Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? Is it Good or Bad?

While dogs are known to be obsessed with peanut butter, we can’t help but wonder: can cats eat peanut butter, too? To be fair, peanut butter isn’t toxic to cats. You can give your cat a small amount as long as the peanut butter isn’t salted or heavily flavored. However, you should remember that cats don’t benefit a lot from peanut butter’s nutritional value.

Is peanut butter safe for cats?

Is peanut butter safe for cats
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Unlike dogs, cats seem to exhibit little interest in peanut butter. I speak from experience after an “unscientific” test with my Golden Retriever Sherlock and tabby cat Watson.

can cats eat peanut butter

Sherlock will go mad the moment I open the peanut butter jar. With Watson, peanut butter was greeted with a few sniffs before jumping off the counter.

Nevertheless, each cat has a different reaction to peanut butter. Some will be as addicted to it as dogs do. Still, you should never overindulge the kitty with this nutty spread.

First of all, peanut butter is made of peanuts, which is a plant-based food item. Cats are carnivores and not herbivores or even omnivores. Although peanut butter is rich in protein, it doesn’t contain all the amino acids your cat needs to grow healthy. Only meat-based protein sources are ideal for felines.

However, you have to factor in the possibility that your cat may have allergies to peanuts and other ingredients of peanut butter. If your cat experiences diarrhea and vomiting after the consumption of peanut butter, you must bring it to the vet to get checked.

Take note that allergies don’t go away on their own. It only becomes worse over time if you keep giving the allergen to your cat.

In general, cats don’t process plant-based food well. It can cause stomach upset even if your kitty isn’t allergic or intolerant to peanut butter.


How much peanut butter is good for cats?

How much peanut butter is good for cats
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If you want to give your cat a quick treat, a small amount of peanut butter will be okay from time to time. Half a teaspoon should be the maximum serving and must be given only once a week to prevent potential side effects.

I actually use peanut butter to trick Watson into taking his medications. I make sure that I’m giving unsalted peanut butter.

Also, I just want to warn you about giving your cat a dollop of peanut butter at once. This can cause choking because peanut butter has a pasty consistency.

This can get stuck on their throats and mouth, which will be a bigger problem.

If you are to give peanut butter to your cat, just smear a little on your finger and let the kitty lick it from there.

URGENT CAUTION: I don’t recommend making your cat obsessed or accustomed to the taste of peanut butter. Some households use peanut butter with poison to kill rats and other rodents. If your cat happened to roam around the neighborhood and find this, the result would be lethal and irreversible.

Can cats eat peanut butter cookies?

Peanut butter cookies have multiple ingredients aside from peanut butter used for the main flavor. Whether it’s safe for your cat or not depends on these ingredients.

Typical peanut butter cookies have these ingredients: butter, peanut butter, sugar, flour, egg, cream, bread, and baking powder.

Most are safe for cats if given in small amounts. However, the problem arises with the cream ingredient.

This is a dairy product with high lactose levels. As you know, cats are lactose intolerant and can’t consume dairy products like cheese, milk, or cream.

Aside from that, peanut butter cookies have lots of sugar. Your cat can easily pack a lot of weight if given peanut butter cookies regularly.

It will also mess with their dental health as the sugars may get trapped between teeth which can cause plaque.

If given as a treat in small amounts, I don’t see any major problem with peanut butter cookies. But just like any human food item, you should give it sparingly and in very little amounts.

Can cats eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Are you wondering if you can share your PB & J with your cat? Again, it all boils down to the ingredients of the jelly and peanut butter. Most jellies are packed with sugars, artificial coloring, and added flavoring. All of which are not healthy for cats.

However, there’s no imminent harm in giving your cat a pinch-size amount of your PB & J. Just note that too much will increase your cat’s risk of obesity.

If your cat has a very sensitive tummy or any lingering illness, I don’t think it’s wise to give any peanut butter to your pet.

Aside from that, your cat might be allergic to the type of jelly you’re going to use. Take note that the likes of marmalade aren’t safe for cats. Any citrus jelly, for that matter, should never be given to felines.

Can cats have peanuts?

Unsalted peanuts are crunchy and tasty snacks. Your cat may also gravitate toward it since it’s also fatty and triggers their instincts.

A piece or two won’t hurt your kitty, but it’s important to assess the overall impact of peanut butter on your cat.

Sure, it’s high in protein and not seasoned, but it’s still a plant-based food item. Cats don’t usually benefit from this, and peanut isn’t typically popular in the cat food industry.

Aside from that, cats’ digestive systems aren’t designed to break down large amounts of fat. They are programmed to digest protein. If your cat ingested large amounts of peanut, it’s best to bring it to the vet.

Can cats eat almond butter?

Like peanut butter, almond butter isn’t really toxic to pets. However, it contains lots of fats, which can cause stomach upset among cats. Also, this will make your cat susceptible to obesity since almond butter contains a lot of calories.

Aside from that, ingesting a large scoop of almond butter can cause throat blockage in a cat. This is as pasty as peanut butter and can be a choking hazard if not given properly. Almond butter is also oily and not ideal for cats.

For your cat’s safety, consider all types of butter unsuitable for their diet. If you have to give your kitty some, it should be in very small amounts only.

Can cats have peanut butter ice cream?

During summer, it’s important to keep your cats cool. One thing that may come to mind is giving your cat your favorite peanut butter ice cream. But before you scoop, let me warn you first.

Peanut butter aside, ice cream is a dairy product. That means it contains milk and cream, which are a recipe for stomach upset among cats.

It’s also sugar-rich and will give your pet excessive calories. Over time, your cat will become overweight and eventually obese.

If you want to give your cat a cold treat, a few ice cubes will do. You can also freeze some brewed green tea for added taste. A small serving of frozen canned tuna will also work. 

Why is my cat obsessed with peanut butter?

While cats don’t gravitate toward peanut butter, some kitties find it irresistible. Like humans, cats have different flavor preferences, which explains why some are fond of peanut butter.

Aside from that, your cat might be obsessed with the food you serve peanut butter with. Your cat probably liked the salty pretzel or the strawberry you use to scoop the butter.

Still, no matter how your cat likes this nutty spread, you should never give it too much. Peanut butter is oily and fatty, which is not ideal for a cat’s diet. As much as possible, stick to treats made for cats.


Can cats eat peanut butter? Yes, but only in small amounts. Peanut butter should never be considered a major part of your cat’s diet.

Cats are purely carnivorous and their digestive system can’t digest plant-based food ingredients. Giving large amounts of peanut butter can result in stomach upset and even pose a choking hazard by sticking in the mouth. 

Remember that peanut butter has a lot of fat that will mess up your cat’s tummy. Also, cats will have allergic reactions to peanut butter.

We hope the information from this article will help add an item to your cat’s treat list. But remember, moderation is the key. 

Thank you for reading! 

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