Can Rabbits Swim? 5 Exciting Facts To Remember

Can rabbits swim, and do they enjoy being in the water? The answer to the first question is yes; rabbits can swim. If you have thought that rabbits only hop and jump all day, then you are wrong because rabbits can swim too. 

But if you ask whether they like being in the water, that is where things start to become complicated. Not all animals that know how to swim really want to do it. For example, cats can swim, but they never want to be in the water. It is pretty much alike with rabbits. 

Can rabbits swim

Can rabbits swim

Most house rabbits, if not all, prefer to stay dry. I can attest that it’s true; my pet, Thumper, is quite afraid of water.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Just remember that you should not force your little bunny to get into the water if they do not want to (Sometimes, they look cute when they’re scared but, you should not do that!).

In this brief guide, we will touch on the cautions and recommendations in terms of swimming bunnies. At the end of this article, you will know whether swimming is fun or flop for your lovely friend. 

Do Rabbits Like Swimming?

There are a lot of fun videos where you can see rabbits swimming. But actually, most rabbits cannot tolerate being in the water. This can shock them; this can even be deadly.

Try to look at it this way:

Rabbits spend most of their lives in dry bedding, where they have been protected against snow and rain. So submerging in the water is a foreign feeling for them.  

Can Rabbits Swim Safely In Swimming Pool?

Although rabbits can swim, it can be dangerous in some cases.

If you put them in a swimming pool, their undercoat will soak up too much water, just like a sponge. As the undercoat absorbs the water, it would be heavier and heavier for them, making it hard and exhausting for rabbits to swim.

Even so, they will still find all means to survive.

Can Rabbits Swim Safely In Swimming Pool?

Despite being in a panic state, rabbits can overcome the water by clawing, scratching, and biting towards safety. 

Although they won’t drown, there are still other risks to know. There is a high tendency of water getting into their ears and, worse, into their lungs. Also, once they become wet, they don’t dry off quickly. Even if they are out of the water long enough already, they would still feel cold.

Aside from that, swimming pools have chemicals that can sting the delicate eyes of rabbits. These chemicals can cause asthma and sinus problems. Would you risk the fun of swimming with your bunnies, given the fact that rabbit medication is very costly when those problems arise? Probably not. 

So the question should not be whether or not rabbits can swim; it should instead be “can rabbits swim safely?”

Can Rabbits Swim In The Sea?

Whether we are talking about an ocean, lake, creek, river, or any other bodies of water, bunnies are capable of swimming in any of them. However, all kinds of water bodies contain different elements that are foreign to the environment of rabbits.

Out of all the water bodies, the sea has the most diversity in it and it has the harshest conditions to swim for rabbits.  

Here’s what you should expect, though. You will be exposing your rabbit to various sea creatures such as snakes, crabs, fishes, among others. Rabbits cannot protect themselves against those creatures.

Can Rabbits Swim In The Sea?

But when I say elements, I did not only mean those that are visible to the eyes. Some elements cannot be seen, just like water-borne and microscopic parasites. These can easily get into their nose, mouth, eyes, or ears. In some cases, these can also be trapped on their skin and fur. 

I tell you- it’s quite scary. My friend was not cautious about this at first. Since his house is near the lake, his pet wandered near it. A snake almost bit his pet—good thing my friend saved his pet (I just don’t know what he did).

Can You Take Your Bunny To Swim With You?

Rabbits can swim but, you should not force them to get in the water if they do not want to. Forcing them to be in an environment that is foreign to them is harsh, and at the same time, it could cause some injury.

Your bunny can hurt itself, or even you, as it lashes out of water in panic. Getting wet is not normal for rabbits.

Can You Take Your Bunny To Swim With You?

And what if your bunny swims towards the deep end of the lake or pool? Would you be able to get it out of the water? You have to be sure that you can. Because if not, it can be stressful for you as much as how stressful it is for your pet. Bunnies that are overstressed can lead to a shock or even to death. You can read some other reasons that be deadly for your rabbit in this article why do baby rabbit die suddenly

In any case, if you still want to try letting your rabbit swim, make sure that you will not leave it unattended no matter what. Always keep your precious bunny at your arm’s reach. 

What To Do If Your Bunny Got Wet?

If you really have taken your rabbits to swim or if they somehow got wet accidentally, there are several things that you should do to make sure that they would be safe and healthy.

Wherever your rabbits swim, remember to rinse their fur with clear water once you get them out of water. After you have thoroughly rinsed your pets, you should also dry them completely. 

This step can be very time-consuming though you really need to get rid of all the moisture trapped in their fur. As mentioned above, wetting the skin of your bunnies shouldn’t be compromised. Failure to dry their skin thoroughly may lead to an unpleasant outcome.

In drying off their skin, you can use a dryer but just at a low speed and also on low heat. You can also use a towel to dry your little pet completely. 

I want to emphasize that:

If you lack time to take care of your bunny after it has been wet, you shouldn’t have taken him into the water in the first place. Taking your pet with you to swim means you’re ready to pamper her after. 


Can rabbits swim? Yes, rabbits can ultimately swim. However, it might not be safe for them. As such, this activity is not recommended for bunnies to do.

Rabbits can only swim when their survival instinct has been triggered. In other words, rabbits only swim to survive. But not all rabbits are afraid of water. If your rabbit enjoys swimming, this can be a good activity that can bring about many health benefits to them. But if they don’t, you should never force them to. 

So if you want your bunnies to do something fun or if you want them to do some exercise, you better take them for a walk. You can also set up a leash training or play ring. Those can be equally fun but far less dangerous for your furry friend. 

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