How To Keep a Cat From Jumping Over The Fence

Cats are climbers and jumpers, so keeping them inside the fence can be a tiring task. Knowing how to keep cat from jumping fence is possible using rollers, toppers, spikes, and other deterrents. In this post, I will help you find a solution to discourage your feline from escaping and jumping over your fence.

Why cats love jumping over the fence

Cats are climbers, so they always seek a higher spot to relax. However, if your cat tends to jump over the fence to escape, there might be something luring them outside.

how to keep cat from jumping fence

Why cats love jumping over the fence

Mating is one of the major culprits that drive a cat over the fence. Male cats will seek a female in heat, and females would be following males. please read here do female cats spray when in heat.

Another common reason is that cats are natural hunters. Before they were domesticated, cats would hunt for food.

This is highly evident on their feline cousins like leopards, tigers, and lion.

Although there’s enough food source at home, some cats can’t help but satisfy their urge to hunt.

How to keep a cat from jumping over the fence 

Overall, cats jumping over the fence is not bad behavior. It’s just their nature kicking in. To solve this, you can do the following:

how to keep a cat from jumping over the fence

  • Build a higher fence

One of the first things you can do is building a higher fence that’s impossible for your cat to jump over. A very short fence is an easy-picking for any adult cat.

With that, increasing its height will help reduce your cat’s tendency to escape.

However, it’s not an absolute guarantee that your pet can’t overcome the height. I recommend pairing it with other solutions I discussed here.

  • Use a cat proof fence topper

A fence topper like roller bars will help a lot in discouraging your cat from jumping over the fence.

A cat proof fence roller will move when your cat tries to cling to it. This will stop your cat from perching, balancing, and eventually jumping over.

You can also make a DIY cat fence roller using large pool noodles.

However, the challenge here is if your cat is a good jumper.

cat fence proofing

In rare occasions, some cats can jump over the fence without the need to balance on top of it first. It’s possible that an elevated surface allowed the feline to jump easily.

You should also note that roller bars may pose a risk of injuries to the cat in case it falls from a considerable height.

  • Consider anti cat spikes

If roller bars don’t work, you can consider putting up cat spikes on your fence instead.

Don’t worry because cat spikes are blunt and it will not cut your kitty’s paws.

Your cat will find the spikes uncomfortable, which will deter it from balancing on the fence to jump.

However, cat spikes are only useful for taller fences where cats can’t jump without balancing first.

  • Apply a cat repellent

Another option that you have is using a cat repellent like sprays, ultrasonic devices, and motion-sensor deterrents.

All of these will discourage your pet from getting near the fence and jumping over.

The good thing about these deterrents is it doesn’t cause any harm to the cat.

However, each cat has its own tolerance level so some may actually jump over the fence by enduring the discomfort.

  • Use a dedicated cat containment fence

If all your cat proof fencing ideas fail, one thing you can use is a dedicated cat fence.

You can find a clip on cat fence or wireless types that are easier to install. This system is an effective way to prevent your cat from jumping over the fence.


How can I keep my cat in my yard?

How can I keep my cat in my yard

To keep your cat from jumping over the fence, you can use a roller bar, topper, cat spikes, or other deterrents.

Just ensure that the method you’re going to use will not harm your pet or other animals. Neutering or spaying your cat will also help a lot so the kitty won’t seek a mate.

How do you make a cat proof fence?

To make a cat proof fence, you must install an unstable surface on top of your existing fence. This will discourage your cat from perching and jumping over.

How high can a cat jump over a fence?

Cats can jump as high as 5 feet or even more.

You must ensure that your fence is tall and there are deterrents in place.

It will help to install a chain-link fence with a 45-degree angle on top to deter any jumping efforts of your pet.

Do cat fences really work?

Cat fences are made to deter your pet from jumping over.

If installed properly, it will work as expected. Still, you should always factor in how sneaky your cat is and if your deterrents will work. Some cats are more tolerant and smarter than others.

Can cats jump over pet gates?

Can cats jump over pet gates

Most cats can’t jump over pet gates since it doesn’t have a ledge where they can balance before making the big leap.

However, some cats can use the wall as leverage for their jump. If this is the case, you may need a higher pet gate.

Can you train a cat to stay in your yard?

Unlike dogs, it might be impossible to train a cat to stay within the yard.

Still, you can teach your cats some basic commands so it will come back when called.

The best solution is an effective cat containment system.


Exploring ways on how to keep a cat from jumping over the fence will prevent your pet from getting lost. Just make sure that the containment methods and deterrents you use are safe for your cat.

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