How To Clean Dog Poop From Carpet (Step-by-Step Guide)

So you’re walking in your living room when you suddenly stepped on a gooey and moist matter. And as the smell wafts to your nose, you know exactly what it is: dog poop! Sometimes, our doggos can have accidents in the house and, unfortunately, on the carpet. Don’t worry, for this post, I will share with you how to clean dog poop from carpet to remove the stench and stain.

How to clean poop from your carpet

Dog poop is gross, and you can’t help but gag, especially if it’s diarrhea (more on this below). But before you cut your carpet out, hold up! There’s a way to remove the nasty dog poop out of the carpet and make it look like nothing happened. please read here can cbd oil help with diarrhea.

How To Clean Dog Poop From Carpet (Step-by-Step Guide)

how to clean dog poop from carpet

Here are some of my tried and tested steps in dealing with a ‘bomb’ on the carpet:

  • Step 1. Remove it right away!

Never let the dog poop sit on your carpet for too long. As soon as you see it, clean up the dog poop so it won’t set into the carpet further. Pick up as much poop as you can while avoiding spreading it all over the carpet.

You can use paper towels or baby wipes to scrape off the remaining poop on the carpet surface. Keep wiping with a wet towel or wipes until most of the dog poop has been removed.

  • Step 2. Make a cleaning solution

Once you’ve removed the dog poop from the carpet, the next step is to make a cleaning solution. My go-to solution is equal parts of white vinegar and dish soap. Make sure that the dish soap doesn’t have bleach that will discolor your carpet. Read more here why is my dog eating carpet.

Mix the two ingredients on a spray bottle then test it on a hidden part of your carpet. This way, you can check if discoloration or damage will occur.

  • Step 3. Clean the accident area

Next, I’ll teach you how to clean dog poop from carpet with vinegar. Spritz the solution you made earlier on the accident spot. After that, blot it with paper towels to absorb the liquid and any remaining poop. Do this repeatedly until the poop stain lightens up. Also, try not to soak other parts of the carpet that don’t have dog poop stains.

  • Step 4. Sprinkle some baking soda

Once you’re done cleaning with the vinegar solution, the next step is to sprinkle it with baking soda. Cover the surface lavishly and let it sit for 10 minutes. Make sure that your dog doesn’t have access to this area because baking soda can be dangerous to canines.

sprinkle some baking soda

After a few minutes, vacuum the baking soda from the carpet. You can repeat the application if there’s still moisture left.

  • Step 5. Apply an enzyme cleaner

After removing the baking soda and drying up any moisture on the accident spot, the last step is to apply an enzyme cleaner. This chemical contains live enzymes that feed on the proteins of dog poop and urine. In turn, it removes any traces of the accident your dog left on your carpet. This is also the foolproof solution to remove any dog urine and vomit stains. please read here using homemade enzyme cleaner for dog urine

The beauty of enzyme cleaners is that it’s safe to use around kids and pets. It’s basically microscopic organisms in a solution ready to chew on any remaining traces of poop.

Spray the enzyme cleaner throughout the spot where your dog pooped. Leave this for at least half an hour or overnight for the best results. If there’s still stains remaining, feel free to re-apply the enzyme cleaner.

Another great thing about enzyme cleaners is you don’t have to do anything after it dries up. The enzymes will die and disintegrate on its own. It’s like a magic potion that will remove dog poop stains and smell. And since it removes all the scent, your dog will not seek this spot for another accident.

How to pick up dog poop diarrhea

No one likes picking up dog diarrhea from the carpet. It’s one of the grossest things you can do for your pet. But unfortunately, someone has to do it. To remove the runny poop from your carpet, here are my recommendations:

  • Remove as much poop. The first step is to scoop out as much loose poop as you can. However, you should be careful so that it won’t spread all over the carpet. You should wear a pair of disposable gloves to prevent contact with the poop. Diarrhea has lots of harmful bacteria, which is the same reason for its consistency.

how to pick up dog poop diarrhea

  • Dab it. After removing most of the poop, dab the carpet with dry paper towels. Take the remaining poop, ensuring that it doesn’t get smeared on other clean spots of the carpet. You can also scrub using an old toothbrush that you’ll throw away after.
  • Add baking soda. Once you’ve removed most of the poop on the carpet, spray it with the same vinegar solution you used earlier. Continue dabbing to lift more of the remaining poop. Once you’re satisfied, sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum it after at least two hours.
  • Apply an enzyme cleaner. The finishing touch to remove deep-seated dog poop stains on the carpet is an enzyme cleaner. It will take care of the remaining poop, but you may need multiple applications as loose poop will seep through the carpet deeper than solid feces. Read more here why dose my dog dig at the carpet.

Reminders when cleaning dog poop from your carpet

Before you start cleaning up your dog’s mess, I suggest that you read these points first:

  • Never use harsh detergents. Just use dish soap and non-bleach solution so your carpet won’t get discolored. Unless you don’t mind damaging your carpet, it’s best to ditch the bleach.
  • Don’t punish your dog. I understand that dog poop on the carpet can test your patience, but never punish your dog for it. Your pooch will not understand the reason for the punishment. Instead, brush up its potty training skills.
  • Keep the area ‘cordoned’. While you’re cleaning the “crime scene”, make sure that your dog and young kids won’t access the area. This will prevent tampering with the carpet spot you’re cleaning.
  • Dispose of the poop properly. After picking up the poop from the carpet, seal it in a double bag. You should also seal the paper towels and wipes you used in blotting the carpet. This will prevent your dog from scavenging and finding the gross rubbish.
  • Wear protective equipment. When cleaning your dog’s poop on the carpet, always wear a pair of gloves. Aside from gross, dog poop also contains bacteria that may cause illnesses.

My dog keeps pooping on the carpet, what should I do?

Accidents are normal if it occurs once or twice during the potty training phase. However, if your dog keeps coming back on the same spot to defecate, you’re doing something wrong. You probably haven’t cleaned the spot well, leading your dog to smell the old poop on it. This is the same reason why enzyme cleaners are indispensable when you’re cleaning poop from your carpet.

my dog keeps pooping on the carpet, what should I do

However, if your dog is properly housetrained, you have to rule out any possible medical conditions. You should be alarmed if your dog keeps on eliminating on the carpet with loose and diarrhea-like feces.

Diarrhea isn’t normal and should always be considered a serious condition. If it persists for more than 24 hours, you should rush your dog to the vet right away. Dehydration may ensue if you don’t act, which will put your pet’s life at risk.


Knowing how to clean dog poop from carpet seems bleak, but there are simple secrets you can use to solve the problem. Enzyme cleaners are champs when it comes to situations. This is the same reason why these products dominate the cleaning supplies aisles of pet shops. Also, cleaning the poop as soon as possible will make the job easier for you.

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