Why Does My Cat Jump On My Back? 5 Common Reasons

Cats are climbers by nature. Don’t be surprised when your kitty suddenly jumps into your back while you’re standing in the kitchen, living room, or just about anywhere. My kitten Watson often does this to me whenever I’m preparing food in the kitchen. Still, it makes a lot of owners wonder: why does my cat jump on my back? Below, I discussed the possible reasons and what you can do about this behavior.

Why does my cat pounce at my back?

Jumping on your back is normal for most cats. They are natural climbers so don’t be surprised if your kitty suddenly exhibits this behavior. Knowing the cause of the behavior will make it easy for you to correct. The following are some of the most common explanations behind it.

why does my cat jump on my back

why does my cat pounce at my back

1. Your shoulder offers the best view

Cats climb elevated surfaces to have a better view of their surroundings. This is an innate habit so they can see predators as they come. Also, elevated spaces are safer in the wild, especially when the cat has to sleep. Please read here why does my cat sleep on my pillow

This is the same reason why your cat will jump on your back and climb on your shoulders. The kitty wants to see what you’re doing or there’s nothing for them to climb. It’s also a sign that your cat trusts you to hold them and not drop them on the floor.

Some cat breeds are also more likely to jump on their owner’s backs. For example, the Siamese cat is known to be obsessed with perches so it’s not really uncommon for them to jump on people’s backs.

2. Your kitty wants your attention

Another possible reason why your cat jumps on your back is the need for attention. Your kitty probably wants pets and food. And since jumping on your back works, the cat will keep doing it to get whatever it wants. Please read here why is my cat so mean

Take note that this behavior can become annoying over time. It’s important to address it as soon as possible so your kitty won’t develop negative behavior.

3. Your cat is being playful

Cats, especially kittens, love jumping on the back of their owners as a playful gesture. The feline wants to play with you and they think they’ll entice you by jumping on your back. Over time, kittens will outgrow this behavior, but it’s important to correct it as some cats tend to bring it with them into adulthood.

4. Your cat is marking you

Jumping on your back might be your cat’s way of taking ownership of you. Some cats do this whenever there are kitties around. By sitting on your shoulder, your cat can show other kitties that he’s the boss. It can be a sign that your cat is being threatened by other felines and it seeks comfort being near you.

5. Your cat wants to be close to you

Lastly, cats will jump on their owners’ backs because they are being very clingy. Affectionate cats are like Velcros that will never leave their owners’ side. They always want to cuddle and be with their humans physically. This is a harmless behavior, but you may want to teach your cat to be more independent, especially if you’re going to work on most days.

How to stop a cat from jumping on your back?

While jumping on your back seems to be a fun gesture, you may want to correct it as early as possible. This weird behavior can be a precursor to problems that might be harder to fix later on. With this, the following tips will help you out:

how to stop a cat from jumping on your back


If you want to quickly change this behavior, do not give a reaction to it. A positive or negative reaction could still give your cat some joy out of jumping on you. Turn around and keep doing what you were already doing or pretend to be busy.

Without a reaction, your cat will be bored and learn that they will get no reaction from this behavior.

Get cat trees

If your cat can’t stop jumping on elevated spots, it’s best to get multiple cat trees and cat condos. This will give your cat a safe place to practice its jumping and climbing skills. Although you’ll have to spend, it will save your back from scratches.

Move away

The moment your cat jumps on your back, gently take hold of it and put it on the floor. You should also say a firm ‘no’ to get the kitty’s attention. Then move away from the area quickly.

Keep your cat tired

Do you hate it when your cat jumps on your back while you’re cooking? If so, it helps to tire the kitty before you head to the kitchen. A rigorous playtime session will help drain the cat’s excess energy. This may or may not work, but there’s nothing to lose if you’ll try.

Why does my cat jump on my back and bite me?

If jumping on your back is followed by a bite, your kitty’s prey drive might be at play. This is normal behavior for most kitties, but something that should be addressed properly. You wouldn’t want your cat climbing into people’s backs and biting them randomly. This can become a big problem if you’re expecting guests. Learn more here Why does my cat lick and then bite me

Take note that cats do a ‘love bite’ on their owners. It’s a playful bite that shouldn’t draw blood or feel aggressive.

Why does my cat climb me like a tree?

Why does my cat climb me like a tree

Again, cats love climbing on elevated spaces, regardless if it’s a cabinet or a human standing by. You’re probably tall so your shoulder offers the best view of the house.

Aside from that, this behavior could mean that your kitty loves you so much. Climbing on your shoulder is your pet’s way of being close to you and seeking comfort in your presence.

Why does my cat randomly jump in the air?

It’s normal for cats to jump in the air out of nothing. It’s typically a playful behavior of a bored kitty. Sometimes, cats will hide behind furniture and then leap into the air.

Aside from that, it’s possible that your cat is trying to reach a tiny insect that it sees in the air. Unless your cat is exhibiting other weird symptoms like drooling, drunk walking, and loud meowing, there’s nothing to worry about.

Why does my cat pounce on me?

Most of the time, cats pounce on their owners to initiate playtime. Every kitten owner knows that this is completely normal and a phase that cats go through during their younger age. Sometimes, cats will even try to startle their owners by hiding then pouncing as the person walks by.

Also, pouncing is an innate hunting behavior of cats. Kittens that pounces endlessly is just starting to discover their abilities and brushing it up a bit.

However, you may need to correct the pouncing behavior if it’s starting to become annoying. Training using the reward system will go a long way here.


Why does my cat jump on my back? Jumping and climbing are two innate habits of felines. It’s hardwired on them but you can divert this behavior.

Provide cat trees, cat condos, and cat posts so your cat has something to jump and climb on. Because it’s instinctual and good exercise, we don’t want to discourage it. We want to give them a way to do this that makes everyone happy!

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