What Smells and Essential Oils Deter Cats From Peeing

Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, vinegar, coffee, and citrus are the most popular and useful smells that deter cats from peeing where you don’t want them to. Most cats hate these smells. You can apply them in different ways to stop cat from peeing in an exact spot. The same essential oils used for treating specific medical conditions, as mood elevators, and as deodorizers, can deter cats from peeing where you don’t want them to. please read here how to find cat pee

Essential oils that deter cats from peeing have flooded the market because of their effectiveness. They have become crucial for pet owners who want to prevent their cats from peeing in certain places.


How does it work

Cats hate the smell of this oil, so they wouldn’t want to visit any spot with this smell. Sometimes the scent from the essential oil may not be unpleasant to the cat, but it will let them have a feeling that the place is no longer conducive for them to pee.

What essential oil will keep cats from peeing?

Some of the essential oils cats hate are peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass. All these oils will keep cats from peeing wherever you apply them. You need to be consistent and use them regularly.

Will vinegar stop my cat from peeing?

Yes, vinegar will stop your cat from peeing in unwanted places. However, don’t use pure vinegar, always dilute it with water at a 3 to 1 ratio and spray it in the needed spot.

How to use essential oils to deter cats from peeing in the wrong spot

Cats have an acute sense of smell. They tend to trace the scent of their urine whenever they want to pee. And they will continue peeing at a particular spot as long as they can smell their urine there. But with essential oils and vinegar, you can neutralize that smell, and they will stop using the place as their bathroom.

Most smells from essential oils are overpowering. Some of them can last several hours and even days, which is enough for the cat to completely forget going to their unapproved peeing spot.


Are there any risks when using essential oils?

If all the products are manufactured with the right materials, there won’t be a risk of danger when using them. But unfortunately, some products contain substances that may be harmful to the cat when they get close to it.

You need to avoid such products. Some essential oils may cause harm to cats when used around them. Those that contain ketones, d-limonene, and phenols are dangerous to cats. Some can lead to neurological issues and cause allergic reactions. The cats don’t correctly process them, so you should stay away from them. please read here how often should my cat pee


Are there any other solutions to deter cats from peeing in the wrong place, like training?

Definitely! Watson (in the photo below) is the fourth cat in our family, and we never had any problems with him because of this straightforward solution. My wife purchased that book many years ago for our previous cat Ram, and it worked like a charm.

However, we have used essentials oils before that brilliant solution with pretty good results. The only problem with the oils – you will have to use them in any new locations where the cat has used the restroom 🙂

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Common essential oils for deterring cats from peeing

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