How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Room: 7 Effective Solutions

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Whether it’s the baby room or your home office, keeping the kitty out of the room can be a challenge. Unlike dogs, baby gates are a piece of cake for cats. They can easily jump on any barrier. Knowing how to keep a cat out of a room requires creative solutions, just like the seven options I discussed below. From utilizing odours, textures, and devices, there’s a way to keep the cat away without causing any harm.

how to keep a cat out of a room

How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Room? 7 Effective Ways 

Cats are like fluids. They can squeeze through tight spaces to gain access to a room. If you want to keep a kitty out of your room, you will have to close even the smallest entrance points because cats can pass through almost everything.

If you’re dealing with the same thing, you can do the following steps if closing the door isn’t possible:

how to keep cats out of a room

1. Redirect The Cat’s Attention

One of the most effective ways to keep a cat out of a room is to redirect its attention. You should get a scratching post, interactive toys, and cat trees to keep your kitty engaged. This will stop the cat from following you into a room where you don’t want it to go.

If your cat goes into a room to curl up on your warm laptop, I suggest getting a heating pad to keep the kitty toasty. This way, the cat will not be pushed to invade your boundaries. Just make sure that the toys you’re going to get are safe.

2. Use Repulsive Odor

If your cat isn’t interested in any type of toy, the next best option is to use its strong sense of smell against them. This trick works well with my cat Watson. I place citrus peels by the door, and my little fella will back off.

Cats hate the citrus smell, so it’s a very effective solution if you want to keep them away. However, you should only apply the citrus smell to the area where you want to ward off your cat. You should never spray citrus substances on your cat because it will irritate their eyes and nose.

Take note that each cat responds differently to various scents. While my cat Watson hates the citrus smell, yours might have a dislike for specific perfumes or food items. You can utilize this as long as it doesn’t pose harm to your cat.

By the way, I don’t recommend using chili powder or garlic because these items can irritate your cat’s nose and eyes when it happens to sniff it.

3. Try The Water Spray Technique

For defiant cats, the water spray technique will help a lot. My coworkers have two cats who always like to go to the baby room.

is it cruel to keep cat out of bedroom

To stop this behavior, he used a spray bottle with clean water. The blowing effect and moisture are more than enough to catch cats off guard. The water spray technique may or may not work, depending on the tolerance of your kitty. Just make sure that you don’t add anything else to the water that could irritate your cat.

4. Place Unappealing Textures

If the sense of smell doesn’t work, you can trick your cat with its sense of touch. Cats have pretty receptive paws, and they will not touch surfaces they find unappealing. My cat Watson hates wet surfaces and would often take long routes just to avoid a muddy strip.

If your cat does the same, you can use aluminum foil. Duct tape also works like a charm because cats hate the feeling of a sticky surface. Make sure that the things you will use won’t harm your cat’s paws. You can try covering the door path with aluminum foil. This also works if you want your cat to stop scratching furniture.

5. Utilize bad-tasting solutions

Although cats have a limited sense of taste, you can still use it to keep the kitty out of your room. Bitter apple is one of the most common options since it’s safe for cats and guaranteed to drive the kitty away.

keep cat out of room

You can apply it to the spots that attract your cat to go inside the room. Some pet owners use a small amount of diluted peppermint oil. I suggest talking to the vet if you plan to use an alternative as many household items can be poisonous to kitties.

6. Plug An Ultrasonic Repellent

For cats that can get past all your deterrents, an ultrasonic repellent might be the best solution. This device uses an ultrasonic sound that’s not audible to humans. Only birds, rodents, cats, dogs, insects, and other animals can hear it. The sound is disorienting and annoying, which will send your cat running away from your room.

Most of these ultrasonic repellents for cats are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It works without causing any disruption to your daily activities. It’s safe for cats if you want to keep it out of a room.

7. Set Up An Automatic Cat Training Spray

A unique way to keep your cat out of a room is to use an automatic cat training spray. Unlike typical sprays, this one is motion-activated. The moment your cat passes through the can, it will automatically spray. It will startle your kitty and send it running for safety.

This spray uses an odorless, stainless, and safe formula. You can also purchase refills once it runs out without getting another spray head. Overall, most of these products can repel for up to one meter. You can place multiple units on all possible entryways of your cat.

Why Do Cats Go Where They Shouldn’t?

Sometimes, our cats seem to test our limits by going exactly where they are not allowed. This is due to cats’ natural inclination to wander and explore. Also, something might be attracting the kitty to the room where you don’t want it to enter.

Most cats don’t care about the private space of their owners. They will go wherever they want in any way they deem possible. But if this habit is being annoying, you can utilize the seven methods I discussed above.

How can I keep my cat out of my closet?

How can I keep my cat out of my closet

When I was in middle school, I used to have a gray tabby cat that basically lived inside my closet. The kitty seemed to have fallen in love with whatever’s inside. Vets said that my cat might be missing me while I’m away at school that’s why it traces my scent in the closet. However, this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated.

The cat may get trapped in the closet and this can be fatal if not found timely. Cats explore around, and they carry all types of dirt. The quick solution I used is diluted peppermint oil. I also lured my cat out of the closet with some treats and toys. Aside from that, you can also use other things that your cat hates. You should also close gaps in the closet so your kitty will not have any way to get inside.

Is It Cruel To Lock Up My Cat In A Room?

Sometimes, we have to put our cats outside or secure them inside a room. Locking the kitty is fine as long as it doesn’t object to it. If your cat meows loudly and scratches the door, it’s begging to be let out. Leaving the cat in this situation will only cause intense stress.

I suggest preparing the room with your cat’s bed, toys, and cat towers. This way, the room isn’t just empty space but a happy place for your kitty. Aside from that, there should be a food and water source inside the room, especially if you’re locking up your cat for a few hours.


Knowing how to keep a cat out of a room will come in handy on some occasions. What matters is that you explore methods that will not harm your cat. Avoid using chemicals and substances that could be toxic to kitties. I am sure this article will help you take care of your cat and if you have something else to add to my list, share your tried and tested methods below in the comment section! Thank you!!

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