Why Is My Dog Leaving Little Poop Balls? 4 Possible Reasons

Why is my dog leaving little poop balls? If your fully housebroken dog starts having accidents in the house, something is wrong. If your dog is pooping on your bed, read here.

It’s possible that your dog is constipated, has incontinence, suffering from an injury, or exhibiting neurological problems.

why is my dog leaving little poop balls

In this post, I discuss each of these possibilities and what you need to do about them. Take note that these aren’t the only reasons behind the behavior, so don’t hesitate to ask your dog’s vet.

Reasons why dogs leave poop balls around the house

Are you finding poop balls around your house recently? If so, the following might be the reasons why:

why is my dog leaving little poop balls

1. Your dog is constipated.

On a less serious note, a dog that leaves poop balls around the house might be suffering from constipation. Constipated dogs tend to pass small amounts of fecal matter since they find it hard to release the entire lump.

These tiny poop balls might drop all over your home. Instead of punishing the dog, it’s important to get to the root of the problem.

Adding more fiber to your pet’s diet will help fix constipation. Try adding a small spoon of canned pumpkin, cooked oats, apples without seeds, blueberries, or bananas to their daily diet.

2. Your dog has incontinence.

Another possible reason why your dog leaves little poop balls is incontinence. This happens because your dog can’t hold its poop properly.

What happens is that the doggo will eliminate inside the house even if it’s fully house trained.

In the early stages of incontinence, the dog will pass little poop balls around the house. But as the condition worsens, the canine will have full-on accidents.

Your dog has incontinence.

Canine incontinence can be due to a lot of things. It can be due to reduced rectum functions. Also, your dog’s external anal sphincter probably suffered from nerve damages or injuries.

Aside from that, parasites, poor diet, medications, and muscle damage can also cause fecal incontinence.

Moreover, dogs with fecal incontinence will often scoot on the floor. This happens if their anal glands are irritated due to the underlying condition. You will also notice bloating, tenderness on the tail, and recurring accidents.

Talk to your vet to get to the root cause of its inconstinance issue.

3. Your dog has an injury.

Dogs with physical injuries will often find it hard to move properly. So when it’s time for the dog to poop, the injury may prevent him from running outdoors.

The result is little poop balls as your dog tries to reach the door. please read here how to clean dog poop from carpet.

Your dog has an injury.

Aside from that, dogs with hip dysplasia suffer from intense pain while squatting. The dog will try a different pooping position to ease the pain.

In the process, your dog’s fecal matter will come out in tiny amounts.

Try applying a small amount of pressure on your dog’s hip area. If the dog yelps, cries, or tries to avoid your hand, it’s best to bring it to the vet.

It could be hip dysplasia or other injuries that require immediate veterinary attention. Please read here My Dog Yelps When I Pick Him Up, What is Wrong?

4. Your dog has neurological problems.

Lastly, you should consider the possibility of neurological problems. Senior dogs are prone to this condition due to declining physical and mental health.

It could be a combination of incontinence and the failing memory of your canine.

Take note that the little poop balls are just the tip of the iceberg. A dog with declining cognition will also urinate everywhere.

Others will even exhibit signs of aggression due to confusion.

To be sure, you should bring your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis. The veterinarian will run several tests to identify if your dog has already succumbed to dementia.

Will dogs poop out of spite?

No, dogs don’t usually poop out of spite. If your dog is leaving little poop balls around the house, it’s not because they seek revenge for what you did.

This is always due to a health problem if your pet is fully house trained.

Your dog will also leave little poop balls if it’s anxious or stressed. Instead of punishing your dog, you should assess the situation to know what’s causing it.

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Why is my dog losing control of his bowels?

Fecal incontinence happens mostly due to an injury. A tail or spine injury will affect your dog’s rectal muscles, which can lead to accidents around the house.

It can weaken the anal reflex, which is why a dog will lose control of its bowels.

Another possible reason is the perianal fistula. This condition is also called anal furunculosis, which is more common in German Shepherds.

Why is my dog losing control of his bowels?

This condition causes dogs to strain while pooping. It’s usually due to the impaction of the anal glands and adjacent sinuses.

In some cases, autoimmune disease is the reason. As perianal fistula progresses, the dog will start to lose control over its defecation.

Is incontinence a reason to put a dog down?

Incontinence itself isn’t typically a reason to put a dog down. If the dog isn’t in pain, there’s no reason to euthanize it over poor control over its bladder or bowels.

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Many reasons behind canine incontinence can be treated. Unless the reason behind the dog’s incontinence is a progressive terminal illness, euthanasia is not on the cards.

Remember that vets will exhaust all possible means of treatment before considering euthanasia.

If your dog is still living a fulfilling and quality life, the vet can provide treatment for incontinence.

Why has my 10-year-old dog started pooping in the house?

Ten human years is equivalent to 60-70 years in dog time. This is already old for a canine, so don’t be surprised if your pet is starting to poop around the house.

But before you jump to conclusions, it’s important to get the dog checked at the vet’s clinic. If it’s a health problem, the veterinarian can provide treatments.

However, if your canine is diagnosed with neurological problems, it will require life-long care for the rest of its life.

Dog diapers come in handy to prevent fecal and urine matter from spreading in your house.

Why is my dog’s poop so soft?

Soft dog poop is normal. However, if the poop is runny, your dog is probably suffering from diarrhea.

You should assess what your dog ate while observing it for potential adverse symptoms.

Why is my dog’s poop so soft?

Remember that any sudden changes in your dog’s fecal matter should be a cause of concern. You can always consult the vet if you’re worried about your dog’s soft stool.

A diet change might be necessary.


Why is my dog leaving little poop balls? It can be due to constipation or a more serious condition like fecal incontinence, injury, or neurological problems.

Whatever it is, you must get your dog checked by the vet. Early diagnosis is the key to avoid further complications if your pet has health problems.

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