What Happens When You Get A Guinea Pig High?

The question is: what happens when you get a guinea pig high? Well, there are good and bad, and these things you will know as you delve further into this article.

You should take note that there are several risks linked to getting guinea pigs high; that’s why before you decide to do so, these risks should be taken seriously. 

The thing is that these animals are highly sensitive; their bodies are not capable of processing drugs compared to us, human beings. 

what happens when you get a guinea pig high

If these guineas are exposed to marijuana or even any other drugs, it’s sure to lead to different mental and physical issues.

Perhaps, the highest risk is overdosing, and you know what will happen thereafter! Read further, so you will know better! Without further ado, let’s start!


The Effects Of Cannabis On Guinea Pigs

In this section, you will understand what happens when you get a guinea pig high. Perhaps, this is the answer to your question: Can I smoke around my guinea pig? Here are the following effects that you should take note of:


#1. Guinea pigs get high

Obviously, the main effect of smoking marijuana is getting high. 

The same is true when your pet inhales marijuana smoke or weed; it will get high. 

It also occurs when it eats foods that are infused with marijuana. 

Know the answer to your question: can you get a guinea pig high?


#2. It comes with psychological and physical effects

Drugs are a big no-no for your little piggies. They come with various psychological and physical effects. 

It has been revealed that guinea pigs that were exposed to marijuana become more relaxed and experience euphoria. 

However, some pet owners reported that they feel their pets experience increased heart rates. A large concentration of this cbd leaves your pet high according to data, the same is true with other pets like cats and the like. 

what happens when you get a guinea pig high

Here’s the thing:

Cannabinoid receptors, which are found in the brains of guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and other pets, are responsible for mediating the effects of drugs, such as those found in marijuana. These receptors can be found in your piggies, and they do respond to cannabinoids.

With this, you’re sure it can produce a range of effects including increased appetite, relaxation,  and even euphoria, leaving your pet high. 


#3. Guinea pigs manifest signs of being high

Signs such as red eyes, increased appetite, and a relaxed demeanor should manifest guineas that are high. 

I guess it’s best to know the answer to your question: why do guinea pigs have red eyes?


#4. Guinea pigs become sociable

You will know when guinea pigs are high when they become more social than usual. 

Typically, they would interact with humans, and, of course, with their fellow piggies. 


#5. Guinea pigs become more active

When you see them running around their cage, you will realize how active they have become. 

Guinea pigs love to explore their places (when you compare it to the usual). 


#6. Guinea pigs become more vocal

When people get too much alcohol or drugs, they tend to be more talkative. 

That’s what happens to guinea pigs too; they will purr, chirp, and squeak noises. And you will, for sure, find these funny!


#7. Guinea pigs become more sensitive to touch, light, and sound

The thing is that your pet loves to be cuddled. Just like dogs, they want to be petted. 

Your piggy will be even more demanding and sensitive to touch. 

On top of that, it will most likely be agitated and startled by bright lights and loud noises. 

So, if you think the animal is exposed to drugs, you should be considering these factors. 


Understanding Guinea Pig Physiology And Cannabis

Now, let’s know more about the link between drugs with guinea pigs. Here are the facts that you should know:


#1. Exposure

Once piggies are exposed to cannabis smoke, they may become high with varying effects. And when we talk about effects after exposure, they may last up to an hour. 


#2. The active ingredient in marijuana

So, what makes your piggies high? Have you heard about thc? It’s an active ingredient that you can find in marijuana. Once your pet is exposed to this, then it may have effects that can last to an hour, as mentioned to you a while ago. 


#3. Increased heart rate and respiration rate

Exposing your cavy to cannabis smoke results in an increased heart rate. 

According to reports, the increase is up to 30 beats/minute in terms of heart rate and 30 breaths/minute in terms of respiration rate. 


#4. Increased body temperature

It was revealed that those cavies that inhale cannabis smoke experience up to 2 degrees Celsius increased temperature.


#5. Increased activity level

You may have observed your pet running from here to there. Well, expect an increase in activity levels; reports show that it will increase up to 50 percent.


#6. Increased appetite

I guess you wonder why your pet wants to eat a lot after being exposed to cannabis smoke. Well, the increase is up to 20 percent, so there’s no way to doubt it. 


Potential Long-Term Effects Of Cannabis On Guinea Pigs

Beware fellow beings, smoking around your guinea pigs will have long-term effects. We know you love them. That’s why, we have prepared some of the reasons why you should stop now:


#1. It can lead to stress

Then again, we’ve pointed out that these cute creatures are not used to getting high.

If you introduce this thing to them, they will feel stressed.

The fact is that they easily get frightened, and if this occurs, it will most likely be detrimental to them.

This stress can lead to disorientation and confusion and, much worse, can be fatal to them; stress links to death. 


#2. It may result in respiratory disease

Given their sensitive respiratory systems, smoking around them may lead to an increased risk of respiratory issues.

After smoking, you might observe them sneezing or coughing; these symptoms are just early signs of the said disease.

Perhaps, this can be explained by their size, not only their bodies as a whole, but also their noses.

Given their short noses, carcinogens and droplets easily get inside their lungs, leading to respiratory health problems.

Due to this reason, too, they tend to be at a high risk of developing lung cancer, compared to those pets that have long noses.

In cases your pet is suffering from these symptoms, it’s best to visit the nearest veterinarian.

Also, it’s a psychoactive substance that affects the brain, resulting in a change in mood, cognition, and behavior. 

Make sure to provide immediate care to ensure their safety. Your vet knows what’s best for your little one!


