10 Best Dog Diapers For Yorkies

Little Yorkies are the buddies that need a lot of care and love. But being messy is not a thing you would need when they are not trained or able to pee and poo at the specified place. Using the best diapers for Yorkies could be the ultimate solution to stay out of mess until your Yorkie gets on track to stay clean enough.

Dog diapers help a lot in short term troublesome situations. You can avail diapers for the dog females in heat, male dog incontinence, female dog incontinence, and when training giving toilet training to your puppies.

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So which ones would work the best for Yorkies? Here are some dog diapers options which may fit to support the Yorkies and give them the comfort, support and help they need to be trained properly or get through the short-term issues they have been facing for a particular time.

Our 4 Top Choice Dog Diapers for Female and Male Yorkies


WegreecoWashable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Reusable Premium Dog Diapers, Medium, Bright Color, for Female Dog, Pack of 3

Based on its raving reviews on Amazon, we can conclude that Wegreego is one of the Yorkies’ best diapers. But let’s still do justice by pointing out its top features. This is purely an absorbent washable diaper with a waterproof outer layer. It makes sure there are no leaks that can damage sofas, carpets, or rugs.

The diaper is very easy to use. And from experience, Yorkies usually stay comfortable in them. There is no uncomfortable texture on the inside of the diaper. With Velcro closure, it is very straight and smooth. Besides, it does not stick on the Yorkie’s fur, unlike some other diaper types in the market.


DONO Disposable Female Dog Diapers

Dono Disposable Pet Diapers for Female Dogs Super Absorbent Soft Heating and Pee Puppy Diapers Female Liners, Including 20pcs XXS Diapers for Dogs and Cats

If you are looking for the best diapers for Yorkies, you should consider a product with leak-proof barriers and absorbent features. In that case, Dono may be a great option for your pet.

It’s a disposable option for those looking for more convenience. Another important feature is how easy you can wear the diaper on your pet. It’s super easy to wear and pull off because of its reattached fasteners.

The superabsorbent fabric keeps the body of your pet dry. While doing this important job, it also prevents any urine leak from the diaper. This leaves you with a clean home and a comfortable friend.


Teamoy Reusable Wrap Male Dog Diapers

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs, Washable Puppy Belly Band Pack of 3 (S, 10''-13''Waist, Black+ Gray+ Lake Blue)

Teamoy is also reusable for those who are looking for eco-friendly products. It is machine washable and doesn’t lose its grip after several uses. The diaper has tape closures that comfortably fit your pet.

Another unique feature of this diaper is the microfiber in the middle section. It prevents leaks and keeps your dog dry for a long time.

The waterproof outer layer prevents any leakage of urine. This protects your home and keeps everywhere clean. And no matter how your dog wriggles, it will stay secured on the waist until you are ready to take it out. With this diaper, there are no worries both for you and your canine friend.


Vet’s Best Comfort Male Dog Diapers

Vet's Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers | Absorbent Male Wraps with Leak Proof Fit

The vet is another comfortable disposable diaper that comes in different colors. It has a Velcro flap that provides better adjustment and a proper fit to different sizes of dogs. Whether you have a Yorkie or just another breed of a small dog, this diaper will fit in comfortably.

There is another unique feature of the product you will love. It comes with a wetness indicator that tells pet owners when it’s time to change the belly band. This gives pet owners confidence, knowing you have a solid reminder to help you monitor your pet.

There is also the leak-barrier to prevent leaks on the sofa and carpet. The urine does not leak out, and it does not make your dog stay uncomfortable.


Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps

Wiki Wags Extra Small Male Dog Wraps

Wiki Wap is surely a comfortable and protective diaper that keeps your carpets and furniture dry. It is perfect for incontinent dogs or puppies under grooming. The diaper comes with 2 adjustable close tabs to correctly secure the wraps in place.

With this diaper, the dog will be free to walk and do other things because it dries off urine from the dog’s body. If your dog marks, they will need to wear this diaper to protect your sofa and other areas in your house.

Besides, the dog has soft gussets for added protection against leaks. It’s a disposable wrap that will surely keep your pet drier for a longer time.


Simple Solution Disposable Diaper

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers for Female Dogs | Super Absorbent Leak-Proof Fit | Medium | 30 Count

If you are looking for a very simple diaper for your Yorkshire terrier, this model could be a good option for you. It’s ideal for traveling, managing heat cycles, incontinence, and excitable urination.

The diaper is designed to fit your small pet comfortably. The leak-proof fit gives pet owners peace of mind, even when they are not monitoring their pets. You won’t be worried about any mess on your floor or sofa.

Simple Solution Diaper is fur-friendly too. It does not allow furs to stick on the diaper because of the fur-friendly material. Overall, the diaper keeps your home safe while providing freedom of movement for your dog.


Four Paws WeeWee Dog Diaper

Four Paws Wee-Wee Extra Large Dog Diaper Garment

This thing is super absorbent. It leaves you with no worries as regards staining your carpet or sofa. The anti-leak feature makes it absorbent to urine but doesn’t leak it out. Since it’s a washable garment, this model is perfect for long-term use.

It tightly fits securely on the dog with its adjustable closures. The diaper provides maximum comfort to the pet for a long time.

You can get this to manage excitable urination, puppies, incontinences, or for female dogs in heat season. And the small size will fit your Yorkie securely. With this diaper, you will drastically minimize your indoor cleaning.


Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

Pet Magasin Reusable Female Dog Diapers Panties, 3 Pack, Blue Green & Purple, Small

If you are traveling along with your pet or won’t be around to monitor them, this Diaper will come in handy. It snugly fits your small dog and offers comfort for your little friend.

The diaper is also eco-friendly since you don’t have to dispose of them every time. You can easily wash it in your machine and use it again on your Yorkie.

When you are looking for an absorbent model, this is one of the best diapers for Yorkies in that regard. It comes with multiple layers and a waterproof outer layer to keep your carpet or rug clean. Pet Magasin is also comfortable and fashionable.


Paw Legend Female Dog Diapers

Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers(3 Pack,Small)

Raw Legend is another comfortable diaper specifically designed for female dogs. This small size will perfectly fit your Yorkie and keep them comfortable. It’s also a washable material, which means you will use it for a long time even after washing severely. You are going to protect the environment while spending less on diapers.

Besides, it is easy to use. There are an adjustable hook and loop tab that allows you easily put on and take off the diaper.

Just like other top-quality dog diapers, this one has multiple protection layers. With this feature, your home is safe, and your pet will feel more comfortable.


Pet Parents Washable Dog Diaper

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers (3pack) of Doggie Diapers, Color: Princess, XSmall Dog DiapersPet Parents contain 3 packs of disposable dog diapers for your small canine friend. The diaper is a waterproof model, which means there is complete protection on your sofa, upholstered chairs, and rug. It comes with an absorbent pad that is permanently fixed into the diaper.

Pet Parents has a Velcro enclosure to secure the diaper on your dog’s waist quickly. It also comes in 3 different colors, making it more fashionable.

But the most important feature is its leak prevention and the comfort it offers to your pet. It does not stick on the fur of your Yorkie, unlike some other diapers in the market.


Always remember you consider the best diapers for Yorkies, which are well-sized, made with higher quality materials, and are meant to use easily. You can find disposable dog diapers for Yorkies, reusable Yorkies diapers, and female dog diapers. In addition to that, diapers for adult dogs and large dogs are also easy to find if you know their needs.

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