How To Potty Train Guinea Pigs In 6 Easy Steps

I guess you’re here because you want to know how to potty train guinea pigs. Don’t worry; the steps are very simple.

Just come to imagine this:

Wouldn’t it be great if you don’t have to clean the poop inside the cage of your guinea pig? Indeed, it would be nice if your pet uses a litter box, and its habitat is clean at all times! (Please Read here How To make a Guinea pig cage)

Potty training a guinea pig is possible, but it is not that easy as you may think it’ll be.

It is not as convenient as training your dogs and cats because you have to try hard to break its old habit and teach the guinea pig to use a litter box.

You have to expect that it will take you a while before you entirely train your pet.

In this article, we will be discussing the particular steps to take if you wish to train your tailless rodent.

Are you ready?

If yes, without any more delays, let’s go right into the discussion!


What Is Potty Training?

When we talk about potty training for guinea pigs, it means that you train your pet to use a litter box for urination and defecation.

You will make sure that it’ll be its habit and have the initiative to use the box and make it its toilet.

Your role as the owner is to encourage and direct your cavy well so that it won’t just be pooing and peeing everywhere in its cage.

It will surely be a huge disaster when it happens to step on its poop and run around.


Steps On How To Potty Train Guinea Pigs

As a pet owner, you observe your pet’s behavior if you wish to potty train it.

Before you prepare for a litter box, you must observe where it usually goes when it needs to poo or pee.

For these tailless rodents to mark their territories, they use their litter’s scent; that’s why you can observe that they regularly mark the area where they roam.

You can somewhat say that these cute little creatures are territorial.

Anyway, here are the steps on how to potty train guinea pigs: (Please also read how to train Guinea pig)


Step #1. Get a litter box

The first thing you must do is make sure that you prepare a litter box that you think your pet will be comfortable with.

Be mindful that it is not too high and not too low to get onto the box.

You have to make sure that the litter box will not exceed that size of the pen to give your adequate space to run around still.

In my case, I see to it that I bought a durable and odor-resistant litter box for my pet guinea pig, Ginger. I recommend you get one for your little friend.


Step #2. Stuff the litter box with hay

After you have prepared the litter box you intend to use, put enough hay or similar bedding, which you use in your pet’s cage.

It is always lovely that your pet is familiar with it to have further difficulties while on training.


Step #3. Put on gloves

You surely need to wear gloves for this next step because you have to find a handful of its bedding, which has the smell of pee and poo.

This action is for your pet to make a new territory, which is its litter box.

It would be best if you consider that not all guinea pigs quickly adapt to sudden changes.

Some will find it hard to use a potty litter, but don’t worry because it is entirely normal.

You just have to be patient.


Step #4. Give a reward if your pet uses the litter box properly

As your pet’s personal potty trainer, you have to encourage your guinea pig to do proper action.

That is why you have to reward your pet every single time that uses its litter box correctly.

If you continue to do this over time, he will soon make it his habit.

You need to be gentle while you are in training, and best if you do not shout if your guinea pig did it all wrong.

It might form a thought in its head that it will hate the litter box and refuse to use it. If that happens, you surely did fail in training your pet. (Please read here how to entertain Guinea pig)


Step #5. Do not remove the used litter box in the first few days

If you want your pet to follow its litter’s scent, do not remove the box for a few days of using it.

By that, it will be directed to where its toilet should be and be familiar with it every time.

You can do these days to remove the soiled part of the bedding but leave a tiny bit for at least two weeks.

Your guinea pig will then think that it must be its habit to use the litter box because of the scent.


Step #6. Be patient

Your beloved piggy and others do not have the same pacing when it comes to training; therefore, it surely won’t get it immediately.

There will be days when they forget to use your litter box, so don’t be upset because all you have to do is be diligent.

Do not use force as well, because the entire litter box concept can be despised by your pet.

Be very careful and show encouragement so that your piggy can do well in pooing on the litter box without delay in time.


Benefits Of Litter Training For Guinea Pigs

I tell you- potty training your pet is definitely a good idea!

It is not only your pet that will benefit if it has been trained for the place to poop but also for you.

Here are the benefits if your cavy knows how to use a litter box:


  • Less work for you

This one is the main benefit of the poop training that you are doing to your pet. Even though cavies are small in size, it can make so much waste every day.

And that only means that you will spend more time cleaning the cage, which will cause you to neglect some of your important works.

If your guinea pig is potty trained, the task of cleaning won’t make a hassle out of you because cleaning the litter tray is much easier than the mess all over the cage. (Please read here How to clean Guinea Pig Ears)


  • The cage will be dryer and cleaner

Another benefit of poop training is that your cavy’s habitat will be cleaner and much dryer.

The constant cleaning is what causes the wet and uncomfortable cage to it.

Besides, it is more hygienic for your guinea pig to love in an environment where waste is in one place.

Furthermore, diseases like urinary tract infections will have a lesser chance of occurring in your cavy.



In conclusion, litter training is a very beneficial thing that you can do in your free time.

It is not training that you can do overnight, but it takes you a lot of patience to accomplish it. Not because your pet does get it immediately does not mean that it won’t get it at all.

The question is:

How to potty train guinea pigs?

The best thing you can do is encourage it every time it litters on the litter box to let your pet know that it is doing right.

That will boost its mood, and will repeat the process until it sees it as its habit.

Good luck with training your cavy, and thank you very much for reading!