How To Pick Up A Guinea Pig That Runs Away? 7 Easy Steps!

It is common for our pet guinea pigs to run away while we are playing with them. How to pick up a guinea pig that runs away? There are some easy ways for us to pick up a guinea pig that runs away.

We need to find a way to catch our pet that runs away so it doesn’t go far away or hurt itself. 

How to pick up a guinea pig that runs away

All we need to do is to ensure that we can bring back our pet that runs away. Guinea pigs also want to roam around our surrounding’s that’s why we need to be careful with them.

In this article, we will guide you with some easy ways how to pick up a guinea pig that runs away. We will elaborate properly so you can pick your pet up without hurting it.

So here we go, I hope it can be helpful!

How to Pick Up A Guinea Pig That Runs Away? 7 Steps 

Our pet guinea pigs are small lovely animals, we need to handle them gently and carefully.

how to pick up a guinea pig that runs away

These are some ways how to pick our lovely cavies up:

Step #1. Calmly go to your guinea pig

Your runaway guinea pig is going to roam around and it is going to be hard to catch. Keep in mind that animals tend to feel the anxiety of humans.

To approach a guinea pig that runs away, all we need to do is stay calm and confident as we approach it.

If you are confident that you’re already calm, you can gently approach your guinea pig, so it won’t be startled when you try to pick it up. 

Step #2. Lift your right arm towards the front end of your guinea pigs

You’ve already got to pick up your cavy at this moment.

We have two possible ways to place our hands on the body of our beloved cavy to pick it up without frightening it and in a comfortable way.

So we will provide these two possible methods that we mostly use:

First method

Raise your right hand on the top of your guinea pig and throughout your elbow for the enjoyment of your pet. Put your ring finger just behind the hands and feet of your guinea pig to continue support.

First method

And then only gently put your right fingers in front and behind the front leg of your guinea pig and be careful so they don’t feel awkward as you do so.

Just use your pointing finger or your middle finger to hold your guinea pig’s front leg.

You’re supposed to be delicate in holding your furry friend.  

Second method

Place your right hand under the chest of your guinea pig between his front legs, just keep in mind you don’t make any offensive motions to ensure you don’t threaten your pet. 

Put your index finger in front of the left front leg of your guinea pig and the rest of your fingers behind his front leg, so you can make your pet relaxed and stop frightening your pet.

Step #3. Don’t squeeze your hand when you’re holding them

As you deal with your favourite guinea pig that runs away, placing your fingers should be gentle and firm to make them feel comfortable while you’re holding your guinea pig.

Just to make sure you don’t squeeze them, it may cause harm to your pet. Squeezing your guinea pig may cause them to squirm, so you need to be more careful.

In times you probably squeeze them just keep in mind that it will eventually injure your guinea pig, so as avoid those activities with your pet. You should learn how to hold a Guinea pig properly.  

Step #4. Place your hand under your guinea pig’s legs

If you have already gripped your right hand around the front of your guinea pig, immediately put your fingers behind his bum.

This is to make sure that the behind of your guinea pig is fully supported with your left hand.

This is to ensure the safety of your guinea pig while holding to avoid them from getting an injury and make them comfortable as you hold.

Step #5. Lift your guinea pig horizontally

At this moment, you’re going to try to lift your guinea pig with your dominant wrist up so that your guinea pig’s legs are off the ground.

This time you probably ensure that you’ve already caught your runaway pets and you are ready to turn them back from the cage you provided.

Lift your guinea pig horizontally

But you should make sure your guinea pigs’ back legs are not dangling, which will hurt them or damage their back. Never allow their legs to be dangled by each other inside their cages.

Step #6. Keep your pet close to your chest

Once you’ve known how to pick up a guinea pig that continues to run out of the floor carefully, just keep your pet close to the body and chest by shifting your hands around. This is going to make them comfy as you carry them.

Smooch your guinea pig toward your body while it’s out of the floor and you’re starting to move around.

Our guinea pigs are probably feeling relaxed and secure when you carry them off the floor.

Ginger, my guinea pig, likes to run and play with me every time. And when it is nap time, he squeezes himself in like he’s saying “cuddle me” and I think that’s adorable.

Step #7. Putting back your guinea pig in the cage

It’s probably hard to catch your beloved pet that runs away, so it might cause you a lot of trouble but this will be paid off when you have it in your hands.

Just place gently your guinea pig in the cage you provided, and let it slowly go around the cage. 

Putting back your guinea pig in the cage

It may sound irrelevant in the middle of this article but you can learn how to make a Guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf by reading this article. This is a fun activity for you and your pet is also going to love it. 

It will take a while to make them comfortable but if your pets are still uncomfortable back in the cage, just give them some of their favorite foods you gave them mostly. They will probably enjoy themselves and be comfortable afterwards.

Final Words

We don’t want our guinea pigs to run away, but in some cases, they do so. It’s important to know how to pick up a guinea pig that runs away to ensure its safety. 

This little creature is a little bit afraid of humans; this may initially be understandable, but they’ll need to get used to us to have fun cuddling with them.

Having a guinea pig is fun, so enjoy having them.

I hope this article will be helpful to you in handling your pet. This article includes some steps that I use for the safe handling of my own pet. I am sure you can benefit from my experience. 

Thank you so much for reading!

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