How To Clean Rabbits Feet? 7 Easy Steps To Do That!

Are you wondering how to clean rabbits feet?

One of the most favorite pets except cats and dog are rabbits. They’re very energetic, fuzzy, friendly animals that make them genuinely lovable.

how to clean rabbits feet

This signifies that rabbits need regular attention and treatment. And take note that a rabbit is not a low-cost pet for grooming. What does that mean?

How Smart Are Rabbits?

It is not for someone who can’t spare his time; bunnies need to be treated with care. If you answer the question, “will you be able to commit to caring for rabbits?” in the affirmative, then you’re ready!

This article will guide and help you on how to clean the rabbit’s feet and understand their behavior.


Easy Tips On How To Clean The Rabbit’s Feet

Bunnies can also be very clumsy and get muddy as energetic being they are.

However, your pets can clean themselves or with the aid of other rabbits.

By keeping their habitable location clean, it is better to avoid it.

Easy Tips On How To Clean The Rabbit's Feet

If the rabbit gets muddy and grooming can’t clean your rabbit, you will need to bathe them. please read here can rabbit swim

Have a pair of clothes wetted in warm water, and then keep the rabbit still on your lap.

Holding a towel on your lap for the bunny to lie on might be advisable so that your clothes do not get wet! read more here why do rabbit dig it your clothes

Gently brush off the soil, and then pat your pet’s feet ’til they dry; use a kitchen towel.

Sounds easy, right?

But there are a few things you should consider on how to clean rabbits feet.


Step #1. Place and hold your rabbit on your lap

Rabbits don’t want to be carried, so please lay it on your lap with its belly up.

Make it feel relaxed, don’t let the bunny struggle because with one unexpected stimulus or get shocked, your rabbit could harm itself in the process.

Easy Tips On How To Clean The Rabbit's Feet

By stroking your rabbit, soothe it until he gets much calmer until they decide to wash their paws.


Step #2. For light dirt, wipe your rabbit feet

Prepare a few soaked clothes that have been dampened in lukewarm water. Hold your rabbit still in your lap.

Carefully remove the mud clean and make sure to keep your pet’s feet dry with a clean kitchen towel.

It would be best if you use a towel and place it on your lap.

Why do you need that? Your clothing won’t get wet and dirty even when your pet lies down on you.


Step #3. Try this for heavy dirt

If your rabbit has thick sticky ground between its paws, you might want to try this method if the first solution didn’t immensely help.

On a ratio of 50:50, fill the water spray bottle with water and vinegar.

To dampen the area to be washed, spray and then rub cornstarch into the area until it is a toothpaste tick.

Easy Tips On How To Clean The Rabbit's Feet

Please enable it to dry, then brush it out. You may have to do the procedure a few times for stubborn stains.

Hopefully, the rabbit’s paws would be a lot cleaner.


Step #4. Clean your rabbits’ area

You will allow your rabbit feet to be filtered often by regularly cleaning its habitable zone, mainly when you let your rabbit live outdoors.

Don’t let the rabbit’s habitable area get wet because of its pee or riddle from its feces. A daily vacuum would be the best. learn more here why does my rabbit pee on me

You can reduce the humidity of your pet by potty training. Still, even if your pet has been potty trained.

Rabbit feces will probably stay spread around the habitable environment.

So brush it up regularly to prevent your rabbit from stomping it. lern more here why do rabbit stomp

And due to energetic rabbit behavior, it will become hardened in their footpad.


Step #5. Trim the rabbits’ nails

You will also need to cut your rabbit nails when it is already covering its paws. It could also prevent your bunny from scraping stuff or dirt, which may cause its feet to get dirty again.Please read here how many toes do rabbit have

The nail will never stop growing and will continue to scrape and dig into obstructing the nail’s growth.

For you to make your rabbit nail-less secure, it’ll be on you to trim it.

I always cut my pet rabbit Thumper; I also learned this skill from my uncle. I enjoy petting my favorite pet.

We have fun together. But I also get some prescription from our veterinarian for this kind of stuff. Thumper is smart and gives happiness to us.

When you plan to cut your rabbit’s nails on your own, be careful not to cut past the nails’ pinkish region.

The blood vessel flowing through the center of each pin is contained in the pinkish section. It will be excruciating for your pet to trim the pinkish region and cause bleeding.


Step #6. Make indoor and outdoor habitable areas

One way to keep the feet of your rabbit clean is when cleaning the rabbit field.

Not only will you protect your thing and your rabbit from harming your belongings.

Checking your rabbit’s habitable area is necessary for you to maintain your rabbit’s feet’ neatness, and even if their feet get dirty, at least you know.


Step #7. Don’t cut the feet pad of the rabbit

Others may suggest a straightforward way to remove the dirt and stain by cutting a few of its footpads, especially the rabbit hindquarter feet. Please don’t do it!

I tried to trim Thumper’s footpad once. A few minutes later, he begins to jump and kick his feet several times like something is wrong.

So I decided to go to the veterinarian, and then I discovered that the rabbit’s footpad is very important to them.

Do you know that a rabbit’s footpad is the thickest fur in its body?

It lumps together to protect your lovely pet from many elements due to its expressive behavior. This pad is effective in absorbing liquid easily and producing dirt with it.

If you cut your rabbit’s footpad, they would be very annoyed. Naturally, rabbits like to stomp hard because they feel anxious, and something is bothering them.



You also realized that it wasn’t so hard to brush the rabbit’s feet at all.

If you don’t know how to cut your little rabbits’ nails skillfully and worry that you could hurt your rabbit.

Better ask your veterinarian to trim it for you and demand them to show you how to cut the pin.

This process made your bunny look sweet and tidy. But try not to bathe them before getting them clean.

By default, they have a fever and cold issues; this is the reason why they go under some cover in the wild when it’s raining.

Rabbits are excellent at concealing their diseases. Their nutrition is not one of concern to rabbits.

But when their feet get dirty and yellowish, those feet are toxic, and that’s not what they deserve.

As the owner of the pet, you should be responsible for washing their paws.

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to clean rabbits feet.

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