Yorkie Dry Skin Home Remedies

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Yorkies are affectionate, yappy, and lively small dogs that are 6 – 7 inches in height and weight approximately 7 pounds. These lovely dogs also have their own health challenges they face at times. One of those challenges is their high rates of skin disorders because of their type of delicate coat. Hair loss, hot spots, and allergies are the most common issues Yorkies have to deal with throughout their lifespan. please read here how to help my dog with skin allergies

yorkie dry skin home remedies

When your Yorkie has a dry skin problem, what they should be done to deal with the issue? There are some good Yorkie dry skin home remedies that can help you solve this challenge on your canine friend. These home remedies are quite effective.

Home remedies for dry skin in Yorkshire terrier

home remedies for dry skin in yorkshire terrier

While dry skin on dogs can clear up with simple home remedies of coconut oil and omega 3 fatty acids, it may not be too easy for Yorkies. Here are effective solutions if you have a Yorkie with dry skin.

Brash and apply dog conditioner instead of washing

One of the most frequent reasons why Yorkie itching and has dry skin – people wash them too often with shampoo (it should not be more frequently than once a month).

As a result, the skin is drying because of washing out the most of essential skin oils. Try avoiding a shampoo at all for a few months and you will notice a huge difference.

Try another technique – brush a dog carefully before bedding.

Brush the dog even longer just before washing and next, apply a dog conditioner, let it sit for 10 minutes, and wash it.

Next blow-drying the hair. You will most likely see a huge difference shortly.

If it does not help – consider trying other alternatives below.

Include fish oil to their diet

In most cases, dry skin indicates that their diet is lacking something. Most dog foods in the market contain mostly omega 6 acids instead of omega 3 acid that the dog needs for good skin balance.

Even though the commercial foods are labeled omega 3, most don’t actually contain the nutrient in the right proportion.

adding fish oil to dog food

You have to supplement by adding fish oil to your Yorkies’ diet. That’s the only way to ensure they get the nutrient. Liquid fish supplements or fresh fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon can help to treat your dog’s dry skin problem.

Use coconut oil

We all know that coconut has high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Apart from its effectiveness to moisturize dry skin, it’s great as a supplement too. In addition, free radicals are the major culprits to dry skin.

To neutralize them, a good dose of vitamin E will come in handy. And yes, those vitamin E capsules for humans can serve here. Just buy and rub it on your dog’s skin. The skin will absorb the vitamin pretty easily.

There’s no problem if your Yorkie licks come of the vitamin. It’s even good for them because it improves the proper functioning of the liver and heart.

Coconut oil is not just a remedy for dry skin but also one of the best natural flea killer!

Olive oils

Olive oil has similar benefits to coconut oil. That is why it is recommended by most veterinarians. It is both a vitamin source and a moisturizer.

Just like yogurt, pour a teaspoon of olive oil in their diets on a daily basis. You can add flaxseed oil too in the mixture, but this should be given at a smaller dose of ½ teaspoon.


This nutritious human food is a moisturizer with bacteria that can help bring back the normal skin of your dog. Apart from helping with dry skin, it is also beneficial for preventing diarrhea and improving their GI system.

Just give them about one teaspoon of yogurt daily for about two weeks. The dry skin will almost disappear within that period.

Other Yorkie Dry Skin Remedies

Apart from the remedies mentioned above, you can equally try the following remedies. They are also effective.

Get a home humidifier

Yorkies are indoor dogs. Since they often stay indoors, low humidity due to the central heating system can lead to dry skin.

With a humidifier, you can help your dog to reduce their dry skin problem.

how to help my yorkie with dry skin

Using a homemade moisturizer

Just like humans, the best treatment method of dry skin in dogs is with a moisturizer. We have mentioned some of the natural remedies that can help to moisturize their skin. But the problem with some of these moisturizers is the likelihood of your dog licking them off. So, you need to use only something that won’t endanger their health when they eventually lick them.

A perfect example is oatmeal shampoo. This paste is made of saponins, which can do a general cleansing on the skin and its pores. You can make use of oatmeal paste in the following ways:

Mix the oatmeal properly with a proportional amount of water

  • Rub it on their skin and stay with the dog for about 20minutes
  • Then wash off with clean water

Note: It’s important that you stay close to your dog to monitor and prevent them from licking it.

Yorkshire terriers are lovable pets with delicate skins. When your pet is having dry skin conditions, there are several things you can do to help. Some pet owners try using human shampoo and soap too sort this problem.

yorkie dry skin

That is the wrong idea. It will be a bit harsh on their delicate skin.

Sometimes dog shampoo for allergy sufferers and for specific skin conditions also help in treating dry skin problems in Yorkies and other kinds of dogs as well.

In case your Yorkie needs diapers due to incontinence or training issues, you may also make sure to use suitable diapers for Yorkies that may not cause issues on dry skin.

The Yorkie dry skin home remedies

mentioned above are effective when tackling dry skins in Yorkies. But not all will work for your pet. It depends on how serious the condition is. You can try a combination of some of the remedies if the condition is more serious on your dog.

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