How To Attract Rabbits? In 3 Easy Steps!

Do you have any ideas on how to attract rabbits? Well, I guess a little to none since you are reading this article.

Rabbits are love grass (so much!) that you can use to your advantage.

These cute bunnies are attracted to tall grasses or weedy areas, so if you want to attract and lure a bunny, cultivate or allow the site to grow like it is.

In this article, we will learn lots of ideas and techniques to attract rabbits.

By that, you can know more about the likes and dislikes of bunnies.

Are you ready? If yes, let go straight into the discussion!


Steps To Attract Rabbits

Are you wondering how to attract rabbits?

If you love to lure and attract wild rabbits, then there are specific steps that you must follow.

The best thing that you can do is to manage your yard since these animals truly love grass!

With a lot of greens in your yard, it’s like paradise in your bunny’s eyes.


Step #1. Create a habitat

One reason why rabbits tend to move from one place to another so much is that they cannot find a stable home.

Due to natural disasters and some human activities, their habitat (which is the forest) is being crushed gradually.

For you to attract a bunny, make sure that you have some shrubs on the corners of your lawn.

In that way, there will be a place where wild rabbits can hide their homes and soon make it their territory.

It is also very nice to choose clover, wheat, and corn since rabbits like these plants so much!

Saving some tree branches and arranging them as support to bushes will be a great move.

Furthermore, do not forget to feed the rabbit that has been attracted to your garden.

Be very careful, and please do not have any harsh movements because if you do so, the bunny may get scared and run away.


Step #2. Allot enough space and water

Another thing that will attract rabbits is an excellent and big container with water (though it would be lovely if you have a small pond).

Due to this action, you can allow wild bunnies to take a bath or drink in these containers.

I would highly recommend this large food container because I think it is super cute and stylish!

More so, the large area where they can jump around is what makes them attracted and happy. read more here do rabbit thump when they are happy

You have to keep in mind the natural habits of these furballs should not be hampered or changed.

If you do not have either of the water sources for rabbits, you can be artistic and dig a shallow hole into accumulating water.

Always keep that space filled with water if ever there isn’t any rain to fill it up.


Step #3. Keep a fair amount of food for rabbits

For me, the best way to attract a rabbit is by using its ultimate weakness; food!

These cottontails are more like a kid who will come immediately if you have something to eat.

Keeping veggies like carrots, lettuce, and cabbage out on your lawn will be the primary reason for wild rabbits to gather and be attracted. read mor here can rabbit eat butter lettuce

Since they love to eat these kinds of textures, you will be surely amazed to see them biting these veggies.

Not only that you can have a furball to live in your garden, but you also provided a bunny for its everyday needs.

For me, that thing is indeed satisfying because I can feel that I have made a new home for these homeless cottontails.

I will tell you a story about how I met Thumper, my rabbit.

I am always passionate about rabbits, and since there was a nearby forest fire about two weeks ago, I know that there were animals who lost their home and families. read more here how to find lost rabbit

Since I know that rabbits love grasses so much, I kept my lawn as full of grass as it can get and even planted bushes all over it.

The following day, I noticed that something was moving among the bushes!

I saw a cute rabbit sniffing and trying to hide. I saw that it was always looking at the water container, and afterward, it drew nearer to have a sip (how adorable can that be?)


What Is The Best Bait For Rabbits

The best bait that you can use to attract rabbits is, of course, the only food! Rabbits love veggies so much that I am sure they will be tempted once they smell or see any.

The Brussel sprouts, lettuce, carrots, and apples are a few of the bunny’s favorite foods to munch on.

As a piece of advice, do not use crumbled biscuits and trapping the bunny in a cage.


You can inflict trauma on these cottontails and cause them to be more aggressive to humans. It would be great if you are gentle and you follow the natural environment of rabbits.


What Do Rabbits Hate The Most?

If you are to attract a furball, you must have a good knowledge of the particular things that makes them run away from your yard—research on what stuff they hate.

Rabbits dislike the smell of vinegar, garlic, red peppers, ammonia, and even blood!

By that thought, you must avoid these things to be all over your yard since you will have a hard time attracting a bunny.

Your chances will significantly decrease because it is their instinct to run away from something they do not want.

But, you should not depend so much on removing certain smells, and you must offer food and shelter to bunnies.


Are Wild Rabbits Dangerous?

Like other domestic bunnies, wild rabbits are not very harmful.

However, they can become a danger if ever they are carriers of diseases that harm your other home pets.

It would be a great move to use gloves when you try to handle a wild rabbit because prevention will always be better than cure.



In conclusion, foods, especially vegetables, are the ones that attract rabbits the most, aside from shelter.

If you genuinely want to have a wild garden living on your lawn, you must be prepared in terms of water, food, and shelter.

As a tip, you can put hollow logs in your garden so that a female rabbit can make a nest for her babies.

You can also plant veggies that they most certainly love (like carrots and lettuce) for them to feed on.

I hope that you had a blast in this blog post on how to attract rabbits.

Thank you for sparing time in reading, and may you draw a wild rabbit effectively!