Can CBD Oil Help Dogs With Cancer? Here Are The Possible Benefits

A holistic approach for the treatment of various disorders has been very popular these days. But Can CBD oil help dogs with cancer actually? 

Can CBD oil help dogs with cancer
can cbd oil help dogs with cancer

However, it’s far from a cure, so you shouldn’t consider it as the Holy Grail for your dog’s serious health problem. Still, CBD oil remains beneficial in easing the symptoms of cancer and managing your dog’s pain.

can cbd oil help dogs with cancer

Common cancers in dogs

Like humans, cancer can also afflict dogs. It’s common among older and senior canines, although younger ones aren’t invincible.

Common cancers in dogs
can cbd oil help dogs with cancer
  • Melanoma. This cancer manifests as a tumor in the dog’s mouth. Canine melanoma, if malignant, will be an aggressive form of cancer. If not addressed right away, the tumors will spread all over the lungs and lymph nodes. If your dog has large and unusual mouth ulcers, you should take them to the vet for proper examination.
  • Mast cell tumors. Mast cell tumors are a form of skin cancer. The cancer cells proliferate in the connective tissues and stay near the surface. Aside from the skin, it can also occur on the mouth, lungs, and nose. The severity of this cancer depends on its location and level of inflammation.
  • Bone cancer. Also known as osteosarcoma, bone cancer can afflict any breed, but it’s often diagnosed on larger canines. Take note that osteosarcomas are aggressive tumors and will be unbearably painful. Also, about 80% of all canine osteosarcoma cases will spread to the lungs.
  • Lymphoma. This is a cancer of the white blood cells and the lymphoid tissues. Multicentric lymphoma is the most common type in dogs and accounts for about 85% of all canine lymphoma cases. Take note that lymphoma is a blanket term for all lymphocyte-originating cancers. 
  • Hemangiosarcoma. Hemangiosarcoma is a type of cancer widely observed in middle to old-aged dogs. About 50% of affected dogs have the spleen as the spot of this cancerous tumor. In less common cases, the tumor will grow in the heart’s lining, skin, and the heart itself.

Can CBD oil help dogs with cancer?

CBD oil can help dogs with cancer a lot. If used under the supervision of a veterinarian, CBD will work hand-in-hand with cancer medications.

Can CBD oil help dogs with cancer?
can cbd oil help dogs with cancer

Just make sure that the oil is extracted from a high-quality cannabis plant or marijuana plant for the best results. To get more information about CBD benefits in dogs and humans, you should read cbd oil for dogs vs humans

So far, the following are the observed benefits of giving CBD oil to a cancer-stricken dog.

1. Reducing pain

One of the main benefits of CBD for dogs with cancer is pain relief. CBD provides an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effect, which will help your dog relax. 

Aside from that, CBD oil is known to reduce inflammations all over the body. This will directly alleviate the pain your dog is going through. It’s well-documented that CBD oil can reduce both inflammation and pain without any adverse side effects.

2. Aids anti-tumor treatments

Initial trials and testimonials from experts indicate that CBD can help boost radiation therapy’s effectiveness in shrinking cancerous tumors.

So can CBD oil for dogs shrink tumors? While CBD itself doesn’t shrink the tumors, it boosts the treatment your dog is receiving. 

This isn’t surprising because dogs have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. The cannabinoid receptors in this system are strongly related to the activity of cancer cells.

3. Better sleep

Dogs with cancer will suffer a lot from lack of sleep. This is due to the pain and discomfort they are experiencing 24/7. Your dog’s poor sleep patterns will make its immune system weaker.

Studies found that the endocannabinoid system has a role in modulating sleep. But the tricky part here is that CBD from the hemp plant is actually the ‘wakeful’ compound as opposed to THC, which makes the user sleepy.

So how can this help your dog’s sleep? For one, it reduces physical pain. Second, it promotes waking time during the day, which will make your dog sleepier by nighttime. Just make sure that you administer the CBD tincture in the morning, so it won’t ruin your dog’s sleep at night.

There are other benefits to giving CBD oil to your dog. But before you do so, talk to your dog’s vet first. CBD oil may have contraindications with your dog’s medication. You wouldn’t want your pet to suffer further.

How long does it take for CBD oil to take effect on dogs?

If taken under the tongue, CBD oil will take effect within 40 minutes. Sublingual absorption is faster since it goes directly to the bloodstream. It skips the digestive system and liver, which delivers faster effects to your dog. However, you have to get your dog used to taking CBD oil like this instead of gagging and spitting it out. 

Another way of giving CBD oil to your dog is by adding it to their meals. But since it will go through the process of digestion like a CBD treat, it will take some time to take effect. You can also try CBD dog treats as another option.

Can CBD help a dying dog?

CBD oil can help dying dogs have a better quality of life on their last days. Cancer is brutal, and the truth is that some dogs just won’t make it. 

Can CBD help a dying dog?
can cbd oil help dogs with cancer

CBD oil will help your dog relax and sleep better. It will also make the process easier for you instead of seeing your dog seething in pain. Just make sure that the vet is involved in your dog’s use of hemp oil.

What does a mast cell tumor does on a dog?

A mast cell tumor (MCT) is one of the most common forms of canine cancer. It will start as a raised bump then grow into a swollen, red lump. However, some mast cell tumors won’t show on the surface even if it’s already present for months.

The prognosis for MCT is less favorable if the dog has aggressive cancer. This happens when the cells multiply rapidly, as observed under the microscope.

If the MCT is located on the meeting point between the skin and mucous membrane, cancer would be much worse. One common example here is a mast cell tumor that grew in the dog’s gums.

Dogs with MCT will exhibit shock-like signs, including pale gums, vomiting, acute lethargy, and decreased appetite.

The tricky part is that a mast cell tumor isn’t a painful form of cancer right away. It can progress without signs and only show symptoms once it’s in the advanced stage.

If you notice any unusual bumps and lumps on your dog’s body, it’s best to call the vet. Aside from CBD treatment, your dog also needs further examination.

How fast do cancerous tumors grow on dogs?

This depends on how aggressive the cancer is. If a dog has an aggressive form of cancer, the tumor will grow large in just a few months. This will require immediate chemotherapy and medication to combat the spread of the cancer cells.

There’s no specific mathematical calculation about how fast the cancerous tumor grows. Still, one thing is for sure, the growth is exponential, so your dog has to get treated right away.

Can you give a dog CBD oil with other medications?

As long as the veterinarian approves it, then yes. You have to ask the vet first before giving any CBD product to your dog. Like any substance, it can negatively affect pharmaceuticals or the cancer treatment your dog is currently taking.

Although adverse side effects are rare in the use of cannabis oil, you should still be careful. Proper guidance and accurate dosage are necessary to prevent marijuana poisoning.


CBD can help alleviate cancer symptoms, so your dog won’t suffer too much. It is effective in reducing inflammation and pain. However, you have to consult the vet and make sure that CBD is safe to use in conjunction with other medications your dog is taking.

We hope you have gained useful information from “can CBD oil help dogs with cancer?” and this will help you improve the quality of life of your lovely dog. 

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