Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries? 5 Outstanding Benefits

Are you wondering: can rabbits eat blueberries, and are they healthy for them? Well, blueberries are undoubtedly great for your rabbits to eat. But I’m afraid it’s not healthy when you overfeed them.

Although blueberries are considered nutritious, they contain high fructose or sugar. 

Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries

This is what happens when there’s too much blueberry consumption:

It will lead to obesity, dental problems, and stomach issues. So it is best that you only give this fruit as a treat, not as a regular meal.

Most often than not, a regular diet of rabbits rarely includes fruits. As such, it would be ideal that you limit your rabbit’s intake to no more than two blueberries every week. Besides, rabbits are considered grazing animals, so their diet mainly consists of grass and hay.

It’s the reason why even though my pet, Thumper, loves eating fruits, I limit giving him one.

But let us take a good look at blueberries to find out whether or not you should give this to your precious rabbits. Learn more about rabbits and blueberries as you read further!


5 Benefits Of Blueberries

As long as you follow the proper serving, your bunny will enjoy the benefits of this fruit. Here are five among the many other benefits:

1. Low level of calories

2. High level of antioxidant content that helps in protecting your bunnies’ cells

3. Good source of vitamins K and C as well as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other contents

4. High in fiber

5. Low glycaemic content that is why it will not cause the sugar level to increase significantly


Are Blueberries Good For Rabbits?

Can rabbits eat blueberries? Like how fruits and vegetables are suitable for our diet, they are also useful for rabbits’ health. However, some fruits like blueberries have high sugar content.

Are Blueberries Good For Rabbits

Despite that, a slice or two of this fruit is still considered healthier than chocolate and yogurt that you buy from grocery stores. please read here can Rabbit eat chocolate,In other words,

blueberries can be good for your pet as long as you give it as a treat and not as a part of its regular diet.

Likewise, blueberries are also low in calories; that’s why it’s impossible that these can negatively affect your rabbit’s health.

In fact, this fruit is also a good source of potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin C essential to your pet’s immune system and skin health. It also contains vitamin K1, ideal for your rabbit’s bones. Much more, this fruit is naturally low in fat. 

Given the fact that blueberries also contain 84% of water, it means that this fruit is a refreshing treat that can keep them hydrated, especially during warm conditions.  Learn here how to keep rabbit warm in winter

So again, blueberries are suitable for rabbits if they are served occasionally. They reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer as well as improve blood circulation. They also lower blood sugar if consumed in moderation.


Do rabbits like to eat blueberries?

Since blueberries are sweet, any rabbit would, of course, love to eat them. I can relate to this. But, as I said, as much as I’m happy giving Thumper sweets, I also don’t want to compromise his health.

Do rabbits like to eat blueberries

Another question:

Do rabbits eat blueberry bushes? Well, when we talk about wild rabbits, they will more likely munch the stems and leaves of a blueberry bush, rather than its fruit.

For the pets you have at home, for sure, you spoil them with fruits (Been there, done that!). But please, do not give them too much. Avoid spoiling your rabbits with a lot or large portions of this fruit.

Keep in mind that overfeeding them can cause dental problems and obesity. The full serving should only be one or two tablespoons of the fruit each day.

It is also necessary to mix the fruit with other healthy food to ensure that your rabbit can get optimum health benefits. Specifically, your bunny will benefit from the different compounds that it contains, including minerals, fruit enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants.


What kinds of fruits are considered suitable for rabbits?

Rabbits love eating fruits, but not all should be given to them due to some’s high sugar content.

Other fruits should also be avoided because of their stones and seeds that can be poisonous to rabbits. But in blueberry, its seeds are small, so rabbits can easily digest it.

What kinds of fruits are considered suitable for rabbits

In choosing fruits for your rabbits, you should opt for an organic one;  make sure the fruit is not treated with chemical pesticides as it can poison them. 

More importantly, it should be a habit to wash the fruit or vegetable properly with cold running water before serving it to your pet. This is to ensure that any harmful chemicals will be washed off.

Is it safe for baby rabbits?

Rabbits aging seven weeks or lower should not be fed with blueberries.

Why so?

It’s mainly because blueberries are loaded with sugar content and the fact that the digestive system of baby rabbits is still immature. The diet of baby rabbits should include pellets and grass hay that is of high quality.


How to prepare blueberries for the rabbit?

Firstly, you have to wash the fruits properly. This is a necessary procedure that will minimize the risks of chemicals from poisoning your rabbit. You can also cut them in half to expose its fleshy inside.

How to prepare blueberries for the rabbit


Can rabbits have blueberry stems and leaves?

Yes, the leaves and stems of blueberries are safe for rabbits to eat. As mentioned earlier, this is what wild rabbits prefer to eat. But these parts of a blueberry bush are not as beneficial as its fruits.


Can rabbit eat blueberries with skin?

Yes, of course. Removing the skin is unnecessary when feeding rabbits. Besides, the process would be very laborious. So don’t bother. In fact, the skin of blueberries is healthy for bunnies. Most of the antioxidants and fiber of blueberries are contained on their skin.Can rabbit eat blueberries with skin

The anthocyanin that is one of the most critical antioxidant content of blueberries is present on its skin. So it is safe to say that the external layer of the berry is its healthiest part.

Just like any other fruits, it is recommended that you only offer blueberries as an occasional treat. Specifically, you can give your rabbit one or two berries per serving.

The suggested frequency would be twice a week. This is the safest amount of serving that will not negate the health benefits of blueberries.

Some pet owners serve this fruit to their bunnies almost every day, but with smaller serving portions. 



Can rabbits eat blueberries? Again, yes, they can. It is safe and healthy for them, too, if taken in moderation. 

Keep in mind that the rabbit’s digestive system is not the same as humans, so its diet should be monitored appropriately. Their regular diet should primarily be made up of hay and water. Fruits like blueberries should only be given as a treat very occasionally. 

Otherwise, your precious pet will suffer from its negative impacts, rather than its health benefits. Of course, you would not like that. So, avoid spoiling your pets with too many berries. 

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