Can Rabbits Eat Italian Parsley? 4 Fun Facts Answered!

Can rabbits eat Italian parsley? Yes, rabbits can undoubtedly have Italian parsley.

I guess you’re aware that bunnies enjoy eating different kinds of herbs and any other greens. My pet, Thumper, loves these; there’s no doubt yours too.

Can Rabbits Eat Italian Parsley

And greens include all types of parsley- Italian, cilantro, curly, or the regular ones.

But among all these, curly parsley is the most common type. As a pet owner myself, I would go to this kind because it’s the least expensive.

Along with parsley, I also feed Thumper other herbs (which are proven to be safe for rabbits to eat), such as rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, coriander, dill, and basil.

These greens are also very common among us humans. But to rabbits, feeding herbs like parsley should only be an additional supplement to their regular diet (typically composed of hay, some rabbit pellets, and a full cup of leafy greens) every day.

can rabbits eat italian parsley

Remember this:

You should give your pet treats in a minimal amount only. Make sure that it gets enough fiber.

Adding a few pinches of herbs will not hurt them. Besides, rabbits would love it if you add some variation to their diet.

If you want to know more, dig further!

Here’s another question that’s probably popping into your mind:

How Does Italian Parsley Differ From Curly Parsley?

Italian parsley is also called the flat-leaf parsley. This name indicates its first difference from curly parsley, which is the shape of its leaves.

As the name suggests, the leaves of flat-leaf parsley are straight, just like cilantro leaves. At the same time, curly parsley has ruffled-looking leaves.

Italian parsley is the variety used in Mediterranean cooking due to its bright appearance and herbaceous flavor. A lot of cooks even regard this as a seasoning that is similar to oregano and basil.

On the other hand, the taste of curly parsley is a bit muted. This is often compared to grass. Curly parsley can also be bitter if the leaves are already old.

Nonetheless, the flavor that you can get from this type of parsley varies.

Can Italian And Curly Parsley Be Substitute Of Each Other?

This question can get very controversial when it comes to using them as a seasoning. Most cooks believe that only the Italian parsley can be used both as a seasoning herb and as a garnish. But some disagree with this idea.

Furthermore, some cooks perceive curly parsley to be just used to improve the food’s palatability. They think that this kind of parsley is relatively flavorless as compared to Italian parsley.

However, curly parsley can be flavorful too. It’s just that it varies depending on the plant’s age and the soil in which it grows.

can italian and curly parsley be substitute of each other

Often, Italian parsley is chopped finely and added to dishes with curly parsley as its garnish. Its brighter flavor can usually make the dish more savory.

But in terms of giving these herbs to your rabbits, both will do.

Your pet rabbit will love any of the two. The difference will not bother them.

Well, Thumper would love the two just the same. No matter what kind of parsley I would offer him, he will instantly munch on it like it’s the most flavorful food there is.

Maybe because I just gave this to him, occasionally.

But now that he is already accustomed to it, I am thinking of serving it to him in small amounts daily. For sure, he would love it.

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Italian Parsley?

Your bunny can have a little portion of Italian parsley each day. But you can only do this after your pet is already accustomed to it. You can also do so if you’re not offering some other foods that are also high in calcium.

You should also remember that giving a variety of food is important for rabbits. It is ideal for providing variations in natural treats to make sure that they can get the best nutrition.

This can also help in reducing the risk that your pet will suffer different health problems.

Healthy Alternatives That You Can Add to A Rabbit’s Diet

Rabbits generally like almost all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

So if you are looking for a fun treat that you can offer to your bunny other than parsley, you can consider healthy alternatives.

Here are just some:

Try radish tops, spinach, beet greens, swiss chard, carrot tops, cilantro, arugula, cabbage romaine, and lettuce butter lettuce are rabbits healthy food.

You might as well try basil, broccoli, blueberry, strawberry, dandelion greens, apple, blackberry, raspberry, banana, fennel, endive, escarole, bok choy, bell peppers, kale, and carrots.

It is also ideal that you rotate the different treats and greens. That is because calcium might combine with oxalate and will build up in the kidneys.

This can increase bladder sludge. Also, remember to consult your vet if you suspect that this is the issue with your pet.

But then, parsley is an excellent treat that your rabbits will love because they are flavorful. So why not give it to them first?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

frequently asked questions

To sum it all up and to answer all your questions in brief, read this:

#1. Is parsley safe for rabbits?

Yes, parsley is safe for rabbits. So, can rabbits eat Italian parsley?

Of course, this veggie is one of the healthiest food in the world. Your rabbit can have parsley frequently as long as you serve in a small amount only every time.

But parsley is not ideal for bunnies who have a history of bladder and kidney problems. That is because this particular vegetable is high in calcium, so it can make those problems worse.

#2. Are Italian parsley good for rabbits?

Italian parsley is ultimately great for rabbits.

If your bunny can eat curly parsley, then, of course, you can also offer them Italian parsley.

#3. Can parsley cause health issues to rabbits?

Yes, a rabbit can get sick if they eat parsley.

Don’t worry, though; it happens just rarely.

For instance, it can happen if your bunny eats excessive parsley all at once. Suppose you introduce this food to your pet abruptly, especially when this is the first fresh food that they have.

#4. Do rabbits like Italian parsley?

We talked about whether a rabbit can have Italian parsley, but do they like eating them?

Yes, definitely. Most rabbits are eager to nibble away on this herb because they love its flavorful taste.

#5. What are the nutritional requirements of rabbits?

what are the nutritional requirements of rabbits

Rabbits are herbivores so their major source of food should be vegetables and plant-based food. They must have a diet that is high in fiber. Also, rabbits need to have something to chew on because they have teeth that are constantly growing and should be trimmed down.

Rabbits can not produce or store calcium and only absorb dietary calcium so the food they are taking should have enough calcium to meet the daily demand.


Can rabbits eat Italian parsley? The quick answer to this question is yes. Rabbits can definitely have Italian parsley.

Most of you love having it in your salad, which is also an important ingredient in several savory recipes.

Since it is healthy, it is among the staple food you can find in most spice cabinets and herb gardens.

The good thing is that we can share it with our pets!

Thank you for reading!

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