How To Tell If Baby Rabbits Are Dead? In 2 Easy Ways!

Are you curious about how to tell if baby rabbits are dead? It is simple because all you have to do is to look for a pool of blood.

It is undoubtedly a part of raising bunnies that you will have to deal with dead kits.

how to tell if baby rabbits are dead

Some breeders would tell that a rabbit is dead if it is cold. It is also an indicator of a bunny being lifeless because some cottontails do not have any pooled blood signs.

In this article, we will discuss the indicators that you can learn to know if a rabbit is alive or not.

We will also let you learn more about baby rabbits and why they quickly die.

So without further ado, let us delve right into it!


How To Tell If A Rabbit Is Dead

Rabbits are very adorable from when they are babies up to be adults. They are sure to give light and joy to your house, especially if the kits are many.

if the kits are many

The following are some indicators that a rabbit may be dead:


#1. It is cold

As a pet owner, there are times when an unfortunate happening may arise, like having a cold and lifeless rabbit.

Let me tell you a story.

I had a female dwarf rabbit, and she gave birth to three cute kits.

However, one of them was a little bit cold, and it seems like it does not breathe.

I have always wanted to name a rabbit “Thumper,” and the moment I saw the kit, that came to my mind.

Thumper was cold, and I thought that I needed to do something about it. I got him warmed up, and that was when it started moving.

I was so relieved and happy at that time, and now Thumper is a very cheerful cottontail.

Oh, wait! Some rabbits tend to play dead, so you should take note of that! please read here can rabbit play dead


#2. Pool of blood

Another thing that you should look out for is a pool of blood, which can be seen on the bunny’s toenails.

However, you can also notice the blood on other parts of its body rather than the toenails.

You should check all the babies after they are born to immediately do action if ever a bad situation is occurring like a dying rabbit.

It would be a sad moment for a rabbit owner because who would want to see a kit lying dead and cold, right?


What To Do With A Dead Baby Rabbit?

You cannot just dispose of the dead bunny’s remains in your trash bin. Why is that so?

It is because bacteria can spread and can further do harm to you and your family.

There are ways of how to tell if baby rabbits are dead, which we have discussed earlier.

The best thing that you can do is to call the local sanitation unit, which is around your area. They should make a call for you and teach you some steps that you must do for the scheduled pickup.

You can also choose the garbage service in your area so that you can be sure that you dispose of the dead rabbit’s remains correctly.

The local garbage service will also accept other small animals like guinea pigs and mice. please read here do rabbit eat mice

It would be very unethical for you just to throw the baby in the trash, and you will be very disrespectful to the bunny by just leaving it there. please read here can baby throw up

Be sure to call the right persons so that you can give proper disposal of its tiny body.


Do the First Litter of Bunnies Usually Die?

Based on the studies of the University of Miami, the first litter of a rabbit is about one to fourteen kits.

However, not all can survive, with just an average of six to be born alive.

Since the mother is a first-timer, the mother rabbit may have discrepancies in taking care of her babies, so you must make an effort.


You have to make sure that the kits are all warmed up with a good bedding to let them be warm and cozy.

It is also essential that you properly feed the mother and its kits to grow into healthy cottontails over time.

A good diet will boost their immune system and will make their bodies robust as ever.

By that action, you can be sure that they are far from diseases that may be severe and harm them in the future.


Why Are Baby Rabbit Easy To Die

There are several reasons why baby rabbits die quickly.

Here are some of the reasons that you must remember so that you will know how to act immediately in this type of situation:


#1. Heart attacks

The very first reason for the sudden death of a baby rabbit may be due to a heart attack.

heart attack

This unfortunate event may be caused by fear, which will trigger the baby cottontail to be scared and indeed cause death.


#2. Not able to live outdoors

You cannot just let a baby rabbit live in a cage forever because they also need sunlight.

You have to make sure that the indoor and the outdoor experiences of a baby cottontail is relatively equal so that you can be confident of its healthy growth.

The sun and the fresh environment will boost your bunny’s immunity, and it will be pleased that it can see the outside world and breathe the clean air.


#3. Swallowing sharp object

Since the body of a baby rabbit is delicate, anything that is sharp can vastly take its life when swallowed.

Its organs and the body frame are not as robust as the adults have, so you must be careful enough.

You should not let your baby rabbits have anything sharp in the cage because bunnies are curious animals.

They will eat what they see if they take an interest in it. It is why you have to be aware every time and be very attentive to what your bunnies eat.


#4. Existing health condition

Another thing that cannot be undone is that your baby bunny has an existing health condition.

This situation is an inborn problem, and if it is severe, you cannot do anything about it, even the veterinarian.

even the veterinarian

It is a sad thought, but the defective baby will surely be dying if it cannot breathe well or there is an issue on its insides.

It would be best to take care of it nicely while still living and offer a proper burial and disposal if the time comes for its death.



For the final words, you have to check the kit’s right after birth to know if it is breathing or not.

You have to keep in your heart that not all the litters will survive, so you must be ready for it.

I assume that you have learned a lot of useful information on how to tell if baby rabbits are dead through this blog post. please read here how to tell if baby rabbi are suddenly die

May you keep these learnings by heart, and thank you very much for reading!

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