Can Rabbit Eat Mushrooms? Avoid Poisoning In 3 Steps

Can rabbit eat mushrooms? No, rabbits cannot eat mushrooms. Just an instance why you should know this fact- we all love eating pizzas.

And of course, they always have mushrooms together with garlic perfectly sliced as a part of the menu.

What we humans enjoy eating isn’t the same for animals. If you love eating pizzas with mushrooms on it, but you’re also a rabbit owner, make sure to feed them the right food.

Always remember that rabbits are vegetarian. However, they should never eat any mushrooms, not even a little bit.

There are species of mushrooms that are toxic to humans as well as to rabbits; This is just one of the reasons why you should avoid feeding these to them.

Plus, rabbits are unable to vomit. Therefore, they cannot get rid of ingested toxins in their body, leading to their death. learn here why do baby rabbit die

But then, several varieties of mushrooms aren’t that lethal enough to kill rabbits if fed just an average amount.

However, they can lead to other health issues, such as damaging the nervous system and liver.


Facts About Mushrooms

Here are some facts about mushrooms:

Some people are always debating, but mushrooms are not considered vegetables.

They belong to a specific family-like fungus. Mushrooms are fungi’s fruit; they are simply a part of an organism grows above ground level.

There are varieties of mushrooms that are edible and safe. You can find them in one of your local markets.

If you estimate the total amount of mushrooms worldwide, there would be over one and a half million mushrooms, including fungi.

The question is:

Are mushrooms deadly to rabbits?


Mushrooms are deadly

Can rabbit eat mushrooms?

Though many scientists didn’t study well regarding this matter, it is said that any kind of mushrooms can be poisonous to your rabbit. Thus, it can kill rabbits in an instant.

Yes, there may be some mushrooms that you can buy at shops which are not dangerous to your rabbit, but various wild mushrooms are extremely dangerous to rabbits.

Although the effects of mushrooms aren’t yet fully known, it is recommended to avoid mushrooms as part of your rabbit’s diet.

Even if mushrooms cannot result in death, they can eventually cause paralysis, kidney diseases, or worse, cancer. It’s not good to try mushrooms. Lean here how to tell if baby rabbit are dead

My friend’s pet, for instance, died due to mushroom toxicity. Good thing I knew about that before my mom is about to feed my pet, Thumper.

Anyway, some types of fungi contain mycotoxins. As you know, mycotoxins can be deadly to rabbits and humans as well.

The most lethal mycotoxins include:


#1 Cyclopeptides

Mushrooms containing a high amount of cyclopeptides would kill humans and animals.


#2 GI irritants

These are usually found in mushrooms that are raw but are gotten rid of when used in cooking.


#3 Psilocybin

This kind of toxin is present in magic mushrooms. It can cause hallucinations.

Even though mushrooms from the grocery store often don’t contain these kinds of toxins.

If you feed your rabbit with mushrooms containing toxins like these, there is a big possibility that they can be poisoned.


Wild mushrooms

Another question is:

Are wild mushrooms deadly for rabbits? The toxicity of mushrooms isn’t yet that fully studied about when it comes to rabbits.

Therefore, we would cite some poisonings regarding animals, as there are cases of death or illnesses due to mushrooms that include dogs.

Mushrooms can be a threat to animals that are used as pets, such as rabbits and cats.

Do rabbits like mushrooms? Well, rabbits would eat grass, several kinds of plants, vegetables, herbs, or just clean water rather than mushrooms. Please read here can rabbit eat mint

In contrast, if you don’t feed them well, they might try other food found anywhere like mushrooms.


How To Avoid Your Rabbits From Mushroom Poisoning

We all know that mushrooms can lead to poisoning. Therefore, it is better to prevent that from happening.

To prevent rabbits from being poisoned by mushrooms, always keep the following in mind:


Step #1. Give your rabbits the right food

Make it a priority to feed your rabbit with food that can provide their basic needs. Try providing them with varieties of herbs and vegetables as well.

Doing this can prevent rabbits from looking for food that is not allowed for them to eat.

What should you do if rabbits ate wild mushrooms by chance?


Step #2. Observe the symptoms

If mushrooms have poisoned your rabbit, symptoms would often come out after several minutes; however, it might take a little bit longer.

If it takes eight hours or more than that, it is a sign that a hazardous toxin ingested its body.

Thus, you should watch and wait if you have a suspicion that your rabbit might be poisoned.


Step #3. Seek immediate care

If you are noticing some symptoms that your rabbit ate wild mushrooms, you should quickly go to the veterinarian for immediate treatment.

Though several mushrooms are more poisonous than the rest, it is recommendable to expect something worst to happen.

The earlier you have them diagnosed, the immediate treatment will be given to them.

You should call a veterinarian as soon as possible and tell them that it is an emergency.

They might look for a sample of the mushroom that was eaten by your rabbit. Since rabbits are unable to vomit, do not ever let them vomit.


Symptoms of Mushroom Poisoning

There are symptoms indicating that your rabbits have been poisoned. It can be visible within fifteen minutes or maybe a few hours, depending on what type of mushroom or mycotoxins has been ingested.

Symptoms are the following:

  • Your rabbit may experience the feeling of being restless and they can be hyperactive
  • They can have difficulty in breathing
  • It can also cause a sudden increase in your rabbit’s heart rate
  • They can also feel a little bit dizzy every time they are tilting their heads
  • Seizures are also one of the symptoms you can notice
  • They can be very thirsty
  • Your rabbit can also have diarrhea
  • They can also lose their appetite

If you treat your rabbit with mushrooms from the store, there would be a lesser risk for them to be poisoned.

However, if you’re still weary; contact your veterinarian and seek medical advice as much as possible.

In this case, they can give you instructions that can certainly help a rabbit owner like you.

Whether rabbits should be treated or not, never let your rabbit eat any mushrooms.

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. Poisoning is difficult for rabbits, and I’m sure you don’t want to see your pet suffering.



Can rabbit eat mushrooms? Mushrooms are never safe for your rabbit.

Yes, not all of their kinds can cause poisoning. However, they are not recommended for pet animals, including rabbits.

Mushrooms from grocery stores can be edible for rabbits, but it is best to be cautious in feeding them.

Try giving them vegetables and hay rather than mushrooms. Prevention is much better than cure.

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