What Kind Of Paint To Use On A Horse Trailer? 3 Best Types!

Have you ever thought about what kind of paint to use on a horse trailer? If so, we got you. There are different types of horse trailer which requires a different kind of paint. But it would help if you opted for waterproof paint, which does not have a strong smell and is compatible with the material of the horse trailer. But before you go and search what is the best one, you might want to know what a horse trailer is first.

what kind of paint to use on a horse trailer

what kind of paint to use on a horse trailer

Horse trailers are used to transport horses, which are non-motorized, so you have to connect them to your truck to move. And as mentioned, horse trailers have different styles and types, depending on your preference.But that is not important because you share a special bond with your horse and the comfort of your horse should come first. So, before we discuss what kind of paint is suitable for a horse trailer, let us talk about what you should consider before starting this project.

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Types Of Horse Trailer Material

Before choosing what kind of paint is best for your horse trailer, get to know what materials are usually used to create one.

If you plan to buy your first horse trailer, note that there are three materials used for such a structure: aluminum, steel, and composite.

Naturally, one is better than the other, but of course, each has its advantages that might suit your need.

Read on to learn more about them:

Type #1. Aluminum horse trailers

Aluminum is quite popular nowadays because of its lightweight property, and it lasts longer. But you will need to prepare a considerable amount to afford one. And for aluminum trailers, rusting will never be an issue.

Ever since the aluminum trailer industry started, it has evolved in durability as manufacturers produced strong aluminum alloy components. Yet, let’s count the disadvantage of using the aluminum trailer as well. This material is prone to dent when your horse gets a bit wild.

Types Of Horse Trailer Material

So, aluminum may not be the best material for a horse trailer, especially when accidents happen. In addition, they are not as strong as their steel counterparts. Aluminum might be safe from rust, but the thing you should look out for is that it corrodes because of horse urine and manure.

And one of the issues that horse owners with aluminum trailer face are that this material conducts heat quicker than steel. So if you care for the horses, this might be out of your option. However, please take note of the good properties because we will talk about them later.

Type #2. Steel horse trailers

An affordable material that manufacturers find easy to work with is steel. Aluminum might be great for most structures, but horse owners usually go with steel because of its advantages. It is durable. Although it might not last long as aluminum, it can withstand all the kicking and abuse from the passengers it holds.

Unlike aluminum, steel yields and flexes better, which is great for traveling because the trailer would less likely to acquire structural cracks or fracture no matter how long you use it.

And the reason why most horse owners opt for steel trailers is that it conducts heat slowly which makes the busky passenger comfortable because the trailers can keep a cooler temperature longer than aluminum.

Yet, steel rust easily and is very heavy. Although it might be affordable, dependable, and durable, loaded steel trailers are hard to tow. It requires special equipment to carry the weight.

However, steel manufacturing improved, and there are options for you to choose the best steel trailer for your horse.

For example, there are galvanized steel trailers, a powder coating that is paint-baked to make the trailer covered with a water-tight seal, or a steel trailer-covered zinc heated to serve as a protective coat.

Yet, to ensure quality, you would need to prepare a considerable price for such improvements.

Type #3. Composite trailers

Now that you know all the good qualities of steel and aluminum trailers, why not combine them into one material? And that is all on a composite trailer. The non-rusting property of aluminum, steel, cool, and lightweight fiberglass is found on composite trailers. Composite trailers are constructed with fiberglass exterior fenders and panels. And the roof is also fiberglass. The frame is made of steel for a strong foundation, and the clad sides are aluminum to avoid rust. To ensure safety, the gates and dividers of these trailers are made of steel for the diamond plates, which are often damaged because road gravel is switched to aluminum.

Types Of Horse Trailer Material

You don’t have to worry about how heavy this trailer is because it is as light as aluminum yet has the strength of steel. The only problem with composite trailers is galvanic corrosion due to the contact between steel and aluminum.Manufacturers would suggest choosing a trailer with a protective coat or mylar padding where the aluminum and steel come in contact. Of course, all of these amazing features will cost a lot. That’s why this kind of trailer is a high-end one because of its quality.But if you are willing to invest in providing your horse with a good travel experience, then this will be worth the fortune. Now that you know about the materials that make a horse trailer let’s proceed to what kind of paint is best to use.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On A Horse Trailer?

As a horse owner, you want to maintain the quality of your trailer for a long time. Aside from cleaning the trailer’s insides, you also want to make sure that the structure’s exterior is also painted periodically.

It is not just to make your trailer look good but also to make it clean and free from rust and eliminate old paint that can harm your horse. Now, you might ask, what kind of paint to use on a horse trailer? Well, let us talk about that.

#1. Choose a paint that is rust-resistant on surfaces prone to moisture

Still in doubt about what kind of paint to use on a horse trailer? Steel is prone to rust. That is why rust-resistant paint is a must-have for steel horse trailers or any trailers with a metal composition.Horses will urinate inside the trailer or spill from their water containers, which contributes to rusting.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On A Horse Trailer

Adding to that is the environment of your area, it might rain often, or you travel along with wet areas, which increases the rusting of your trailer. That is why paint all the areas exposed to air and moisture, mostly the exterior, with rust-resistant paint.

#2. Choose a high-heat tolerating paint for the exposed surface

As mentioned earlier, aluminum generates heat faster. Therefore, it affects the horses and the paint as water-based, or regular oil-based paint peels easily or damages when exposed to high heat-generating surfaces.

So, to preserve the paint longer, use a paint that can deal with extreme temperatures, and look for one formulated with heat-resistant resins.

How Do You Maintain A Horse Trailer?

To keep your horse trailer in good condition you need to frequently check for the faults.

In case you have a wooden floor, you must check the board by lifting the rubber mat as it is quite dangerous for your horse to stand on a sloppy and rotten floor. 

It is important to check for any wear and tear in the tires. They should have the correct pressure and must be accurately assembled. 

To Sum Up

Horse trailers are a necessity for horse keepers. And to ensure the comfort of these majestic creatures, knowing what kind of paint to use on a horse trailer will help you out.

But first, identify if your trailer is made of aluminum or steel, or it has both components, and choose rust–resistant and waterproof paint.

Before we end, we want to remind you to wear a mask when handling paint like acrylic enamel because it can be a bit harsh and harmful to your health.

And we suggest you choose gray primer as a finish to improve the overall appearance of your trailer. That is all.

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