#3. It may lead to eye infections

Passive smoke has a detrimental effect on your little pet; it can result in eye infections.

The eyes of the little cavy are composed of fragile membranes that may become irritated when they’re exposed to smoke.

It may lead to eye infections


#4. It may result in mouth infections

Here’s the thing:

Pet furs, rugs, and furniture may deposit waste from smoke. Before you have cleared the room, such waste may have already harmed your pet.

The cavies may have licked substances that are harmful to them, thereby leading to mouth tumors. This is especially true when these cavies are groomed.

Once these clean little furies have exposed their mouths to these carcinogenic particles, they may suffer from oral tumors.


#5. It may lead to skin diseases

Another part that will suffer is your pet’s skin.

The chemicals found in tobacco and cannabis products may lead to skin infections.

In addition, these increase skin aging, whether exposed at low or high doses.

Nicotine, specifically, tend to disorganize the bundles of collagen found in the skin, as well as increase the spaces in between.


Keeping Guinea Pig From Getting High

There are a number of ways you can keep your pets from getting high. Take note of the following:


#1. Quit now

Of course, you need to quit now if it means keeping your piggy from getting high.

Yes, it may not be easy for you. But for your sake, and your pet’s too, try!


#2. Restrict

If you can’t stop, then restrict.

If you want to smoke, then make sure that you’re not near your pet. Stay a safe distance so your guinea pig won’t inhale any smoke.


#3. Excellent ventilation

So the air won’t be circulating around your house, you need to have excellent ventilation.

It’s best for you to clean surfaces at home oftentimes.

Just come to remember that smoke is invisible, and this can build up on different surfaces, as well as your clothes.

Perhaps, opening doors and windows may help in eliminating all the smoke.

In order to facilitate faster smoke elimination, you can use an air purifier.


#4. Clear area

After you smoke, make sure to keep the filters or ashtrays away from your pets; this can restrict their access to the same.


#5. Wash hands

Before you touch your piggies, make sure that your hands are clean.

Simply washing your hands after smoking not only ensures good hygiene but can also avoid your cavies from getting high.


#6. Reduce intake

It may be hard for you to quit smoking immediately. But, you can reduce your intake gradually.

In this way, the effects of smoke on your pet will lessen.


#7. Clean regularly

Know what is toxic to guinea pigs and clean those things which you think are bad for them.

It’s a good idea to wash household items, for instance, floors and carpets, that may store loads of toxic chemicals detrimental to your pet.


#8. Provide fresh food and drinks

The food and water that are already in the container of your pet may have been contaminated with smoke particles after smoking.

That’s why it’s best to change these before your pet takes them.

Before you put anything in the container, make sure you have cleaned the container itself.

Of course, give them the right amount of food. Know what plants, vegetables, and fruits they can eat; just right for their diet. You can feed them pellets too. Your vet may also give them vitamin, fruit, plant, and so much more; these can improve their weight too!

Anyway, you can purchase them in stores nearest you; try to search online for the product that you want to purchase, and look for the price, stars, information, and reviews of customers too!

Provide fresh food and drinks

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Know the answers to your questions:


What are the potential benefits of getting a guinea pig high?

Given the limited studies when it comes to the potential benefits for guinea pigs when they get high, we really cannot tell!

Yet, there are pieces of evidence suggesting that the effects of cannabis on guinea pigs are just the same in humans. 

Some pet owners who have tried say that their piggies tend to be calmer and more relaxed.

Perhaps you have some things to share? Don’t hesitate to do so!


What are the chances of a guinea pig becoming addicted to getting high?

There’s a slim chance for your guinea pig to become addicted to getting high. 

The thing is that these cavies are not found to be interested in drugs, so this means that it’s less likely for them to get high. 

Much more than this, they are not seen to be attracted to the taste or even the smell of drugs. 

Finally, their neurological pathways are not the same as humans, so we can assume that they are not prone to drug addiction. 


What are the chances of a guinea pig overdosing on getting high?

My friends, there’s not much evidence about the reaction of guinea pigs to marijuana. 

Let’s say, they have consumed it, but still, the risk of overdosing is slim, unless, of course, they have ingested very large amounts of drugs. 

Perhaps the ingestion of marijuana is just mild. The main concern here is the smoke that marijuana may produce; this can lead to distress, much worse, respiratory issues. 

Here’s an article that may be helpful to answer your question: are candles bad for guinea pigs? There, you will know the effects of smoke on guinea pigs too. 


What are the chances of a guinea pig dying from getting high?

Don’t worry, my fellow fury pet parents! Your pet won’t be at a high risk of dying when high. 

Anyway, when it comes to alcohol or drugs, these cavies are not seen to be very sensitive. So, can guinea pigs drink alcohol?

The thing is that the chances of overdosing on drugs on guinea pigs are slim; a large number of these compounds are needed for the same to lead to overdosing, which can be fatal to them. 

Furthermore, these pets have a slower metabolism, so the effects of alcohol and drugs on them are less pronounced than on humans. 


What are the long-term effects of getting a guinea pig high?

Unfortunately, there is limited research into this. In case you have something to share about this topic, you’re very much welcome to make your findings known to us. 

Anyway, you just have to take note of the fact that piggies are very sensitive little beings. 

There will definitely be detrimental effects of drugs on them. 

Just come to think of this:

Guinea pigs are not designed to cater to the effects of drugs. Some people, as you have observed, have not handled their effects, so you had better link that to guineas too!


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know what happens when you get a guinea pig high! If I were you, you should consider what’s best for you and your beloved pets. If you have something to share, you’re very much welcome! Soar high!

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