightly against your stomach.

If your rabbit kicks too much, take a break from the process, try to regain back its calmness, and try again later. Don’t force your rabbit too much.

Precautionary Measures To Take

Here are the precautionary measures when you cut your pet’s nails

  • Treat the bleed right away

If you accidentally cut your pet’s nail, it would definitely begin to bleed.

Take note of this:

Rabbits are prone to some involuntary movements that can cause you to cut their nails unintentionally.

Precautionary Measures To Take

You will need a blood stopping powder and apply it to the affected nail to stop it from bleeding. Don’t panic.

The cut probably hurt your bunny, but blood-stopping powder/ styptic powder has a numbing agent that will make it to relieve the pain.

If the bleeding doesn’t stop immediately, call the veterinarian right away.


  • Let your veterinarian cut it

If your bunny won’t cooperate or you are being nervous about cutting it, let your vet cut its nails. Don’t risk injuring your bunny.

Not all rabbits are calm enough and allow you to trim their nails. It is better to let your vet cut it for safety precautions.


  • Place your rabbit on a safe surface

Avoid placing your rabbit on a slippery surface; the best to place it on your lap.

Placing the bunny on a slippery surface could cause the rabbit to injure itself during the process.

Tip: Use a towel for a better grip.


  • Recheck all of the nails

Once you are done with the cutting process, recheck that all nails are correctly and neatly cut.

If bleeding, make sure that they are not bleeding before letting your bunny go. Also, you need to give them some bunny treats! They deserve that.

How Often Should I Cut Their Nails?

Approximately 3-4 weeks or once every one or two months.

If you go too long without trimming your bunny’s nail would make it harder for you.

Also, your pet may have visible mobility issues, like the manner of walking that can be affected by their long nails.

For wild rabbits who don’t have an owner to cut their nails regularly, they have unlimited space of habitat to run around to dig and jump, helping them trim their nails naturally. please read here how high can rabbit jump

Can I Use My Nail Clippers Too?

Using a human nail clipper is not advisable; it was designed to cut flat and thin nails. Bunny’s nails are round and thick.

Use an appropriate nail cutter that provides a sharp, rounded edge. You can go to a pet shop or order it online.


Cutting and trimming your rabbit’s nails is not that easy. In fact, most of the rabbit owners are scared of doing this process.

Since keeping them neat and healthy is essential, you should do it, and I know you can do it!

Following these useful tricks and tips will help you with your relationship with your bunny. This way will allow your bunny to get used to cutting and having these paws and nails.

Don’t forget to give them some treats while trimming and cutting their nails.

If you also have fears about trimming your rabbit’s nails, it is recommended that you seek advice from your veterinarian before cutting.

I hope this article helps you with how to cut an aggressive rabbits nails.

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