Why Does My Guinea Pig Bite Me? 4 Quick Ways To Stop!

Do you have the same question as to why does my guinea pig bite me? Well, their primary reasons could be because of mishandling and mites.

They might also try to nibble themselves and that you have just been bitten unintentionally.

why does my guinea pig bite me

why does my guinea pig bite me

Why is that so? It is caused by mites or fleas that cause your cavy to feel pain and discomfort. please read here how do Guinea pig get mites

If you think that your pet is suffering from these parasites, please contact the nearest veterinarian to address the issue right away.

In this article, we will find more reasons for your question, and we are going to elaborate it further for your better understanding.

Are you ready? If yes, let us dive into it already!


Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite

Several things trigger a cavy to nibble its owner, and here are the following: (please read here how to tell if your Guinea pig likes you)


#1. Guinea pigs might be irritated

One reason why your pet is having that kind of behavior is that it may be annoyed about you holding it too often.

Though these rodents are sociable animals, holding them too much can cause them to be irritated and bite you.

Let me tell you a story.

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite

I had a furry companion, which I brought home two weeks ago, and his name is Ginger.

Since it was my first time having a guinea pig, I was so affectionate to him, and I always hold him frequently all day.

There was a time (about five days ago) where Ginger suddenly bit me while I was holding him.

I was in shock about it, and now that I know the reason, I try to give him his own space.

Guinea pigs are adorable, but if you are annoying them too often, they will do actions like biting to keep you away from them and have alone time.


#2. Fear

As we have talked about a while ago, guinea pigs are very friendly to humans.

Another reason for the biting actions is maybe because your cavy is scared.

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite

Negative emotions may also be the reason if, in the past, someone had mishandled the cavy.

This one is the critical factor of the question, “why does my guinea pig bite me?”


#3. Pain and discomfort

Another reason that your cavy might be biting is that it feels discomfort or pain.

As we have talked about earlier, mites and fleas could be the culprit for the pain. (please read here why do Guinea pig Cry)

If you think that this matter is alarming, it would be best to seek medical help from the veterinarian as early as possible.

If you are irresponsible and do not take care of your pet properly, your cavy will be unhealthy and can cause severe future issues.

A pet owner should know what to do in these situations, and please do not apply self-taught medications for it might worsen the issue.


#4. Moodiness

You have to understand that guinea pigs also need alone time each day. For example, if it is time for food, maybe your cavy wants to give its full attention to its food and not want you to interfere.

Another reason for the moodiness is maybe that they feel uncomfortable and crowded being with other guinea pigs.

You must understand your beloved so that you can attend to its needs without the risk of it biting you.

Sometimes, for no particular reason, your cavy wants to feel the moment on its own, so that is something that you have to respect.


How To Train Guinea Pigs Not To Bite

If you want to teach your piggy not to bite, I will give you some tips on how to achieve it.

You must follow these accordingly so that you will reach the best results in the future. (please read here how to train a Guinea pig)

How To Train Guinea Pigs Not To Bite


Step #1. Clean your hands

Guinea pigs are sensitive when it comes to touch and smell, which they can associate with danger.

With that fact, your pet will tend to have the urge to bite you due to the unusual smell.

The best thing that you can do is to wash your hands thoroughly every after you eat or do something.

The unfamiliar smell may let your guinea pig think that they are in danger, so be sure to clean your hands when handling your pet.


Step #2. Avoid loud noises

Shock and terror can cause your guinea pig to be scared and bite you while you are holding it.

The sound of the vacuum cleaner or even the ambulance that passes by can trigger their fear and bite its owner.

You must understand that it is their instinct that maybe they are in danger, so if possible, put them in a place where there are no loud noises.


Step #3. Get rid of mites

Since the pain because of the attack of mites makes your pet uncomfortable, you have to take action immediately and get rid of the problem.

Sometimes, your pet may just need proper hygiene and that can be maintained using a good quality shampoo for guinea pigs.

If you notice that your cavy is not in good condition, be sure that you bring it to the veterinarian for the check-up that it needs.

Do not waste time because this issue can worsen if ignored.


Step #4. Handle your guinea pig with care

The bite of a cavy is sure to be healthy and can hurt you. When picking up your pet, you can try to use a towel or a cloth so that they will feel secured.

Avoid swinging your cavy around because it can be the cause for it to develop fear each time that you hold it.

Another piece of advice that I can give you is to stop carrying your guinea pig from place to place.

You have to remember that these rodents need to feel safe every time to avoid the biting habit.

Being from one place to another can make your cavy feel uneasy and scared because of the new environment that they are in.

Do not be careless and try to read your cavy’s feelings to avoid it from biting you.



Since you have reached this part of the blog post, you indeed have the answer to the question, “why does my guinea pig bite me?”

I hope that you have understood that your pet won’t have the urge to bite you unless it feels uncomfortable and in pain.

Furthermore, proper handling is something that you have to practice. Even though guinea pigs are sweet and docile rodents, they will bite if they feel they are in danger.

It is their instinct to bite if they feel that their life is at risk, so be sure to avoid loud noises and reckless handling.

I would surely love it if you took down some notes about this article and please follow the steps correctly.

Keep in mind the advice that I have spilled for a better bond between you and your piggy. Thank you so much for reading!

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