Can Rabbits Eat Roses? Avoid Rabbits Entry In 3 Ways?

Can rabbits eat roses? Yes, they can. In fact, rabbits will love eating these as a treat.

There’s no doubt about that; my pet, Thumper, likes having this. Well, there are a lot more things you should know about roses.

Can Rabbits Eat Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world.

Even if you agree or not, the majority of the human populace prefers roses to any flowers.

Just a simple background; roses belong in the Rosaceae family and genus Rosa.

They usually bloom with tons of cultivars, and they have approximately 300 species.

Roses are different when it comes to colors, sizes, and of course, every rose has a thorn.

can rabbits eat roses

Aside from the fact that they can be considered an ornamental plant, roses can be used in numerous ways- used as ingredients in making perfume, specifically their oil, serve as cut flowers, given for medicinal purposes. And it doesn’t end there, my friend.

Roses can also be given as treats for animals like rabbits. Yes, you read it right. Rabbits can eat roses that are mere flowers for the rest of us.

I’m sure that a lot of you are doubtful about that.

You don’t have to worry because we are going to discuss it as we continue.

Roses, Bushes, & Petals

Can rabbits eat roses? You already know the answer.

But, how about their bushes and petals?

Let’s answer that in a straightforward manner!

roses, bushes, & petals

Can rabbits eat rose bushes?

To answer that question, definitely yes.

They can eat roses including their floral leaves, bushes, stems, barks, and greens.

The good news is that they are not toxic, harmful, and poisonous in some way, unlike other plants like tulips.

It is said that animals like rabbits prefer plants belonging to the rose family such as blackberries, plum trees, cherries, red and black raspberries compared to others.

These plants can easily be damaged by rabbits, especially trees or shrubs that are relatively young.

Thus, you should always keep rabbits away from your garden, especially if you have roses in there.

Rabbits usually start eating after making sure their food is all ready. My friend tried leaving his pet in the garden full of roses to observe whether or not this is true. Indeed, it’s a fact, so you should never leave them behind.

But then, when the stems are matured enough, they aren’t attracted to it. The roughness of the barks explains this behavior; their teeth can’t eat rough objects.

Good news though; they will ingest even the dried roses but not a lenten rose since it serves as a repellent and doesn’t belong in Rosa’s genus. It means they are a different type of plant.

Can rabbits eat rose petals?

Even though rose petals are located at a high altitude and are hard to reach, rabbits can still eat petals from roses.

Be mindful that animals like rabbits often eat anything whenever they feel hungry or are deficient in the amount of food they usually take.

How about wild roses? Can you feed these to your rabbits?

Wild roses are one of the primary sources of food to rabbits, and their proximity will frequently draw in their attention.

If they are nearby your yard, there is a possibility for animals like a rabbit also to chew other plants they like.

how about wild roses

Thus, if you have a hard time with rabbits approaching your garden, you have to check if there are wild roses thriving close to your residence or yard.

These flowers can draw the attention of rabbits, which may further approach your backyard and garden, destroying the several plants and harvest you can still have.

How To Keep Rabbits Away From Your Rose Bushes?

If you have local or wild rabbits consuming your rose bushes, there are various ways to keep animals like rabbits away.

On the other hand, while trying to prevent your rabbit from consuming rose bushes, make sure you don’t harm your rabbit any way you are raising or other local pets and animals you currently have.

Here are a few of the effective ways of getting rid of these animals.

#1. The use of repellents

You can use repellents. From the name itself, they are capable of repelling rabbits from your garden.

Try to put a mixture of cayenne pepper or jalapeno and water in a spray.

Perhaps, this is an ideal instant solution that you can do at home.

Don’t worry though. There are also numerous commercialized repellents you can opt for in case you don’t want to DIY.

#2. Making use of poultry mesh to create a fence

Make sure it is approximately three feet tall and underground at least twelve inches deep because rabbits can dig into your yard.

Moreover, twist the upper part at least six inches outward to prevent rabbits from hopping into your yard.

#3. Using scares and devices

It includes owls, fake snakes, aluminum pie pans, water scarecrows, and more.

Try planting or inter-cropping various repellent crops in your yard. Through these plants, wild rabbits will surely get trapped.

Anyway, other people try using live traps to capture them.

Another scare is having a dog in your backyard. Having dogs at your home often deters rabbits. Yes, giving dogs the freedom to wander around can prevent wild rabbits from coming near.

Aside from that, it would help if you give a second thought to clearing your bushes around your yard, splitting any warrens, or blocking them using other ways.

Benefits Of Feeding Rose Petals To Rabbits

Without a doubt, rose petals serve as a treat enjoyed not only by rabbits but also chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

Definitely, they’re a perfect snack paired with their natural diet as they add extra flavor to their regular hay.

Roses are considered to be flowers of love, but they are suitable for your rabbits too.

benefits of feeding rose petals to rabbits

Rose petals are known to have a wealthy amount of vitamins and minerals while giving an aromatic, colorful add-on to hays and herbaceous plants.

Furthermore, you can give dried rose petals. These earthly petals can be a treat not only for your rabbits but for tiny animals as well.

I’m sure they will enjoy having these as a portion of food.


Can rabbits eat roses? Yes, they can be given to your rabbits as treats. They don’t have toxic compounds that can harm your rabbit.

But as I always remind you, it is crucial to feed with the right amount of recommended food they need regularly.

It would help if you only feed roses moderately. Too many roses can be harmful to your rabbit’s health.

I am sure this article will help you add a new name to the list of your cute rabbit’s treats list. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy your time with your pet bunny!

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