When Are Rabbits Fully Grown? 3 Surprising Factors To Know!

So when are rabbits fully grown? Depending on the breed of rabbits, you can indeed identify the age of maturity.

The standard and miniature bunnies reach maturity by ten months, and the giant breeds by 12 to 14 months.

when are rabbits fully grown

Rabbits are fully grown by the time that they reach adulthood.

when are rabbits fully grown

This information is generalized or even just the average of all breeds because maturity mainly depends on the rabbit’s kind.

For example, Netherland dwarfs reach maturity in 4 to 5 months since they are tiny (how cute!). 

This article will discuss the full growth of rabbits and the proper care that you should do.

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How Big Do Rabbits Grow?

The maximum size that a bunny can attain relies heavily on many factors.

You must understand this matter thoroughly because if you are to be a pet owner, you must be familiar with the characteristics and behaviors of various rabbit breeds.

How Big Do Rabbits Grow

Here are the factors that you should consider in determining the size of rabbits when they reach maturity:


#1. Breed

The number one consideration that is on the list is, of course, the breed.

Depending on a rabbit’s kind, it can grow enormous or be matured at a small size.

The dwarfs can only grow up to 4 pounds while the giant breeds can exceed 20 pounds. Truly amazing!

It is better that you are familiar with about 4 to 5 breeds to have a fair comparison of these cottontails.

As a useful rabbit owner, you must have adequate knowledge about the smallest details of when are rabbits fully grown and what size they should be by that time.


#2. Genetics

There are cases where even if the rabbits are of the same breed, some are predisposed and will become larger.

Parents can pass the variation of the size by birth.

How Big Do Rabbits Grow

That is the main reason that even though the kits came from the same mother, you can notice that there would be one or two that are smaller or larger in the newly born babies.

You must be knowledgeable about this matter so that you don’t misinterpret their size variation as an abnormality.


#3. Care

Growth can tamper if you are giving enough care to your bunny. Like my pet Thumper, he was supposed to be small since he was a Netherland Dwarf.

I regularly give him lots of nutritious foods, especially carrot treats, since that is his favorite! He would munch and munch until nothing was left.

Due to that action of mine, I noticed that when he reached a mature age, his size and weight were much larger than his kind. I was so happy seeing Thumper grow into a healthy and robust adult.

A lesson from my example is that if your rabbit isn’t growing as it should be, you should consult your veterinarian regarding its diet. 


When Do Rabbits Stop Growing?

In this part, we will talk about different kinds of rabbit breeds and when they stop growing.

Each of the breeds has different ages of maturity, and it would be best if you know this information. 


  • Rex rabbits

This kind of rabbit is familiar to most people because of its soft fur color.

Amazingly, there are 30 different color variations for this breed, and they have long and upright ears.

When Do Rabbits Stop Growing

There are also mini rex rabbits, and as the name implies, it is much smaller than the standard rex rabbit.

These bunnies attain full growth by the age of 8 to 9 months and can weigh from 7.5 pounds to 10.5 pounds.


  • Dutch rabbits

The coat pattern, which is tattooed on the fur of a Dutch rabbit, is what makes it stand out. 

By the distinctive coat pattern, you can immediately tell that it is different from other bunnies.

In my opinion, I find his breed very unique since the designs are lovely and amazing.

Dutch rabbits are classified to grow from small to medium-sized breeds as an adult. These cottontails can reach maximum growth by 6 to 7 months and only weigh about 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms.


  • Dwarf rabbits

As we all know, dwarf bunnies are one of the smallest kinds of bunnies in existence.

However, due to their size, these furballs cannot be the right pets for children.


Small pets can run and hide in small spaces where children can crawl and be in danger if you are not responsible enough to guide your child. Moreover, smaller pets are at an increased risk of getting mishandled by kids. 

You should get a much larger pet and be at a high level of security.

Dwarf rabbits can reach maturity by 5 to 6 months of their age. Some can only weigh 2 pounds, and because of genetics, others can get 3 pounds in weight.


  • English spot rabbits

These rabbits are also classified as small to medium breeds by the time they become adults.

The smaller English spot species will reach maturity by 4 to 6 months, while the medium-sized ones can mature by 10 to 12 months.


How To Tell If A Rabbit Has A Healthy Weight?

You can quickly identify if your bunny has a healthy weight or not by examining its physical features.

Specifically, a rabbit must have a smooth curve from its neck to the tail and from one hip to the other hip.

All you have to do is stoke your rabbit’s back to tell if it is in a healthy state or not.

There can be particular indicators and you have to be familiar with those things so that you can identify if your rabbit is underweight right away.

Be sure to give enough attention to your cottontail so that you can immediately take action if something is wrong.

You cannot let a single issue slide because it can become a big problem in the future (and that is something you should avoid).

You should have an annual check-up of your pet rabbit or depending on your preference so that you can monitor the weight of your pet.

Indeed, you do not want your pet to be overweight or underweight because these rabbits are more likely to suffer from health issues. 



When are rabbits fully grown? These cottontails are fully grown if they are already at a mature age.

Depending on the breed, some rabbits can be tiny when matured, and others can be massive.

If you are giving a good diet meal plan and taking good care of your pet, I can certainly say that your rabbit can grow significantly and be healthier than other kinds.

More so, with their breed and genetics, you can surely tell the point of maturity.

I hope that you had enough knowledge of when are rabbits fully grown. 

With good care, I am sure that you can make your pet reach its maximum growth.

Thank you very much for reading!

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