How To Hold A Guinea Pig? In Just 11 Easy Ways!

How to hold a guinea pig? It is not as simple as you think. Having your guinea pig takes as much caution as you will need.

Having these cute little pets, you would want to hold them also.

How to hold a guinea pig

They’re small, adorable, and has various personalities, and a guinea pig is a beautiful pet to have.

How to hold a guinea pig

Whether you are a new pet owner or not. Guinea pigs are merely adorable.

When it comes to handling your guinea pigs, just holding them isn’t enough. Keeping them properly is the right thing to do.

Some pets may enjoy being carried, but this kind of thing is not natural for guinea pigs. So in holding them for the first time, make them want it so that anxiety won’t build on them. (please read here how to pick a Guinea pig that runs away)


Ways On Holding A Guinea Pig

How to hold a guinea pig?

Holding a guinea pig isn’t that simple, but it’s not that hard to do nor complicated too.

There are just a few simple things you’ll need to remember when holding your precious pet.

Ways On Holding A Guinea Pig

That is why it is crucial to know what you should do before, during, and after handling your precious pets.

Lucky for you, as we have the things you should do to hold your guinea pig properly.


Before holding your guinea pig

If you are a newbie in raising a guinea pig, you are probably excited to hold him. But be cautious, as handling a new guinea pig needs extra time.


Step #1. Give some space

When having a new guinea pig, as much as you want to hold them right away, fight the urges. You have to give them some space for a day or two.

Before holding your guinea pig

Try covering your guinea pig’s cage with a light cloth that’s enough for light to pass through. This way, your guinea pig will feel safe and secure with their new home. please read here how to make a Guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf


Step #2. Introduce yourself

An introduction is a must. You have to introduce yourself to your pet, also introduce Guinea pig. Nobody wants to be held by some stranger.

It is also best not to get your guinea pig out of their cages right away.

Give them a few days to get to know you better. Establish a good relationship with your pet first.


Step #3. Be calm

Animals have high senses. They can also sense your fear and anxiety.

Yes, you are a little nervous or excited to hold your guinea pig but try your best to be calm.

Make sure that you are collected and calm before you try to have your guinea pig.

When you are approaching the cage, do it slowly. Do not rush towards the cell and open it hastily.

Let your guinea pig smell you first before opening the enclosure. This way, they will not stir and panic. Panicking guinea pigs tend to bite.


Holding your guinea pig

I’m as excited as you are when I first held my guinea pig. But trust me, you have to do it properly, and here are some ways to control your guinea pig.

Holding your guinea pig

Step #4. Slipping one hand

When trying to hold your guinea pig using one hand, slide it under their belly, then start lifting them.

Your fingers should be placed in front of your guinea pig’s legs for support. That way, you can keep them in your hands safely.


Step #5. Two hands

Indeed with two hands, your furry pet will feel more secured.

Think about this!

Holding them with one hand may let them feel like they would likely to fall out. You can grab them with both hands to secure a safe hold. Your second hand will serve as support on your guinea pig’s back.


Step #6. Firm yet gentle

When handling your guinea pig, it doesn’t have to be sloppy.

Your hold must have a solid grip; otherwise, they may jump from your hands.

Relax and make sure not to squeeze them too hard, it will not only hurt your guinea pig, but you may also hurt yourself.

Consider this a warning. Animals tend to fight back or defend themselves against dangers.

Squeezing them might pose a threat to them and will cause them to turn on their animal instinct and bite you.

Be mindful of your force and make sure to hold them gently.


Step #7. Chest hold

Just like babies, you’ll need to handle your pet with care.

Sometimes you can also place them on your chest while holding them. This way, you can establish with your guinea pig a more vital trust in you.

When placing a guinea pig on your chest, place a towel first. Hold them against your chest, and their feet should be towards your body. It will make them feel safer and secure.


Step #8. Talk

It’s not a staring competition so you should talk with your pet. It is a given that they can’t answer you back, but animals are quite good at reading emotions even though they can’t understand what you were saying.

But you also have to be mindful of what your guinea pig is trying to tell you.


Returning your guinea pig into their cage

Guinea pigs have various body language and behaviors that you should observe. Here area few simple things you should remember when putting your guinea pig back in their cage.


Step #9. Wiggling

Avoid putting your guinea pig when they wiggle. They might be struggling or having anxiety but try to hold them firmly.

Placing them in their cage as soon as they wiggle could make them think that all they have to do is wiggle to get back to their cell.

Just hold them until they get calm.


Step #10. Returning to their cages

I know- you could relate to how your cute little pet jump right out of your hand when you go near its cage.

Just remember not to allow them to do that.

Use both hands to maintain a firm hold. And place your pet back in its cage carefully.

Wait till they stop struggling before releasing them. That way, they’ll learn that they don’t need to squirm while holding them.


Step #11. Make it a habit

After all the experience in handling your guinea pigs, they may struggle, nip, urinate on you, and you shouldn’t give up.

The key to establishing trust with your pet is the perseverance that you show them. Play and have time for them. (please read here what do Guinea pigs like to play with)

Holding your guinea pig or getting them out of their cage should be a habit.

Let them out regularly so that they’ll get used to the attention you give them. They will slowly get accustomed to their environment as well as enjoy their cuddling time with you.



Your guinea pig has delicate bones, so handling them correctly should be observed.

Mishandling could lead to their injuries or can even make you injured too. Accidents in misuse make your guinea pig feel nervous when handled.

It would be best if you learned how to hold a guinea pig the right way. Because you need to get used to handling them properly to make them feel safe and secure.

Consider holding your pet as an essential thing an owner should know. This will help the bonding experience for your guinea pigs a memory that they will forever treasure.

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