How To Build A Round Pen Out Of Pallets?

Do you want to know how to build a round pen out of pallets? If yes, then you got to read until the end of this post.

Nowadays, most if not all-around pens as well as garden furniture and fencing are built from pallets.

how to build a round pen out of pallets

In this article, we will mainly describe the construction of this particular pen. This is typically intended to offer a safe and secure space for you. You can train or walk your horse in here, so it must be sturdy enough. In addition, it must not be made out of harmful materials.

With that being said, let us start discussing the process of making an ideal round pen made out of pallets.


5 Steps To Build A Round Pen Out Of Pallets

As mentioned earlier, a round pen is a structure to give you a secure and safe space when you are working your horse. With this surrounding the area, nothing can distract you.

So, how to build a round pen out of pallets?

Now, let us begin with the procedure of building a round pen.

Step #1. Gathering the things needed

Before anything else, you have to make sure that all the things that you will possibly need are readily available near you. It includes the following supplies and tools:

  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Wooden pallets
  • Concrete mix
  • Wooded boards that are pressure-treated
  • Spool or electric braid
  • Measuring steel tape
  • Posthole digger that is driven by gasoline (optional as you can manually dig the holes)


Step #2. Preparing the ground

You would want to have space with a secure and solid footing, so you need to prepare the ground. It must not have any dangerous materials such as rocks, for example. The area can be about 50 feet or even 60 up to 80 feet enclosure if you intend to train a horse inside.

Next, you need to get the area bulldozed with about a foot allowance all around. Then, layer it with stone dust and graduated stone after the area has been cleared. Make sure to soak and compact after every layer is added.


Step #3. Marking for the diameter of the pen

Using your twine, you need to mark your enclosure. Then, lay the pallets around the area so that they will be ready for installation.


Step #4. Installing the posts

You have to know as early as now that if you use pallets to make a round pen, you will most likely need more posts than when you use standard lumber.

Extra post is required in between every joining pallet. Given that pallets lack height, you will need to position them about one foot from the ground. You will also need to utilize lumber on top of the posts to complete the six feet height.


Step #5. Leaving space for the gate

Just like in any other round pen construction, you have to leave about eight feet for the gate opening. Do not try using two pallets in building a gate. But, it is recommended for you to buy or construct a proper gate.


Types OF Horses Suited In A Round Pen Constructed Out Of Pallets

A broken or a gentle horse is recommended to be kept inside a pallet round pen. That is because these kinds of horses typically will not try to test the sturdiness of the pen by bumping on it frequently.

Remember, you must not put a horse with restraining issues and the youngsters inside because they will try by all means to jump out of the fence. For the initial attempts of you working them, those horses will try to get past the panels.

If they fail in their initial attempts, they might throw a tantrum later on. So it is ideal for building this round pen for your gentle horses only.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Round Pen Made Of Pallet

Building this type of pen will offer a good environment for your horses. Aside from preventing them from running away, this is also helpful in training them. In fact, a round pen is said to make a horse trainer effective. Furthermore, a round pen helps in developing the skills and connection between the horse and its trainer.

However, you also have to consider some of the feedback before you start the construction. Below are the pros and cons that come with pallet round pen construction.



It is way easier to make a round pen out of pallets. Plus, it is more affordable compared to making one with the use of steel.



It can be tiresome to make a pellet round pen. Generally, pallets have tiny spaces. The gaps in them seem like the right size for the foot of your horse to hang up, resulting in injury if it happens. This would also mean that you will need the assistance of pricey veterinarians. Or worse, it can lead to rider injuries.

Aside from that, the boards and splintery tend to break easily, leaving sharp and ragged ends that can also be hazardous both to the rider and the horse. Furthermore, pallets tend to not withstand the frequent weather changes causing them to deteriorate after some time.

The majority of the pallets fall below six feet. So in utilizing this for the construction, you will need to cut or stuck them. A pallet round pen might not also be strong enough for a loose horse to be contained in it.

Also, take note that pellets treated with a pesticide can be a chewing hazard for your horse. So be careful with this.


Finally, you now know how to build a round pen out of pallets. After you have read the whole article, for sure you have realized how easy it is to construct this type of pen.

Just remember that when it comes to untrained or inexperienced horses, it is a good idea to allow the horse to have a bit of loafing time in the round pen so that it can get used to being in it. 

Just like any other pen, this type of pen has some pros and cons. You should make sure that this is the most suitable option for your horse. Thank you for reading!

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