How To Fatten Up A Rabbit? 4 Great Foods To Feed Them!

Do you know how to fatten up a rabbit? To fatten up a rabbit, these two types of foods will gain weight by adequately feeding them.

We may use dry food, which is a highly concentrated design to digest nutrition from food easily. On the other hand, we may also provide fresh foods.

how to fatten up a rabbit

If our rabbit loves to eat fresh foods, it is advisable to give them a small portion of fruits and root vegetables such as carrots, sweet pepper, and apple.

The two types of foods can fatten up a rabbit by balance using dry foods and fresh foods.

We can make our rabbits healthy, and in the same way, we can increase their weight and fatten them.

So, I will provide you some fattening food, method, and techniques for your rabbit weight. lern more here how to make a rabbit gain weight


Rabbit Fattening Methods And Techniques

Here are the methods and techniques for fattening your rabbits:


#1. Feeding them nutritious food

Rabbits are small mammals; rabbits have more than 30 species worldwide, and they also live in many different environments, but most rabbits have similarities in common.

Rabbits are selective upon their diet because of their feeding behavior; like any rabbits, they only choose specific plant parts to eat.

how to fatten up a rabbit

When feeding with leafy vegetables, they usually eat leaves and leave the stem.

We need to keep in mind that the rabbit sometimes refuses to recognize the new diet we provided for them.

Our rabbit feed diet that may be available for you are carrots, cabbage, papaya, strawberry, pineapple, and broccoli. lern more here can rabbit eat broccoli

We also have different grasses that you may feed for them, such as congo signal grass, guinea grass, and para grass.

Note that vegetables, fruits, and grass hay may lose nutrients when stored; it is best to feed fresh.


#2. Giving them cereals or supplements

How to fatten up a rabbit?

Some methods to fatten up a rabbit is feeding them with fed cereals or add the supplement to the cereal with a suitable concentrate for proper fatten of our rabbit.

Regular feeding of fruits, vegetables, and some pellets are good.

If you want to fasten your rabbit’s growth, feed them pellet and watch them grow and fatten.

As you feed them with pellets, they will likely eat fewer hays.

My rabbit Thumper love’s to eat so much pellet. I notice that he’s not healthy. So, I decided to buy some high fiber pellets and a small portion of fruits and vegetables.

Thumper is now healthy and fatten up.

#3. Putting weight on bunnies or rabbits

Our local veterinarian told us that it is not fair to have an overweight bunny; however, it is also challenging to fatten up the bunnies. We likely fed them with pellets to lessen up the expenses.

If we were having trouble putting weight in our rabbits, we must do a balanced diet to provide for them.

we must do a balanced diet to provide for them

It is recommended to properly give balanced nutrition to the bunnies to avoid unnecessary diseases.

Several things may be considered to regain or fatten up your rabbit.

Make sure you can provide more high-fat foods and high-carbohydrates foods, but keep in my mind to limit as it may be deadly if you overdose. please read here how to tell if baby rabbit are dead

#4. Weight gain for underweight rabbits

Our rabbits have an excellent digestive system, and it is efficient for them to get all the nutrition from the foods they intake.

It only makes them underweight if they have an illness or other medical conditions that lead to underweight.

It is the best weight gain for our bunnies to provide nutritionally balanced food.

Balance foods must contain both protein and fiber. Protein and fiber will help the rabbits to gain weight properly.

So here are some recommended foods to let your rabbit gain weight and fatten up.


Rabbit Fattening Food

This fattening food will improve the weight and be knowledgeable on how to fatten up our rabbit.


#1. Hay

This hay has green and leafy because rabbits are most likely to eat green leaves. This type has more protein and fat values.

When choosing hay for your rabbits, I recommend that you will check the label for nutrition information.

Hay is the most essential for our rabbits; the rabbits graze in hay and grass daily. We know that our rabbits are grazing animals, so we need to make sure that we can provide this kind of food for their diet.

kind of food for their diet

Alfalfa is also a good source of protein and can provide plenty of fiber for our rabbits.

If our rabbit refuses to eat this kind of hay, we can give them fresh grass, but it’s good to choose a new growth leaf as it is more nutritious.


#2. Dry food

Dry food can be easily used to feed our bunnies, and dry food can easily digest.

If we’re trying to increase the weight or fatten up our rabbits, providing dry food is one of the best ways.

If you are giving a low protein or high fiber pellet to your rabbits, you can try mixing it with pellets that are mostly given to a young or breeding bunny. 

By mixing those pellets, you can increase the protein or calorie content in the pellets.

It will be a good source of pellets to provide them, and most likely, you will not increase the volume but can provide much better nutrition.

#3. Fresh foods

Just try to make your rabbits have a habit of taking fresh foods, not only a pellet.

Just give them a small portion of fresh fruits and vegetables such as sweet pepper, carrots, apple, and parsnip.

Root crops have more energy stored than green leafy vegetables and more calories. This is not efficient to fatten up your bunnies, but it is good to provide them a healthy diet to avoid unnecessary diseases.

Fresh foods will help balance our rabbit’s diet; just provide fresh foods for our bunnies.

A mixture of fresh foods and a pellet will answer us on how to fatten up our rabbit.


#4. Commercial foods for weight gain

This food designs to gain weight for rabbits easily. It is mostly sold, and it has high fiber with no sugar added.

high fiber with no sugar added

They also designed foods that have more nutrients provided for rabbits alone. But this will be an expensive one in the market.



By doing a balanced diet for our bunnies, we can ensure to gain their weight properly. We need to be cautious within their diet, as changes may occur.

Rabbits adjust to every new food for their diet. We need to consider that we can’t add many new foods to their diet.

For what you provided for the diet of your rabbit, add a little portion. It is suitable for them to adjust little by little to the food you provided.

We are tempted to feed our rabbits underweight, but we need to consider that it’s better to slowly gain their weight rather than a sudden gain.

Just provide a portion of proper nutritious food, and a little care will do.

I hope you have to learn a lot about how to fatten up a rabbit from what you read.

Thank you so much!

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