8 Best Pin Brush For Maltese

A Pin brush for Maltese could be a blessing if you want to keep your Maltese pooch groomed and good looking all the time. A pin brush is mostly meant to treat matted dog hair and detangle their messy hair smoothly and gently that it will not hurt or irritate your dog in any way.

To make sure you have the right brush for your buddy, here are a few of our suggestions that must be helpful:

Pin Brush For Maltese

Pick OrderProduct NameImagePrice
#1Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush for dogsChris Christensen Oval Pin Brush for dogshttps://amzn.to/3aseino
#2Safari Pin Brush for DogsSafari Pin Brush for Dogshttps://amzn.to/2O0Qj7f
#3Mars Professional Grooming BrushMars Professional Grooming Brushhttps://amzn.to/2MMofnB
#4Hertzko Double SidedHertzko Double Sided https://amzn.to/3pIRJRz
#5HaloVa Double Sided Pin & Bristle BrushHaloVa Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush https://amzn.to/3tjozuF
#6Bass pin BrushesBass pin Brusheshttps://amzn.to/3arq5T0
#7AtEase Accents Dual Sided deshedding Hair BrushAtEase Accents Dual Sided deshedding Hair Brushhttps://amzn.to/36zml0E
#8Paw Brothers Mini Soft Pin BrushPaw Brothers Mini Soft Pin Brushhttps://amzn.to/2O2dfTF

1. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush for dogs

This pin brush for Maltese is lightweight and very easy to grip for grooming. It comes with a firm cushion and durable beech wood material that doesn’t fade easily. But more importantly, the pins are mild on the skin. They are 8.5 inches in length. This makes the brush suitable for long-haired dogs such as Maltese.

The pins’ polished tips are very smooth, making them safe for use on your dog’s skin. With this pin brush, you can effectively remove loose hair, dirt, and dander from your dog’s coat.

The slick and smooth brush makes it easy to glide through the fur. If you are looking for an effective pin brush for your Maltese, this Chris Christensen brush may be the right option for your pet.

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush, 27mm

2. Safari Pin Brush for Dogs

Although it’s a pin brush, Safari is soft and gentle on the skin of your Maltese dog. It is used for lifting out debris and loose hair. The pin brush is perfect for Maltese because of its small size. Also, the brush is meant for long-haired dogs, and Maltese are mostly long-haired dogs.

The pin brush comes with an easy-grip plastic handle. This makes your work more comfortable as a groomer. The durability of the brush is also unquestionable. It features an ergonomic grip handle with sharp pins that reach every part of the dog’s fur.

With this brush, it only removes the loose hair and doesn’t drag others along. It is mild on the skin but very useful for removing loose hair and dander.

Safari Pin Brush for Dogs Small3. Mars Professional Grooming Brush

Mars Professional is a pin brush with unique features. It is recommended for both long hairs and short-haired dogs. The product is designed in Germany with premium quality stainless pins and a birch wood handle.

The stainless pins are durable and won’t pull off easily. Moreover, they are painless when in use. Some pin brushes may be less comfortable on the skin of Maltese. These dogs’ breeds have sensitive skin, so not all types of pin brushes will work on them. But this model, although with stainless steel material, has soft tips that won’t injure the dog.

The birch-wood handle makes it very easy to hold. Overall, the Mars Professional pin brush is durable, comfortable, and flexible.

Mars Professional Advanced Maxipin Boar Bristle Dog Hair Brush, Solid Wood Handle and Boar Bristles, 7.25" Length

4. Hertzko Double Sided

Hertzko pin brush for Maltese is a unique brush with a double-sided feature. This means that you can use it in different ways. It comes with a pin brush on one side and bristles on the other side. The pin side is ideal for loosening and detangling a dead undercoat. On the other hand, the soft bristles can remove dirt and loose hair from the topcoat.

This pin brush is very comfortable to grip because of its anti-slip handle. The handle will keep your hand relaxed as you brush through the dog’s fur. Its pins are safe on the skin, so there are no worries about injuries for your pet. When it comes to durability and comfort, this pin brush should be up there as one of the best, based on its overall features.

Double Sided Pins and Bristle Brush by Hertzko - For Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair - Dense Bristles Remove Loose Hair from Top Coat and Pin Comb Removes Tangles, and Dead Undercoat

5. HaloVa Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

Halo Va is another double-sided pet brush with both the pin part and bristle part. This gives you options on tools to groom your canine friend. The pin brush section is used to remove trapped dirt, dander, knots, and loose hair.

It eliminates tangles and keeps the hair looking neat and healthy. The pins are not harmful or painful on the dog’s skin. It keeps the dog comfortable throughout the grooming process. This is possible because of the rounded ends on the pin.

Besides, the handle is comfortable to hole. It comes with a wooden handle that is durable and easy to use. The pin brush also has a 100% 90 days guarantee from the manufacturer.

HaloVa Pet Comb, Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Bamboo Brush for Dogs & Cats, Grooming Comb Cleans Pets Shedding & Dirt for Short Medium or Long Hair

6. Bass pin Brushes

Bass Brush is a luxury grade pin brush recommended by top groomers in the world. The brush is relatively new in the market. But it has a superior finish any professional groomer will love. It is ideal for removing loose hair and dander on the fur. The allow pins on the brush are sturdy but mild on the skin of the dog. It glides smoothly through your dog’s coat to ensure a smooth finish.

With this pin brush, you will minimize matting frequency. Bass Brush comes with an eco-friendly bamboo handle and a superior quality finish. With the durable design, we are sure the brush will stand the test of time.

Bass Brushes | Style & Detangle Pet Brush Alloy Pin | Pure Bamboo Handle | Large Oval | Striped Finish | Model A10-SB

7. AtEase Accents Dual Sided deshedding Hair Brush

It’s always a good thing to have tool options when it comes to grooming your pet perfectly. This brush is another dual-sided model that gives you binary options for grooming your Maltese.

The soft pins of the brush help to stimulate blood flow, which keeps your pet healthy. The pins, although durable, are gentle on the skin. It makes them ideal for Maltese dogs that generally have delicate skin.

Besides, AtEase is designed with a bamboo-toned wooden handle for better comfort for the groomer. You can accomplish a lot more with the pin brush if you have a long-haired pet like a Maltese. Detangling and de-shedding become a breeze with this product on your hand.

AtEase Accents Double Sided Dog Brush - for Long or Short Haired Dogs and Cats Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Pet Grooming Dual Sided Pin and Bristles for Deshedding Hair

8. Paw Brothers Mini Soft Pin Brush

Paw Brothers are precisely what you need if you are looking for a comfortable and practical grooming pin brush for your dog. The brush is excellent for both long hairs and short-haired dogs. This makes it a good pin brush for Maltese.

It is excellent for removing dander, loose hair and keeping the fur relatively clean. Pet owners who are conscious about environmental health will find this product very useful. When they remove loose hair regularly from their pet, it will go a long way to minimize the environment’s mess.

Paw Brothers are not just effective but also comfortable to grip. Unlike some other products, this brush will not cause any sores on the skin while holding. However, it may be a bit small for some people with bigger arms. But if you want the right pin brush for small breeds of dogs like the Maltese, this product is a great choice.

Ryan's Pet Supplies Paw Brothers Pin Brush for Dogs, Mini

Rounding up our review of pin brushes for Maltese, we must say, you need the best pin brush for Maltese grooming so that you will be taking care of your precious buddy the way it deserves. Never reside on lower quality brushes having harmful bristles or that will tear the soft fur away. We have given enough sorted pin brush for your Maltese puppy that you can never go wrong with.

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