How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf? 7 Ways!

If there’s a lot of old stuff in your house that you want to get rid of, like your old bookshelf, you should learn how to make a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf. This will give your cavies a beautiful house and enable you to use your old, useless stuff.  

There is nothing wrong with the cages from the pet stores but some of those stores sell too expensive guinea pig cages, and they are sometimes not even suitable for your pet.

how to make a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf

A personally made cage is more reliable and assured knowing that you designed and also saved money.

This article would serve as a guide for you on how to make your cavies a cage out of a bookshelf.

But before that, there are several things that you need to prepare to make one; a bookshelf, a guinea pig liner (pond liner), a wood board, a hammer, and other tools for building.

Let’s get started!


7 Steps To Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out of a Bookshelf

If you are wondering how to make a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf, don’t worry. We are here to help. 

how to make a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf

Below are 7 easy steps that will help you build one:


Step #1. Setting the bookshelf

Put the bookshelf on the ground and set the open part facing up.


Step #2. Taking the shelves out

Now take all the shelves out using a hammer; this is s demolition step, so this requires some tool depending on how many shelves your bookshelf has. 


Step #3. Removing excess nails

Remove all excess nails that support the shelves and other metal that could harm your pet.


Step #4. Getting the board

Get the large wooden board that has the same dimension as the shelf, for it is easier for you to slide it inside the cage and cover the bottom.


Step #5. Covering the board

Cover the large board with the pond liner; allow enough allowance to cover the whole board. It should have 2-3 inches extra for all the sides.


Step #6. Tucking the extra line

Tuck the extra line; make sure you get the wrinkles out of it.

Then carefully flip it over the board and use some staples to secure the pond liner from all sides. If there is any excess liner, cut it.


Step #7. Placing the board in the cage

Now, place the large wooden board with pond liner coverings inside the cage.

There you have it! A friendly and cozy guinea pig cage. I recommend putting timothy hay for extra beddings, and this also helps with your cavy’s diet.


Advantages Of A Bookshelf Cage

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for this kind of cage:

Advantages Of A Bookshelf Cage

Saves money

Your old stuff to be recycled is an excellent thing to do to save up some money, and also it is very eco-friendly!


Easy to build

Aside from it being eco-friendly, a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf is pretty easy to make compared to other do-it-yourself cages.

This cage does not take a lot of time to construct, and just a few finishing touches are enough.


Wide space

A bookshelf cage can be too spacious for only two guinea pigs. Having a lot of space means a lot of playing spots for your cavies!

Also, this vast space provides easy access for your lovely pets, and it is easier for you to pet them: the bigger space, the better.

To keep your pets happy and healthy, you should provide as much space to your Guinea pigs as they need.


Disadvantages Of A Bookshelf Cage

Here are some disadvantages of having a bookshelf cage:


Safety hazard

You have to make sure that the bookshelf that you are customizing does not have any toxic paint that could harm your guinea pig.

Aside from that, look for other sharp edges that may bruise your cavies. You don’t want to hurt your cavies, right? So be careful constructing the cage.

My Peruvian cavy Ginger, I almost lost her because she got poisoned by the toxic paint from the bookshelf cage that I made.

I immediately called the vet for consultation.  It is essential and much better to plan ahead of time rather than having so much trouble.


Not customizable

This bookshelf cage is indeed easier to build at first, but it is not customizable, unlike C&C cages.

If you want to customize it again and form a different shape out of it, it would take a lot of time and work for it.

I must say that planning is also an essential factor to consider when building a cage like this.


Do I Have To Separate Female Guinea Pigs From Males?

The answer is yes.

Do I Have To Separate Female Guinea Pigs From Males?

But if both are in the same cage but with a divider, better put a roof on the partition or the side where there is a male guinea pig; sometimes there is a tendency that the male guinea climbs to the other side of the divider.

You don’t have to put a roof on the whole cage. As a suggestion, just put a roof where your male guinea pigs are.


Why Do I Have To Separate Male From Female Guinea Pigs?

It is crucial to have the male cavy separated from the female cavy because they could fight and harm each other.

Guinea pigs are well known for being social and affectionate, but when it comes to this, they will tend to have this kind of issue.

You don’t necessarily need to separate them immediately after birth. You can read when to separate your Guinea pig.


What Things You Must Consider For a Guinea Pig Cage?

Here are some of the things you should bear in mind when choosing a cage for your pet:



Guinea pigs are known for being jolly and social which makes them great pets. This kind of characteristic needs more space to enjoy, play, and run around whenever they love. 

Cage should allow some space for toys for your pet. You should know what Guinea pigs Like to play with and provide them with their favorite ones. 

If you are wondering how to make a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf, you should consider the space requirements and appropriate size of the cage.

The cage for one guinea pig should have a minimum of 7.5 square feet (0.7 square meters), two guinea pigs should have at least 9 square feet (0.84 square meters), three guinea pigs should have 11 square feet (about 1.02 sq. meters) and four cavies should have 13 square feet (1.2 square meters).



Guinea pig cages must be safe and well constructed for your cavies to have a healthy living away from toxic paint or any other form of hazard.


Also, consider the ventilation system of the cage. It is essential to have a free flow of air to help your guinea pig from suffocating.



Constructing a cage for your lovely cavies and designing it on your own is much better than buying some store-bought cages.

There is nothing wrong if you buy from a pet store but, you should consider several factors for the own good of your adorable guinea pigs.

Recycling old goods that would be beneficial for you for long years could save you a lot of money.

I hope that this article about how to make a guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf helps you to construct one.

If you make a cage for your cavy, it will serve as a token of your love to your pet and you will be sure of its safety as well. 

Start gathering your things and make that bookshelf into a cage now! 

Thank you so much for reading!

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