Can Horses Eat Corn Silage?

If you have horses at home or when you are to start taking care of horses, you should be familiar with their food. One common question we encounter is, can horses eat corn silage? Yes, definitely corn silage can be eaten by horses.

We are supporting details on why will be discussed throughout the article. So stay with us and know more. We look into silage if we are talking about food for horses. It may not be familiar to many people, but it is certainly worth the hype.

can horses eat corn silage

can horses eat corn silage

Knowing that our horses are herbivores and fond of eating plant-produced food, they would eat silage (please read my article can horses eat swede). Hay is composed of chopped and diced forage. It uses fermentation that’s anaerobic to retain its juiciness.

It has a brown to green color, but it also has many things to contain to reach a standard. One is that it should be uniform and equal in its moisture and texture. A good scent can also be a bonus upon having silage.

Corn Silage As Food For Horses

Food is essential upon horses, and of course, it is necessary to answer, can horses eat corn silage? We want to ensure our horses’ health and are okay and doing fine, primarily when we use them daily.

Upon choosing what food is better for them, you have to research every choice of food. Corns, grass, hay can be some good sources of food for horses. On the other hand, corn silage is not too familiar.

corn silage as food for horses

Many barn owners get confused about it because it came from corn, and basically, it is just processed and produced differently. So, to answer your question directly, yes, horses can eat corn silage. It can be an excellent alternative to the regular food you prepare for your horses.

It is acceptable to be prepared and fed to your horses, although it is not usually the one you see, that does not mean that it can’t be served. You can still look for solid evidence if you are confused, but we will share more information about corn silage and horses below.

What is corn silage?

Since we talked about corn silage earlier, we want to share some knowledge about it. Corn is a crop that we usually see in the market, fields, and almost everywhere. In addition, it is common in some countries as food and good food for some animals.

Although, it is sometimes being processed differently to become more prosperous and better for some animals. An example of such could be corn silage. It is known to be one of the most high-quality crops.

Corn silage is a forage crop, to be exact. Usually, it is used in places like Tennessee, specifically in farms for beef cattle. However, it is also seen on some farms for dairy.

Usually, this method helps preserve the crops being harvested so they do not decay fast and have more nutrients. It is called a fermentation wherein the oxygen should not participate. Corn silage is like a pickle, but it uses different ingredients and steps.

How much would corn silage cost?

When you purchase corn silage, you have to know its price to have one. Usually, it is being sold in tons as its unit. They differ on how you would buy your corn silage.

Corn silage usually can be bought as dry and wet. However, the wet one is much more expensive to purchase. One ton of wet corn silage which is about 35%, would cost $48, or it is safe to assume $50 for it.

How much would corn silage cost

On the other hand, the dry corn silage, which has about 72% dry matter, would only cost you $.096 to buy a ton.

The choice is within you. You know what would work better in your preferences; know that quality must be on top.

Where To Buy Corn Silage?

Buying corn silage isn’t hard, but finding a place to believe it is indeed challenging. Unfortunately, some countries and cities do not have any nearby place to buy this stuff, so we will be giving out options for where you can buy your corn silage.

Option #1. Agricultural stores

The first option is to locate some agricultural stores near your place. Then, you can have it checked on the internet. Usually, when you search for a product or store, the top suggestions would come from the places near your location.

where to buy corn silage

You can pin them or have them on your map to follow. It is best to purchase corn silage from this store because they know how to make it last longer. And they have knowledge regarded poultry and feeds; they can even provide you advice and tips.

That is only advisable if you are safe to go out, especially if there is an ongoing pandemic. You have to use all your resources and check out the best store to buy corn silage.

Option #2. Buy online

Another option for you, if and only if you do not have your agricultural stores in your place, is to buy online. Upon purchasing, you have to conduct additional research about the product and look for trusted online shops.

You can see a variety of corn silage, but of course, their quality level is different. It is better to purchase something expensive than something cheap that can be bad for your horses. Always review the product and check its star rating. In that way, you can be assured that it is a great option.


Can horses eat corn silage? Horses can eat corn silage. It is believed that it is suitable for them also. It can be a good alternative for your hay and all the other plants you feed them when it is out of availability.

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